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Great Design Plant: Japanese Anemone

By fall, most people have resigned themselves to saying goodbye to blooms in their perennial gardens. There are lots of choices for fall blossoms beyond chrysanthemums. The Japanese anemone is a gorgeous plant that provides abundant foliage throughout summer and spring, then explodes with tall white blossoms in the fall. Whether you are placing them in a clump, liner a fencing or incorporating white blossoms into the fall garden, these beauties are worth looking into.

Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC

Botanical name: Anemone hupehensis
Shared name: Chinese or Japanese anemone
USDA zones: 4 to 2 (find your zone)
Water necessity: Needs moist but well-drained soil
Light requirement: Full sun to partial shade. The further south you are, vice versa, and the more colour they need.
Mature size: 1 to 5 feet high
Benefits and tolerances: Could survive cold winters
Seasonal interest: The bottom of this plant has lovely leaves from late spring through summer, then the white blossoms bloom in autumn.
When to plant: Historical fall or spring after the last frost

Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

Distinguishing traits: What separates this anemone from so many others is that it is a drop bloomer, offering rare white blossoms after several other summertime blooms have expired. Some hybrids and variations have blossoms in a range of pinks and lavender.

The foundation of deep green trifoliate leaves adds foliage to the backyard through summer and spring, while the tall blooms add blossoms at 3 to 4 feet high.

The blossoms themselves are beautiful. White sepals surround a ring of yellow stamens.

Amy Martin Landscape Design

The way to use it Japanese anemones can be mixed carefully into a perennial garden to offer fall blossoms. They also add a fall blossom mix and blooms together.

Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

The plant functions along a picket fence, particularly in a cottage garden. It looks amazing in massive clumps — just remember these clumps will be blossom free all summer.

Habitat Design

Anemones also have a delicate and exotic appearance which makes them ideal for Asian-style gardens. They are a good choice for rock gardens and gardens along woodland edges.

Westover Landscape Design, Inc..

Planting notes: Anemones need fertile, well-drained soil and flourish best when they get morning sun and at a day shade.

• Space plants 18 to 24 inches apart.
• Dig a hole that’s exactly the same depth as the container.
• Shake soil in the plant loose and place the plant gently in the hole.
• Add soil to fill.
• Water the plant — soil should be kept moist but not wet.
• Mulch around the plant to keep the soil moist.

The New York Botanical Garden


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Sourcebook: Contemporary Coastal Style

Tired of your coastal home design? Pare down your decor and vary textures and finishes to update to a appearance. Color plays an integral part go bold with splashes of turquoises along with corals throughout spaces. Think of your room as an art gallery; put and select objects for maximum effect. This appearance doesn’t scream coastal. On the contrary, it’s very subtle — you may have just 1 painting or piece of furniture that defines the appearance, but it will be sufficient to give your space a coastal feel.

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John Lewis

Davey Factory Ceiling Light, Copper – GBP 360


This lighting has all of the components needed for the modern coastal appearance — a maritime feel and smooth, sleek lines in a beautiful polished copper.

Locate this at John Lewis (U.K. just).
Restoration Hardware has a massive selection of lights that look perfect in modern coastal homes.


Floating Coral Shelf – $49


Mix coastal contours with more contemporary materials. Organic shapes are highlighted by these coral shelves in a format that is clean.

Locate this at Wisteria.
Anthropologie is great for quirky takes on coastal accessories.


Zikat Fabric, Indigo – $10.50


Play with layouts from neutrals and blues, such as this gorgeous chevron stripe from Beebolt. A couple bits in a fun pattern are.

Lewis & Sheron have a beautiful range of stripes and ikats.
Romo fabrics always has great coordinating stripes.


Malibu Fish Plates, Set of 9 – $239

Wall Art

Create a screen of coastal-inspired art. Visit local galleries to locate sculpture or a painting that feels special.

Discover these great plates at RSH.
Art.com has an excellent selection of modern art in many different price ranges.

ABC Carpet & Home

Shibori Linen Pillow – $158


This shibori linen pillow is filled with visual feel. It’d look amazing.

Get this cushion from ABC Carpet & Home.
West Elm is a great source for pillows in all shapes, sizes and colours.
For more modern coastal cushions, attempt Tuvalu Home.

John Lewis

Eames RAR Rocking Chair, Ocean – GBP 435


Keep furniture lines classic and clean. Aim for simple bits that still stand out — such as this timeless Eames rocker at a foggy blue.

