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Houzz Tour: Coastal Chic Family Getaway

Amy and Elizabeth Munger, the brains behind Houston-based Munger Interiors, are sisters with an eye for warm, family-friendly insides. When they were approached to design a beach house for a client with four small children, they knew exactly what to do. “Our client wanted to move in as quickly as you can, so we moved fairly fast with this,” says Amy. With the help of Potter Construction, the pair changed the waterfront house in Galveston, Texas into a posh, contemporary home (with lots of space for guests) in record time.

Because this was a house with children, and intended to sponsor guests, Amy and Elizabeth needed to incorporate materials which were easy to clean. Sunbrella fabric was used both inside and out, cotton duvets helped simplify maintenance, and sisal and seagrass rugs intended less vacuuming.

Apart from making this a guest- and – kid-friendly house, pair had no actual limitations on style. “We knew we wanted to do something a bit different for these, since their primary house is very traditional. So we opted for something a little more contemporary they wouldn’t normally have,” says Amy.

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Munger Interiors

The living area Amy and Elizabeth first struck in the home is a far cry from this beautiful end result. “It was so dark when we saw it,” says Amy. “Lots of ceramic tiles, black granite, and terra cotta walls. It underwent this type of transformation — particularly for just cosmetic changes — and we could not be happier with it.” A simple white couch and armchair are accented by bright pink ikat fabric from Lee Jofa. This pop of colour remains grownup since the remainder of the decor remains quite neutral.

The pair of armchairs to the left are coated in a custom slipcover in Sunbrella fabric and trimming. A wooden coffee table from Custom Furniture LA keeps the tone of this space warm.

Munger Interiors

Because this was going to be a vacation house, and the clients were a societal bunch with children, they knew this was going to be a home that would have to host various quantities of individuals at different times. Setting up several little nooks in the living room means more people can sit comfortably in the area with the option of having multiple conversations at once. Except for the couch, the furniture isn’t hard to maneuver, which is excellent if an extra-large game of charades starts up.

The seats in this sitting room are from Restoration Hardware, and the floor lamp is from Arteriors. The table is from Restoration Hardware as well, but was fitted with a personalized zinc shirt.

Munger Interiors

A new beach house requires a new kitchen! Amy and Elizabeth chose an all-white farmhouse sink, and classic sink fittings from Rohl to your kitchen sink region.

Munger Interiors

All-white cabinetry and light countertops help maintain the fresh and airy feel in this spacious kitchen. Lucite barstools from Knoll add a bit of cool to the classic kitchen decor, and Restoration Hardware light fixtures over the bar provide a splash of industrial bling.

Munger Interiors

The turquoise chandelier from Arteriors is among Amy and Elizabeth’s beloved items in the house. “The client was a little afraid of it at first, since she thought it’d turn out too elaborate,” says Amy. “We needed to sort of convince her with this one, but once we put it in, it was fantastic.”

The cloths across the house have been considered carefully. Everything needed to be durable, and easily cleaned. The cushions on the dining room seats were coated with a end to create for easy cleanup. Amy and Elizabeth chose a matte finish to make the cushions less shiny and the end not as obvious. “That is something we wind up doing a lot for clients with families,” Amy says.

Munger Interiors

Color accents the wicker and teak outdoor furniture atmosphere. The impartial chaises came from Restoration Hardware, along with the sisters wanted to decorate it up with a couple of fun accessories. “Elizabeth is amazing with colour, so she chose our colour palette,” says Amy. “It was actually based on white — we knew we wanted it to be new — and organic tones, with splashes of colour throughout.”

Munger Interiors

Custom turquoise and white pillows were mixed with monogrammed accent pillows to add colour and personality to the home’s stunning waterfront deck.

Munger Interiors

An outdoor dining table and wicker chairs from Restoration Hardware sit under a pergola, with Sunbrella cushions and pillows for added comfort.

Munger Interiors

Even though the project had a rigorous deadline, the only other restriction in terms of decor was making sure there were enough beds to the large family and their guests. As it came to the design, Amy and Elizabeth were able to take the lead and work out the details of the home’s design. “This was a very wonderful working relationship,” says Amy. “We have a very similar sense of style as the client, and she had been so trusting. She was prepared to let us take some risks and use our best judgement.”

From the master bedroom, Amy and Elizabeth had a headboard made with a natural-colored sheet to cancel the all-white bedding. The white and navy table lamps from Arteriors sit along with side tables made with custom Pindler & Pindler fabric skirts and Lone Star Glass mirrored tops.

Munger Interiors

Before revealing the last result to the client, Amy and Elizabeth set up a special treat near the entryway. Four colorful towels with matching monogrammed buckets were awaiting the children on their first visit to the completed home. “We are very detail oriented, so we really try and take care of everything,” says Amy. “It was great. She was actually touched.”

Munger Interiors

From the hallway, Amy and Elizabeth made a beach-inspired vignette with an eclectic blue lamp from Arteriors plus a rattan tray atop a gray-washed sideboard from a store in Houston. “Our style actually runs the gamut,” Amy says. “I would say that our designs are almost always on the warm side, and we do a lot of family homes. I really don’t think we do very well with cold and minimalist designs, but we have done a little bit of everything style-wise.”

Munger Interiors

Three mini beds with custom headboards and plush Pine Cone Hill bedding create a perfect little bedroom for last-minute guests. The woven trunk baskets from IKEA at the foot of the beds are fantastic for storing sandy shoes. The teeny side tables between each bed are from Worlds Away.

Munger Interiors

After rushing around to get everything done on time, the install afternoon was an amazing moment for Amy and Elizabeth. “It was so fast and angry to that point, it was amazing to finally have a step back and put it all together,” says Amy. “We’re so thrilled with the results.”

