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The Way to Give Your Home

Summers are lovely, but aside from actual vacation time, they are not that different from the rest of the year. We still have to work and pay bills and change our oil.

Still, there is something in the air (it’s called sunshine) which makes everything a little more relaxed. Mealtimes get longer, clothes and evenings linger takes it down a few notches. Life just does not feel really frenetic in summer. Or it shouldn’t.

There’s not any reason you can not capture this atmosphere in your home. Lighten things up, relax a little, make room for kicking back. You might not have more actual hours to chill through the summer months, but your house can make you feel as though you do.

Hang a hammock. When it’s too hot and buggy outside, then hang it indoors. A novel and a glass of lemonade are equally as great in an indoor hammock as they are in an outdoor one.

Brown’s Interior Design

Have an outdoor pavilion for shade, breezes and all the conveniences of an outdoor living area.


An outdoor pavilion is not in your cards? Produce a makeshift lounge. Consider it. A couple layered rugs, a few floor pillows and a low table will do the trick.

Thom Filicia Inc..

Adding an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit will help to create a focus for a second outdoor living room. And it keeps things going after the sun has gone down.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Hang a mosquito net. There are few things as intimate as a absolute mosquito net over the bed.

Tracery Interiors

No location for a mosquito net? Hang gauzy curtains. They let in the light and flutter in the breeze.

Rough Linen

Sleep outside. Transferring a summer bed out into the yard or on the porch is a fantastic way to feel like you are on vacation even once you have to get up in the morning.

Dreamy Whites

Move casual. Canning jars become tea glasses, yard clippings are centerpieces and nothing actually must match. It’s summer. You should be eating on your swimsuit!

Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

Go bright and white. White slipcovers are bright and summery, and they may be washed.

Philip Clayton-Thompson

White, white and more white.

Sandy Koepke

Move the dining area out. You do not need a lovely rose arbor and a raised gravel bed to temporarily go outdoors for your meals.

A Beach Cottage

Bring outdoor furniture indoors. This vintage beach chair just screams “summer lake home” to me.

Barbara Cannizzaro

All you will need is just one small area where you can get comfortable. Even should a balcony is the only outdoor area, you may produce a summer chill-out place.

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Cool Architecture for Hot Summers

With temperatures that are way-above-average kicking in across the country, it appears like it’s going to be a different summer. Seems that the actual possibility of climate change, whether a portion of this planet’s natural cycle or due to human action, is something we’ll all need to deal with. The good thing is that for millennia people are designing and constructing homes that can keep us comfortable no matter how embarrassing it gets outside. So perhaps it’s time to rediscover these age-old building techniques and integrate a lot of them into our houses.

Here are a few time-tested heat-beating ideas — and a few brand new ones — to think about.

Exteriors By Chad Robert

Add shade. Glass isn’t an efficient insulator. It permits heat out during the chilly months while allowing heat in during the warm months. Providing a shading device on these regions of glass will mitigate the greenhouse effect and also go a very long way to keeping your home cooler.

NAUTILUS Architects

Pick cosmetic roofing. We all probably learned in high school mathematics class that the color black absorbs warmth while white reflects it. This is why in the warmer climates a white or light-colored roof will repel the heat, keeping your home cooler.

Narofsky Architecture + ways2design

Like colors but durable, an overhang blocks the sun’s radiation from hitting the building right. The attractiveness of these architectural devices is that they can be designed to block sunlight while allowing winter sun into the home.

Ciulla Design

When we lived in Singapore, a location with a warm and humid climate if there ever was one, many carried an umbrella to shade themselves from the sun as they went about their everyday routine. If an umbrella can help keep a person cooler, why not put an umbrella over the whole home? It wasn’t any surprise that the owners of this iconic Umbrella House started saving 30 percent in their air conditioning costs after they restored the house’s “umbrella.”

Tommy Chambers Interiors, Inc..

