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Window Washing Advice from Experts

Window washing is an essential part of routine maintenance for both residential and commercial buildings. However, it can be a challenging task. Cleaning windows effectively requires a wide range of techniques. The aim is to make sure that your windows are properly cleaned in a safe, sustainable, and less costly manner. In case you are planning to do this job, there are a few tips you can explore. These tips come directly from window cleaning professionals and they should help you do a great job.

The Tools You Need

You can never do proper window installation without the right tools. The great thing is that you only need simple household items for the job. You will need a razor scraper, soft sponges, two buckets, squeegees, and some paper towels for drying. You can get extended poles for the squeegees if you are cleaning windows above the ground floor.

Recommended Products for Washing

Cleaning products range depending on what you are looking for. Experts often recommend the use of Unger products. There is often a strong tendency among homeowners to use ammonia. This is not a good idea. Unger products are available online or in your local store. They are environmentally sustainable, safe to use, and highly effective.

The Washing Process

Once you have the tools needed and the cleaning materials, it’s time to start the job. The first thing is to put a drop cloth down to ensure that any dirt coming from the windows does not damage your floors. Go ahead and wipe down the window sill and the window frames. There will be sap accumulating if the windows have not been cleaned for a while. Use the razor scraper to get rid of it. If there is paint on the glass, the scraper will work too. Once the sap is removed, you can now scrub the panes using the soft sponge, water, and the cleaning agent you have. Once the windows are properly cleaned, go ahead and dry them with the paper towels and the squeegees.

Safety Considerations

Window cleaning can be a dangerous activity if you don’t take the required safety measures to protect yourself. Experts recommend a wide range of safety considerations. To start with, if you don’t really have to use a ladder there is no need to go for it. For two or three story buildings, using an extension pole to reach windows at the top floors is highly recommended. Also, don’t sit on the window sill. It’s a very small space and any slip might lead to serious injury.

Hiring a Professional Cleaner

There is still the option to hire a professional window repair service provider if indeed you don’t want to go through all these troubles. A professional cleaner will be ideal for homeowners who don’t have time to clean on their own. They will also be a perfect choice in case the homeowner is away or the cleaning job is too much for one person to handle.

Clean windows are important in maintaining a healthy living space in your home. The simple expert advices above should help you a lot in this process.