In this bedroom, Amy and Elizabeth installed a sisal carpet for a durable and classic beach house feel. Custom linen headboards completed the look, and were dressed up with a white Arteriors table lamp along with a re-lacquered and nickel-plated chest of drawers which was already in the home. The mirror was in the customer’s Houston house, and only fit perfectly within this area.

Munger Interiors

A pair of bunk beds in the same room adds an extra pair of beds in a compact area. A wise pair of drawers beneath provides a tiny storage for guests, and sconces set to the wall create ideal reading lights.

Munger Interiors

A natural and white colour palette continues on in the baths, with a rough wooden mirror from Restoration Hardware along with an unpolished wood dressing table. The white spout was bought through Kiva Kitchen & Bath, and Amy and Elizabeth used metal as an accent on the fittings, glass cannisters, and the overhead light fixture from Circa Lighting.

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Getting Ready for the Hurricane: What’s On Your List?

Consequently, if you’re in the hurricane strike zone, then I am sorry. When Hurricane Irene hit in 2011, we went out and bought a few ridiculous things, and that I wanted to compare notes. What types of things get you through a hurricane? Please discuss with us at the comments section!

We mostly ready to be bored without power. So we’ve got a zillion D batteries (sorry, environment) as well as the flashlights, camping lantern, and better radio they will power.

We have some crazy emergency radio you can crank by hand. We have fresh water, matches, candles and candle holders. We have also got playing cards and The Uncle Wiggly Game. More to the point, we’ve got adult libations and Piroulines. After picking up a few sandwiches in Hoggy’s, I believe we will be good to go.

What is on your emergency kit? Are you getting the home ready? See what people did for Hurricane Irene, then put in your tips to the listing below:

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Warm up in winter and cool off in summer with photo tours of 20 breathtaking waterfront holiday homes from around the world.

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Robert Young Architects

This stunning property in the Hamptons is a primary house full with a guesthouse, drive-through garage, plus a key open area that is modeled after a Swedish barn.

Munger Interiors

This waterfront family holiday house in Galveston, Texas is trendy and family-friendly.

This house on Nantucket is shingle-style on the outside, but modern, open, and spa-like on the inside.

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Blogger Megan of Beach Bungalow 8 invited us for a tour of her charming Venice Beach, California house.

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Interior designer Tara Seawright showed us what a difference a few gallons of white paint, colorful fabrics, and some excursions to West Elm and the flea market will create in this colorful cottage in the Hamptons.

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This Rehoboth Beach Victorian is chock filled with distinctive information and fun and vibrant colour.

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This Eichler House on San Francisco Bay functions as a gallery for iconic mid-century modern furnishings and an impressive art collection.

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Downtown meets the coast in this Long Beach Island house down.

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Interior Designer Liz Wiliams changed a condominium on Amelia Island into a relaxing coastal retreat.

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This unique mid-century house in Truro, Mass. wanted a rejuvenating renovation.

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Green structure, including a planted roof and solar panels, help this Cape Cod holiday house maintain a small carbon footprint.

I will admit it. I’m here now, which gave me the idea for this particular ideabook. It is a very small cottage on Cape Cod.

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Or wait, was Simone the first Aussie to let us into her Australian shore house? In any event, we are thankful to both Sarah and Simone for allowing us view all of their creative layout moves, usage of vintage items, and beautiful settings.

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Speaking of Australia, this multi-level masterpiece supplied us with an excellent garden tour from a range of heights.

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Tricks about Drain Cleaning

Some of the biggest culprits behind drain clogs include things like accumulated grease and oil, the buildup of food debris, as well as chemical concentrations. Over time, these clogs can get so severe that they actually need specialized cleaning or repairs by a professional plumber and that can cost a fortune, depending on the type of plumbing Scottsdale AZ system that you have.

The good news is that there are some practical methods that you can use to eliminate clogging from your plumbing system without having to make a costly call to a professional plumber.

Here are some tools and techniques that you can use today to take care of plumbing clogs before they become a major problem:

Use Hot Water

One of the most effective ways of eliminating clogged drains is to flush them out with super-hot water while applying pressure for maximum results. A good flush will help you remove accumulated grease and food pieces that are stuck inside the pipes, and all it usually takes is running hot water into your drain for about 15 minutes.

Use Tools You Have

Oftentimes, the best Scottsdale plumbing tools are the simplest, and you’ll probably find them in your house without having to go out and purchase them. These convenient DIY drain cleaning tools include things like your plunger. Yep! Your bathroom plunger is actually one of the most effective drain cleaning tools that’s used even by the pros. There are also dedicated sink plungers designed to remove blockages from sink drains.

Using a plunger is actually a straightforward process. All you have to do is place it on top of the drain opening, and then press it up and down continuously for about 2 minutes at a time.

Although you need to put some elbow grease into this motion, it’s usually the steady application of medium force that does the job and you can smear some petroleum jelly on the plunger’s rim to keep it in place. In addition, conceal the overflow vents on your sink before you start plunging, to prevent the clogged up debris from popping up, as that’ll defeat the whole purpose of what you’re trying to do.  

Homemade Liquid Cleaners

When all else fails, try a homemade mixture of 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup baking soda, pour it down your drain and follow it with a rush of boiling water after a 15-minute soak.

The best part about this home remedy is that you can use it frequently without worrying about damaging your pipes like chemical cleaners often do after some time. This method is very effective at breaking down the buildup of grease, oil and other debris from your plumber Scottsdale AZ pipes.

Sugared Sodas and Drain Clogs

Most people would never guess that sugary soda drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are actually very effective at cleaning a clogged drain, and work in a similar way as the homemade concoction mentioned above.

The interesting fact is that these sodas contain a significant concentration of dissolving agents (like phosphoric acid) that help to eliminate clogging even better than commercial chemical cleaners.