Contain water and plantings. As misters keep cool those in the queue at the amusement park, a fountain, pool or other water feature will surely keep the surrounding atmosphere cooler. And plants behave as colors, blocking the sun’s rays before they reach the ground.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Create a chimney effect. Again from high school mathematics, we all know that hot air rises. Therefore by providing a taller space surrounded by lower spaces we can create a chimney effect. The cooler air closer to the floor comes in and, as it warms up, is expelled via the top. By introducing continuous air movement and by continuously replacing warm with cool atmosphere, you’ll produce the interior of your home more comfortable.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

An easy way to create the chimney effect is to put an operable skylight over the stairway. When open, the skylight will draw on the cooler air from the lower flooring, keeping the top floor cooler in the procedure.

Kolbe Windows & Doors

Utilize UV-blocking glass. Windows have come a very long way in the last few decades. Dual and triple glazing, low-e coating, argon fills and impact glass are a few of the attributes that many window manufacturers have integrated in their products.

You will need to be sure that you use a window which blocks the UV rays to not just cut down on heat gain but to keep your interiors from becoming bleached by the sun. So when looking at new or replacement windows, ensure that the window is assembled using the low-e coating on the suitable surface to your climate.

Phil Kean Design Group

Add mass. Building with concrete and masonry helps keep homes in warmer climates cooler. The bulk of this construction absorbs daytime warmth, releasing the heat during the night when temperatures are cooler. A superb way to accomplish this mass is to use insulated concrete form (ICF) construction, as this show home from the 2012 International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida, does.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

Adobe construction is just another building technique which relies on adding mass. In use for thousands of years, adobe construction is a great way to keep the home cool obviously, particularly when coupled with recessed windows which are stored in the shade throughout the summer.

Whitten Architects

Increase air circulation. Operable windows, particularly those which are correctly ventilated, can continue to keep the interior nice and cool. Windows like such transom types can be left open during the night to let in the cooler night air.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

The atmosphere that’s lower to the floor is going to be cooler. Thus having some awning windows down low which can capture this atmosphere is going to continue to keep the house interior cooler.

Ian Engberg

Cross ventilation keeps the atmosphere from staying put and getting rancid and warm. Allowing the air to flow throughout the home keeps the interior healthier, cooler and more pleasing.

Koch Architects, Inc.. Joanne Koch

Create a cool courtyard. Courtyards are national oases, particularly with some plantings along with a water feature or 2. Perhaps add a pergola or other shading device as well to keep the area even cooler. And make sure each of the rooms that front the courtyard have large doors and windows to take advantage of the cooling effects of this area.

Robert Hawkins

Don’t fight the website. Occasionally the best views will be to the west or east — the worst orientations for large expanses of glass. In such situations, designing the shading device for all that glass is crucial. Plot out the sun angles so you can really have a shading device that keeps the sexy, low sun while not obstructing the view.

More: Solar-Powered Design

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Look Picture Perfect With Vintage Cameras

Even before digital cameras snapped the photography landscape, older movie cameras have always had an edgy, stylish vibe. They’re plentiful on the current market, and you can often score great bargains, so they may be an inexpensive way to spark your interiors with a gathered display.

When you plan to put your vintage cameras into use, go through a reputable dealer — you do not want to take a chance with internet auction websites or local garage sales. A trader can help you figure out a vintage camera’s condition, find a model that uses film still accessible and offer ideas on how to coax out the very best possible shots. Many offer a guarantee as well. Try KEH, Collectible Cameras, Adorama and E.P. Levine to start.

If, however, you’re more interested in attractiveness than function — and in case you do not care about value — don’t hesitate to save money on thrift-store or Craigslist finds. Stumped for how to exhibit them? These ideas will get your creative juices pumping.


Like things always have more impact when grouped together. The same as the trio of vases with this side desk, the set of cameras brings a great deal more attention in unison than either camera would on its own.

What an approach to art! Frames surround a grid of cameras for a beautifully manicured screen.


Layers of vintage chic add as much as a supercool impact in this setting, by the midcentury modern–fashion cupboard to the old-school phone and cameras.

Tiffany Brooks, Interior Designer & HGTV Host

Purists may shriek, but spray painting a classic camera elevates it to the realm of sculpture.