Check out Dwell (U.K. just) for some magnificent contemporary furniture.
Restoration Hardware always has a great mixture of modern and unusual pieces.

Exquisite Surfaces

Montaigne Collection Tournai Wood Floors


in case you’ve got the option of trimming your floors, target to get worn hardwoods in light colours to keep the more classic side of your coastal home.

Locate this timber flooring at Exquisite Surfaces.
Take a peek at Pavé Tile and Stone for more worn wood options.


Coral Rug – $270


Utilize a picture rug to add a wow factor to any room. Keep the colour palette simple and instead aim for patterns.

Locate this carpet at Weego Home.
A fantastic selection of rugs may also be located at Modern Rugs (U.K. just).

Benjamin Moore

In the Tropics Paint


You can play with colour in a modern coastal home, and thus don’t feel like you need to adhere to just neutrals. Brighten things up with a coral or turquoise!

Discover this and other great coastal colours at Benjamin Moore.
Try Small Greene for more great colours.

Thomas Paul

King Octopus Duvet Cover, Charcoal – $400


Keep bedding simple but statement making. This duvet cover creates a real impact with its vintage drawing from bold black and white.

Locate this at Thomas Paul.
Try Ralph Lauren for pared-down seems for your bedroom.
The White Company has an extensive range of bedding.

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10 Snazzy Home Spruce-Ups out of Estee Stanley

For celebrity stylist and interior designer Estee Stanley, fashion and home decor move hand in hand. Known for her chic brushstroke when dressing Hollywood starlets and their cool homes, Stanley has now awakened with her celebrity customer and friend Justin Timberlake at a venture called HomeMint.


“Home decor is similar to fashion — it is the small things that count. Just as we accessorize in vogue, there are things we could do in our house to earn a statement and freshen up a space,” says Stanley. The stylist-designer (here with Timberlake) carved out some time from her hectic schedule to give us a few suggestions on how to create a comfortable, fresh space in the house with a few simple additions.

Update your lifestyle accessories. Journals in your bedside table, a pair of colors on the entryway console and the iPad situation on the kitchen counter tops — all these pieces add visual interest to your insides, even if they are small enough to fit into your handbag.

“Mixing up your accessories is really a discreet and subtle way of upgrading your decor; these are pieces that generally sit around your house anyway. Prove your fashion-forward design with accessories and perform a small color obstructing by mixing up a pink journal cover with sorbet-hued luggage tags and passport cases,” says Stanley.

Embrace the energy of this pillow. Stanley is a self-confessed throw pillow addict. She “loves, loves” cushions and considers that only the tiniest improvement can truly shift the appearance and energy of a room. “muster a throw cushion by getting one that actually pops with a geometric pattern or one that’s two-tone and may be a bit more flexible,” says Stanley.


Bring character in with vibrant blooms. Although displaying blossoms seems like the most instinctive means of bringing the outdoors in, Stanley is astonished at how folks still do not maximize the punch of colour that blossoms can bring into the house. Her favorite flowers are peonies, roses and hydrangeas; the latter since they last for months, are simple to often and grow their best in the colour. “Don’t purchase flowers open. Permit them to come into full blossom in your house — you will love watching them change and blossom on your own space,” she states.

Consume at least one tall vase. Along with constantly having greenery around the home, Stanley highly recommends that apartment dwellers and homeowners with low ceilings invest in tall vases for added elevation in a tight space with low ceilings.

Invest in artwork that’s ideal for you. She is known for being an advocate of homegrown, American gift, therefore Stanley and Timberlake’s HomeMint art collection includes the work of Kelsey Brookes and Sage Vaughn. In regards to artwork, she proposes finding pieces that fit your budget and your lifestyle. “Ask yourself if the artwork piece fits your overall aesthetic and if it is something that you’d want to have with you while you proceed later on,” says Stanley.


Stone Montecito Washed Linen Duvet – $239.99

Prioritize comfort over aesthetics. “It’s very important to always feel comfortable in almost any room of your property. Whether it’s the bathroom, the kitchen or your bedroom, then I believe these rooms deserve equal attention and thought when decorating. I really believe your house is a representation of who you are,” says Stanley.

Incorporate a fresh scent into the mixture. Reflect the current year or the transition from 1 season into the next with candles. Stanley proposes having a select lineup of candles that may bring a “very specific feeling” that’s particular to a time of season: Smell can signify the shifting of the seasons or the joy of a memorable summer with a whiff.