Cameras, rather than paperbacks or bric-a-brac, dot these bookshelves for a lovely shadow box effect. This therapy is evidence that you don’t have to audience shelves with objects — occasionally simplicity works best.

Megan Buchanan

Wondering what to do with a sterile mantel? An assortment of cameras appears so much fresher than the expected candles or vases.

Annie McElwain Photography

I adore the way this peekaboo camera is slotted to a shelving unit full of additional flotsam — you do not notice it right away, and that’s the purpose. It is a sly surprise amid ordinary objects.

Amid a display of clocks and old books and photos, a set of cameras adds a period-appropriate finishing touch.

Get Inspired With Suggestions To Get Vintage Style
How to score in the Flea Market

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Decorate With Intention: 5 Key Furniture Pieces

Just as a beautiful backyard design is built upon solid foundation plantings, an attractive room is produced by layering accessories and more compact furnishings around a few timeless, versatile pieces. Making smart decisions when it comes to choosing base pieces of furniture means a more cohesive home and fewer regrets in the future. Learning how to pick five important bits will serve you well today and for many years to come.

Cathy Schwabe Architecture

Foundation Piece Number One: The Armchair

Everyone can use a great armchair. In a tiny studio apartment, one amazing armchair could stand in for a sofa, and it could easily fit into a larger home daily. Comfort is absolutely essential, so purchase the best you are able to afford. If you like modern design, by all means splurge in a iconic chair like the Saarinen Womb Chair shown here. The majority of the time it is logical to go neutral in upholstery, however I would make an exception for classic red, which adds welcome color to a modern home.

Ryland Peters & Small | CICO Books

Not a fan of modern? Attempt a English roll-arm style. This timeless shape is beautifully comfy for curling up in and grounds any room you put it in. Look for a chair which feels really heavy, which is a sign of quality construction. Turned wood legs, a kiln-dried hardwood framework and welting or piping at which the upholstery suits the legs are other hallmarks to look for.

Shannon Malone

Foundation Piece Number Two: The Sofa

When it has to do with couches, you truly do get what you pay for. There is a time and a place for Ikea couches, but when you need something to last, it usually means investing a bit more money. Since this tends to become among the biggest purchases for your home, it is sensible to play it a little safe. Go for a traditional silhouette, high quality construction and a neutral color for the most versatility.

Tight back or loose cushions? Try out different designs to see which you prefer sitting in. Tight back, single-seat cushion sofas tend to seem more formal, while those with lots of loose cushions telegraph a relaxed vibe.

Studio William Hefner

Consider a upholstered seat or banquette. If you’ve got a little space, consider buying a sleek upholstered seat rather than a classic squashy loveseat. This piece is much more versatile, as you can pull this up to a table or even place it into a hallway or mudroom in a larger house later on.

Light or dark upholstery? A white sofa without removable slipcovers is fairly high maintenance, but add machine-washable slipcovers (which have gotten much chicer lately) and white may be a practical choice in the end. Beige, “greige,” china and espresso are also exceptionally versatile options.


Beware of bits which are too site specific. Unless you have your home and plan on living there for the near future, think twice before spending big dollars on something which might not work in a different home. Extra-long and L-shape couches can be complicated to place in smaller rooms, so choose one only if it is perfect for your current space and you are staying put.

Tara Bussema – Neat Organization and Design

Kid-friendly leather. It sounds counterintuitive, but leather seats and couches are in reality a fantastic option when you have kids in the home. Spills wipe right off (of course the more quickly you get to them the better), as well as the scratches and dings that come with age add character. 1 caveat: For a look with the most longevity, choose something tailored or a classic style like the Chesterfield shown here. Bulky, overly squashy leather bits can read too bachelor pad.

Emily McCall

Foundation Piece Number Three: The Dining Table

You can not fail with a beautifully weathered farmhouse table. Match the mood with rustic wood seats or blend this up with a modern pair like the Panton chairs shown here. Other versatile dining designs to contemplate are a sleek-lined parson’s table or some version which includes removable leaves, which will work in several of spaces.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

A notice on seats: nowadays, there is not any need to match your dining chairs to the table, or even to get a pair of matched chairs in any way. In case you’ve got your eye pricier seats but can not afford to purchase them all at once, fill in with cheap flea market finds. Paint them the exact same color for a cohesive look or leave them as is for a quirkier, more diverse feel.