Arcadia Melon Blanket – $249.99

Live and love with linen. “Linen makes spaces feel lighter and more breathable. The best thing about lace is the fact that it appears just as good unmade for a more casual look and if you do not have enough time to tidy up,” says Stanley. Her favourite linen pieces are fabrics in the weavers at Brahms Mount at Maine; she’s comprised their day blankets, towels and cries inside her HomeMint collection because her customers have not stopped asking about them because she peppered their homes with Brahms Mount pieces.

Anticipate to entertain. The summertime and the holiday season consistently attract guests into the house. Have plenty of folding tables and flexible seating options and structures according to who’s coming over for supper.

Change out blah towels into luxury prints. Stanley loves plush, sumptuous towels — especially for the backyard deck along with the pool area. “There are great alternatives for towel cloths, such as bohemian styles, patriotic stars and stripes, and Union Jacks, all in theme for the upcoming Olympics,” says Stanley.

Go for routine and colour when it comes to your towels; they behave as little, plush tapestries when thrown above a deck chair or left on the floor as you’re taking a dip in the pool.

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Kitchen of the Week: Simple Style Fuels Creativity

Little spaces tend to make people feel liberated or limited. In the amazing dishes Shanna Mallon of Food Loves Writing whips up, you would not believe she was working from a simple 100-square-foot kitchen in her Nashville, Tennessee, apartment.

Shanna and her husband, Tim, love to cook and they understood a simple kitchen could work best for their shared enthusiasm. Clean counters and nominal accessories make cooking cleaning and — — considerably easier for this particular culinary bunch.

Food Loves Writing

Shanna makes the most of the counter space by employing every available inch. A toaster oven is one of the only appliances out on the counter tops. Little cutting boards make it effortless to move the prep area and clean up after meals.

Q. What’s the toughest part about cooking in a small kitchen?
Feeling limited — when you have no pantry or island, you may begin to feel as if there are things that you can not do, like store extra flours or have friends over to cook.

Food Loves Writing

Dry products and compact appliances have been tucked away in cabinets or in addition to the fridge. Accessories are kept to a minimal, with the exclusion of beloved photographs on the fridge. The clean palette is soothing and promotes organization.

Q. What’s 1 storage or space-saving suggestion you’ve discovered to make cooking in a small kitchen simpler?
Be flexible. Store flours somewhere else and look at shared cooking as a means to construct intimacy. Plenty of times, just establishing another mind-set is half the battle. Think beyond the kitchen, or beyond the common cabinets and countertops. We keep mason jars in a cupboard in the dining area and extra dry goods in addition to the fridge so as to free up valuable workspace.

Food Loves Writing

Shanna’s crunchy and creamy avocado fries and yogurt sauce have been a huge hit among her readers that are online. Using fresh ingredients in unique, simple applications is part of what makes her blog so appealing.

Food Loves Writing

The artichoke artwork on the far wall is one of the few pieces of decor in the kitchen. Shanna took the picture herself had it published on a 16- by 20-inch canvas.

Q. What do you love about your kitchen?
With a window over the sink! I can not say enough about organic light, in the kitchen and everywhere.

Food Loves Writing

After a few rounds of experimentation, Shanna created the recipe for this succulent-looking pot roast. She likes to utilize grass-fed steak and button mushrooms on cold winter nights.

Q. What’s your go-to dish for a dinner party at home?
once we wish to do something unique for friends, our go-to is obviously our fork-tender grass-fed pot roast. I have been producing it since the days of long-distance dating, when I was in Chicago and Tim in Nashville, and he was the one coming into town and over for dinner. Now when we make it it is just like a part of our story.

Food Loves Writing

Sometimes a rental kitchen is greatest when stripped down to the basics. Shanna and Tim’s simple distance promotes their culinary imagination.

Q. What do you expect to change on your own kitchen in the near future?
I would really like to find a few small succulents for the window. Right now we have just a little aloe vera which brightens my days when I see it thriving in the sun, and it is amazing how low maintenance and simple it is to care for. I believe adding a few more greens into our space will fill it with even more life.

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A Cooking Maven’s Little Kitchen
Food Photographer Warms Up a Lease Kitchen

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Guest Picks: Doggy Decor

I am a self-described “mad dog lady,” and while I have yet to (completely) fill my house with canine-inspired decoration, I am certainly not opposed to it! Listed below are 20 doggy designs that might just find their way into my house sooner than later. Enjoy, fellow dog lovers! — Capree from My Adventure Is The Advantage


Midcentury Modern Dog Furniture, Moderate by Modernist Cat – $519

Part dog house, a side table, I am head-over-heels with this piece of doggy furniture!