Dufner Heighes Inc

A note on scale: if you reside in an apartment, there’s absolutely no requirement to forgo the table. A little round table like the iconic Saarinen Tulip Table revealed here can match in a tight place and do double duty for a desk.

Jeanette Lunde

Think classic is not your style? Bear in mind that classic bits can always be revamped later on if you really get bored with them (you could paint your Windsor-style seats bubble gum pink!) , but it is significantly more difficult to tone down a bit with an unusual shape.

For People design

Foundation Piece Number Four: The Bed

An upholstered seat with a fantastic contour is a tasteful option, and is fantastic for those who prefer to sit in bed and see. Even if you aren’t prepared to purchase a high-end bed frame, do put as much as possible into your mattress — great sleep is worth every cent.


Woodland Slumber Canopy Bed, Beige – $2,998

Four-posters are another classic, and this version from Anthropologie has clean, modern lines that would look good in any number of settings.

Foundation Piece Number 5: Case Goods

A lovely chest, dresser or alternative storage bit which is not so large can almost always find a home somewhere. So if you discover something which catches your attention, I say do it. Dressers and glass-front closets may be utilised in the bedroom, entryway or living room, or even in a large bathroom that’s short on storage.

Shirley Meisels

Think about going vintage. For case goods especially, vintage pieces could be a better deal for high quality construction than many new bits on the marketplace. If you adore the midcentury modern look, seek a vintage chest or sideboard. Should you crave a posh decorator touch, give a classic dresser a coat of high-gloss paint for a glamorous look.

Inform us : when you’re purchasing furniture, what do you splurge and exactly what do you save on?

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New Classics: Glo-Ball Lights

I have been fooled by a bunch of lights that I see around all the time. I assumed they were created sometime in the 1950s, but it ends up their designer was not even born until 1959. These ceiling, wall, pendant, table and floor lamps fit into midcentury modern, modern and collected rooms with aplomb, and are favored by architects and interior designers across the world. They include the Glo-Ball show by Jasper Morrison for Flos, designed from the late 1990s and still going strong. If a Glo-Ball is the right lighting for some of your own rooms, see.

Wally Sears

This tabletop globe is known as the Glo-Ball Basic Table Lamp. I really like the way it sits right on the table, making one wonder if it’s going to just roll right off (do not worry, it won’t). For this really can be the next best thing.

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

The Suspended Glo-Ball is. Maybe because it first caught my eye in this New York City apartment that is filled with midcentury icons from MoMA’s archives.

Creative Space Architectural Design

Despite the fact that I am throwing the term “globe” around a little haphazardly, you are able to realize a Glo-Ball because it is not an actual sphere. The width of the shade is a couple of inches bigger than the height.

Jensen Architects

The S-1 version of the suspended Glo-Ball is roughly 10.6 inches high and contains a 12.9-inch diameter; the S-2 variant is 14.2 inches high and contains a 17.7-inch diameter.

Ilija Mirceski

All of these lights have a white opal glass shade and an acid-etched blown-glass diffuser.

Wow, all of the opal and acid-etching talk sounds fancy, but what exactly does this mean? It means that the fixtures give off a soft, diffused light that is very easy on the eyes. This is where you receive the bang for the bucks you spend in one of those babies. Also, they are made in Italy, which adds to the elaborate factor.

Gary Hutton Design

The Glo-Ball Table Lamp sits atop an elegant, slender steel pedestal. It fits right into the clean-lined modern bedroom, adding curves and style without distracting from the view.

Searl Lamaster Howe Architects

The pendant was created with high ceilings in mind, as the cable can stretch to 9.5 ft. The designer of this modern cabin suspended the lights over the kitchen island in order not to block the woodsy views of Lake Michigan from the front of the house to the rear.

Studio Durham Architects

The Glo-Ball F Floor Lamps come in three different sizes, so there’s one that’s acceptable for a favorite reading chair and one that can stand up to the scale of a large room with a tall ceiling. Oh, and there’s another one between the two for those in-between needs.

Ways to Acquire the Pendant Light Right
Modern Icons: PH Lights
Modern Icons: The Random Light

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Guest Groups: Tea Party With a Modern Palette

Daydreaming about spring? The forthcoming season is all about color, so now’s the time to start infusing your own wardrobe, your house and your decoration with splashes of your favorite colors.

Spring colours do not necessarily have to be pastels, however. To get a more modern palette, consider combining brights like citron, salmon, lime, persimmon, teal and aquamarine. While working on this ideabook, I watched those color mixes all over the stores and online. I believe this palette will be popular this year.

To celebrate the modern and to welcome the new season, throw a tea party with those 20 brilliant finds. — Lauren from Lauren Elise Crafted

American Blinds Wallpaper and much more

Bistro 750 Wallpaper – $28.06

This illustrated background was my inspiration for this entire ideabook. For me personally, the concept of a tea party pops up pictures of doilies and tea cozies and kitschy floral prints. The modern, bright colours here are quite the reverse. A tea party with this color scheme could be all fun, not frumpy.

French Bistro Furniture

Fermob Bistro Metal Chair – $198

Vintage French bistro chairs are my chair of selection at any given tea party. However, a bright citron bistro chair are the punch of color that this avant-garde fete needs.


Choose Your Color Dipped Mug by Tilly Maison

A simple splash of color really makes these dipped mugs fantastic.

Leah Duncan

Dish Cloth Set of Three – $36

When it is time to tidy up, use tea towels that are equally as colorful as the rest of your decor. The hand-drawn examples on those are the perfect addition to any modern abode once the party is finished. You might even wrap up these individually and gift them to your guests.

Sweet Lulu

Biodegradable Plastic Spoons – $2.50

These colorful spoons just made ice cream eating considerably sweeter. Sure, they are not conventional tea party fare, but guests may adore scooping gelato with those environmentally-friendly utensils.


Cupcake Plate, Stitch Pink by Jeanette Zeis Pottery – $28

If you’re going to serve gelato in your tea party, you might as well serve cupcakes too. A female stand will display your desserts in fashion.


Simple White Porcelain Hanging Wall Pocket from Hideminy New York – $50

You need to have some flowers at a tea party, even a modern one. Skip the conventional vase and display your in-season types in such Hanging Wall Pockets. They do not take up cupboard space, which means you won’t have to think about finding storage for them later.


Sweeping Angles Apron – $38

A dull apron just won’t do when you’ve got all this bright color. This apron has amazing salmon tones but also a stylish chevron pattern. Your ensemble formally has some competition.

West Elm

CafĂ© Bowls – $4

These little bowls have easy details in just the right colours.


Rustic Wood Flowers by Uncommon Handmade – $14

If you prefer to invest in faux flowers that can last through all of your tea parties, then these wooden daisies are what you need. They are sometimes cheerful all through the year.


Kitchen Utensils Letterpressed Paper Coasters by Ruff House Art – $12

All these letterpress coasters are almost too pretty to use. Your guests are sure to see them, and hopefully they will remember them as well (for the sake of your wood surfaces).


Interesting Fringe Garland DIY Kit by Ollie Bollen – $7

A party wouldn’t be full without bunting — that is my motto, anyway. This garland feels a bit vintage, but I love the juxtaposition of new and old in a modern space. Embrace it!


Ceramic Serving Bowl, Salmon from Ceramica Botanica – $75

A salmon serving bowl could be a wonderful addition to the dining table. Should you fill it with lemons, limes and oranges, the fruit can get edible decoration.


Fringe Position Card Collection by Potter + Butler – $15

Fringe is young and fun, and these Fringe Place Cards are definitely for the young in mind. You can DIY lots of other fringe details also — garlands, invitations, stir sticks — to present your decoration some cohesiveness.

Cube Marketplace

Wobbly Biscuit Stoneware Bowl – $22

Stoneware is seldom considered delicate, but these wobbly bowls using a pressed-lace pattern would be the exception. Guests might find it challenging to fulfill their plates and hide the particulars.