Fire Hydrant Bookends by Knob Creek Metal Arts – $44.99

How I see it, a bit of humor never hurt anyone! Why not have a, um, dog-marking bookend collection?

West Elm

Claudia Pearson Dog Plate, Rectangle – $16

Sun-bathing dachshunds, swimming dachshunds and browsing dachshunds — oh my!

Crypton Home

Doodle Dog Pillow – $40

I am always a fan of switching things up in the decoration department with a fast cushion swap. This doodle dog might be just the thing to bring a few playfulness for your decor!

Gavin Coyle

Companion Rack

Aw, what a good little helper! This magazine/newspaper rack is not only functional, but completely cute.

Binq Design

Bloq White Dog – EUR 299

It’s a negative table/nightstand that doubles as a puppy bed — brilliant.

Naked Decor

Doxie Silhouette Pillow – $45

I’ve never noticed a rainbow-striped dog cushion I did not like! OK, fine, this is the sole rainbow-striped dog pillow I’ve ever observed.


Calvin & Lewis Wallpaper from Peter Fasano

If you are really committed to your love of dogs and aren’t afraid to show it, then this playful puppy background is just for you!


Offi MyPetLamp Dachshund Accent Lamp – $79

Wiener dogs are just funny, aren’t they? In table lamp form, they are even better!

Barneys New York

Spisani Scottish Terrier Bookends – $265

A pair of these acrylic Scotties is sure to class up the place and keep your books aligned.

Kikkerland Design

USB Poodle Hub – $15

It’s a hub in the shape of a poodle! What is not to adore?

The Spoon Sisters

Dog Bone Shaped Paper Clips – $6.95

Distribute some “mad dog person” cheer into your office partners by affixing these milkbone-shaped paper clips into your TPS reports.


Areaware Pug Mini Cushion – $40

You guys. Pugs would be the saddest looking dogs around. Catch a pug cushion and provide a squeeze, will you?


DenHaus BowHaus Modern Dog Crate – $599.99

More side-table-dog-bed-in-one activity! I really like the modern sunburst design on this aluminum number.


Dog Stapler – $5.45

Officially take matters into a completely different degree of “mad” around the office with one of these dog-shaped staplers. Best when paired with bone paperclips.

Walls and Fabrics

Dog Flock Velvet Wallpaper – $259.95

What is black and white and flocked all over? This great dog breed wallpaper, that’s what!


Desktop Dogs – $20

These handy helpers store all of your office supplies in 1 spot. What good dogs!


Dovetail Dog – $19

An interactive puzzle/toy/objet d’art, this wooden puppy would make a fantastic present for that dog-obsessed buddy of yours.


Jonathan Adler Dachshund Bowl – $149.95

It’s not a party until the wiener dip bowl is brought out by you! That is a actuality.


Good Puppy Lamp – GBP 1,000

Yes, this is real. Yes, it’s a desk lamp in the kind of a dog taking a dump. Yes, it’s actually available.

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Newel Post

There is A newel post your post in the end of a balustrade of a stairs. Larger and more decorative than the spindles of the railing, it can encourage the railing on top, bottom and midsection based on the period of the flight.

Rachel Reider Interiors

This newel post was made using a wood turner, which spins the raw timber across a blade and also carves it uniformly.

Siemasko + Verbridge

All these newel posts are Craftsman design, and the diamond depth is repeated in the fretwork of the spindle and the panes of the window.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

The potency of a newel post can encourage the baluster in the base where the railing produces a turn.

Siemasko + Verbridge

A glass ball finial tops this carved-wood newel post with dentil molding.

SUITE New York

The white painted part of this newel post has fluted detail.

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How Bluetooth 4.0 Will Change Remote Control

Wireless technologies have been transforming domestic life since the accessibility of home radios in the 1920s. Ever since then every new type of wireless technologies and each new application has attracted more transformative changes to the home.

Television, by way of example, used to get its signal wirelessly, which allowed its rapid adoption in the 1950s. As the use of cable TV spread, altering a wireless signal into a nonwireless one, wireless remote controls added another advantage.

Vacuum telephones altered when and where you could make and receive calls. Wireless garage door openers and other special-purpose wireless devices subtly enhanced people’s lives in tiny ways. You probably have a Wi-Fi community in your home, which you use to connect computers, laptops, telephones and your TV into the web.

You likely also use another wireless technology called Bluetooth. If you’ve got a wireless headset with your mobile phone, or a wireless keyboard or mouse with your pc, you are using Bluetooth.

Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are geeky technologies functioning invisibly and also behind the scenes to profoundly change houses all over the world. They have eliminated cables, reducing clutter. And they have freed you to put consumer electronics devices everywhere.

Now a technology that is new is going to really change things.

Why the new, enhanced Bluetooth will change your property. The fourth generation of Bluetooth technology is revolutionary. It is not only a bit better than the Bluetooth you are currently using. It is massively better.

Today most chatter about Bluetooth 4.0 is all about complex gadgets, such as the highly anticipated Pebble E-Paper Watch (revealed). The device will utilize Bluetooth 4.0 to let you control your phone, as well as household appliances and press devices like your TV, from the wrist.

Bluetooth 4.0 is also called Bluetooth Smart Ready, and among the greatest things about it is that it uses much less power.

Should you use a wireless mouse or keyboard, you understand that the batteries must be changed or recharged every couple weeks or, at most, every few months. Bluetooth 4.0 would allow them to never need to do anything using batteries. These devices are charged when you start the box and stay charged for more years than you would want to utilize them.

This really is great news, and not simply for idle wireless keyboard users. I will tell you why in a minute.

Where Bluetooth 4.0 comes from. Bluetooth 4.0 is not something you buy at the shop. At some point, one by one, a gazillion gadgets may add or upgrade to the new technologies. The most competitive organization to build Bluetooth 4.0 into its goods is Apple. This is astonishing, since Apple often lags behind other companies in the introduction of new standards and new technologies.

The iPhone 4S was the first phone ever to support Bluetooth 4.0. The present iPad (revealed in usage over) is your first tablet to support it. In fact, every important Apple product, such as notebooks and laptops, shipped in the past year includes Bluetooth 4.0 support.

From the close of the year, we can anticipate every important Bluetooth apparatus, from telephones to tablets to peripheral devices, to support the brand new Bluetooth 4.0 standard.

And that is only the start.

Control4 7-Inch Mobile Touch Screen – $999

What happens when all is connected. The motive Bluetooth 4.0 will totally change everything in the home is that it’s going to accomplish the following feats:

1. It will replace proprietary technologies. A wide selection of home gadgets, from TV remote controls to room temperature thermostats into doorbells, use nonstandard technician to communicate wirelessly. New capabilities in Bluetooth 4.0 will mean all these gadgets may only use the new standard. When that happens, you will be able to easily connect to, monitor and control things with your phone and tablet. Present tablet goods, such as Control4’s 7-Inch Portable Touch Screen (revealed) utilize Wi-Fi or proprietary wireless technologies. Due to these technologies, the use of tablets for controlling things is uncommon. Bluetooth will make home tablet controls and control panels commonplace.

2. It will enable more things to become wireless. Bluetooth 4.0 can allow it to be cheap and easy for companies to add wireless connectivity to random things: lamps, washing machines, refrigerators, coffee makers, air conditioners, ovens and a lot more. You will be able to control and monitor things from your phone or over the Internet that you previously had to control by touching the object.

3. It will let you automate things. Once a product or piece of functional furniture may be controlled through Bluetooth 4.0, it is easily automated. You simply need the software to command it. Your smart mobile and tablet computers are based on an “program” economy, and that means you can expect literally tens of thousands of home-control apps to come out there during the upcoming few decades.

4. It can help appliances speak to one another. With all your stuff connected through Bluetooth 4.0, the appliances in your home can speak to other appliances without your involvement. The thermostat may turn on the air conditioner. An incoming phone call can pause your TV display. The alarm clock by your bed can turn on the coffee machine. The mobile phone in your pocket may turn on the lights in and around your home as you pull in the driveway.

Futurists have been making bold predictions about the coming era of the “smart home” for decades. These visions involve wireless technologies for connecting devices to the world wide web, to user control devices and to each other.

Bluetooth 4.0 is that technologies. And now it’s here.

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Magic Mirrors Emerge From Fairy Tales

With the potential exception of Simpleton’s golden goose, the trendiest fairy tale home accessory ever has got to be the wicked queen’s magical mirror in Snow White.

The Grimm Brothers’ description of this mirror is positively medieval. But in the speech of Silicon Valley, that magic-mirror gadget has been a augmented-reality display with face recognition and a voice-controlled artificial intelligence virtual helper that has been capable of querying remote databases of females ranked by fairness.

Don’t look now, but magical mirrors are not only for wicked queens.

Magic mirrors and magical windows — actually, magical glass surfaces all around the home — will become commonplace, as a result of breathtaking advancements in computers, computer interfaces and, of everything, glass.

It is all about the glass. The top U.S. innovator in glass to consumer electronics, Corning, has developed a technology which enables it to fabricate elastic glass as though it were printing background. The elastic glass is going to be used as a computerized touch coating, theoretically turning any surface — from fridge doors to countertops to entire walls — to smart-touch displays that function like iPad devices. This glass is going to have the moisture permeability, temperature tolerances and clarity of glass but the flexibility and reduced cost of vinyl.

Corning can be developing glass which kills bacteria and viruses on contact, and all different sorts of smart glass technologies. It generated a

#!”> Video about the near future that showcases exactly what will probably be possible when its present research comes to market.

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American Architecture: The Elements of Tudor Style

What it is: First, let us clear this up confusing moniker. When speaking to the architectural design from the U.S., the expression “Tudor” is actually historically imprecise. It refers to not normal buildings of Tudor England (early 16th century) but rather than a style popularized in the USA during the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. ” Furthermore, the design is much more of a catchall term based loosely on many different components from medieval English architecture, from humble cottages to stately manors.

Where to locate it: In cities and suburbs all over the USA.

Why you will enjoy it: With its storybook details (think Hansel and Gretel) and countryside charm (even in the center of major cities), there is no more romantic style.

Cosmetic (or False) Half-Timbering

It is one of the most recognizable features of a Tudor home. Medieval houses in Europe featured walls in which the spaces between the supporting timbers were filled, leaving the construction exposed on the facade. Modern-day homes conceal that arrangement with cladding. The cosmetic half-timbers on Tudor houses are an attempt to mimic authentic medieval structures.

How to make it your own: Adding ornamental half-timbering is a simple, inexpensive way to get a Tudor look without needing to change your roofline or chimney.

Soorikian Architecture

Steeply Pitched Roof

All Tudor homes have steeply pitched roofs, usually with side gables, meaning the gables “open” on the surfaces of the home. The steep roofs are often punctuated by dormer windows, like those previously. The facade usually features a portion of the home that juts out and is topped with a cross-gabled roof, plus a steep pitch.

How to make it your own: Look for homes with similarly pitched roofs, with or without the other Tudor details. A pitched roof means there is more room underneath for storage or extra bedrooms. Adding dormers is an excellent way not only to enhance curb appeal except to bring in natural light.

HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

Embellished Entrance

Tudor entrances are celebrated. Everything about them says solid. The doorways are often made from board and batten wood, usually arched (sometimes with a Tudor, or pointed, arch like this one) and usually boast some kind of medieval-looking hardware, such as these hooks hinges. Statement-making door surrounds, like this one, call even more attention to the entryways.

How to make it your own: Swapping out your door for a board and batten one, perhaps with strap-hinge hardware, is another simple way to get a taste of Tudor design without knocking down some walls.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Mixed Siding Materials

Tudor homes are made with several siding materials. Although stone and brick are the most frequent types, stucco wall cladding plays a significant role in the Tudor design as well.

How to make it your own: When planning a small addition, consider cladding that part in a different substance.

Zeterre Landscape Architecture

Casement Windows

Although some Tudor homes comprise double-hung windows, they nearly always have at least one set of casement windows. The windows also are usually narrow and tall, typically have several panes and are often clustered together. Truly authentic Tudor homes usually feature at least one set of leaded glass windows, in which metal casings hold together the individual panes at the window over. Stone mullions, like those above, frequently casements.

How to make it your own: Such as doorways, windows are relatively simple to change out. Try casements rather than double-hung versions.

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

Elaborate Chimneys

Not merely are the chimneys big, often with numerous shafts, but they also commonly feature ornamental chimney pots (the upper area of the chimney), usually either round or octagonal. There’s something about the chimneys, like the squatty doorways, which communicates a sense of permanence.

How to make it your own: whilst making additional chimney shafts is not practical, including a decorative pot is a means to get a touch of Tudor design.

Inform us : What do you think about Tudor houses? Are you prepared to embrace English cottage style, or would you prefer to restrict your Tudor ingestion to Showtime’s hit TV show about the scandalous lives of Henry VIII and his wives? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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