Sweet Lulu

Assorted Mini Tapers – $4

Candles do not need to be reserved for birthdays and vacations. Your tea party can gain from them, also. If your plan is to have your afternoon party change in an evening soiree, colorful candles will create a magical ambiance.


Sunny Skies Felt Ball Garland by Made Mary – $28

This felt billy ball garland is all modern.


Color Coil Pot, Small – $28

These coiled jute baskets have an earthy texture to them. They’d be great for the modernist who also loves nature. Fill them with easy plants like succulents or cacti.


Feathers and Flowers Collector Tea Towel by Elkhorn Design – AUD 24

Should you feel as though you have too many bright colours, tone down everything with neutrals. White and grey additions will pair nicely with the colours but not battle them. This tea towel is a gorgeous combination of grey and citron.


Gift or Party Bags, Small Striped Paper Bags by Chicken and Custard – GBP 2.50

Colorful, striped handle bags are the perfect ending to your party. Each guest will be delighted to see the goodies that you ship them home with.

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Kitchen of the Week: Aqua Knockout at Austin

Formal dining moved out the window when designer Jennifer Ott remodeled the kitchen in her Austin, Texas, home. Ott and her husband did not use the huge closed-off dining room next to the first small kitchen, so they knocked down the walls to create a modern, ample space for entertaining as well as cooking. Bold colors, two pantries, clever cupboard designs along with a smart breakfast nook today give her the room and style she’s craved.

Loop Design

Ott needed plenty of countertop to share with her husband, and room for two guests and cooks to move smoothly around the kitchen. “I’m a lover of generous aisle widths,” she states. “If you cook or entertain often and have the space, I suggest 48-inch into 54-inch wide aisles. Greater than 54 inches starts to feel overly wide, and you’ll feel like you have run a marathon after building a meal” Following the remodel, the kitchen is 250 square foot, and the dining space is 115 square foot.

Cabinetry: Ikea base cupboard boxes, Texas Trim pecan door and drawer fronts; shelving: habit pecan; countertops: concrete by Caesarstone; stove, hood: Wolf

Loop Design

Following the walls between the original kitchen and dining rooms were knocked down, architect Christy Seals of Loop Design needed to incorporate a large beam to support the loading of the second story, which was rather a challenge. Because the beam is a foot thick, it meant they needed to lower the ceiling height in this field. However, Ott loves the varying ceiling heights — they allow for a subtle willingness from the kitchen and intimacy from the dining area.

Ott picked the colors based on housewares she had fallen in love with. Her strategy was to use neutral colors for substances that are costly or hard to change — such as the quartz countertop and concrete floor — and use bold colors for substances that are economical and easy to replace — such as paint and accessories.

Floors: concrete overlay; wall paint: Parakeet, Sherwin Williams; island paint: Larchmere, Sherwin Williams; bar stools: Ikea

Loop Design

Although she loves her kitchen neat and clean, Ott isn’t always able to stay on top of putting everything off. She made the window seat as a secret storage space, with a massive space for oversize and little-used products. Two pantries at the end of the kitchen help with this too. Since the pantries are behind closed doors, she doesn’t have to be concerned about them being spotless.

Refrigerator: Samsung; pendants at dining room: Firefly, CB2; window seat cloth: Little Dandelion, Premier Prints

Loop Design

Ott put extra-large drawers at the bottom cabinets, rather than fixed shelves, making it easier for her to reach kitchen items. Often-used bowls, plates and glasses were put on the open pecan shelvingsystem, to stop constant dusting. Ott also used the house’s existing plumbing to keep down costs. This limited the kitchen’s layout, but they had lots of room to work with.

“nobody comes with an unlimited budget, so it’s good to determine what your priorities are and place the money from the items that make the most sense for you, for how you’ll use your kitchen,” Ott says. “I do not bake, so that I did not want two separate wall ovens. It might be a popular must-have for a great deal of people, but we simply didn’t want it”

Sink: Silgranit Precis Super Single Undermount, Blanco; fixtures: Grohe; pendant over sink: George Kovacs, Lights Fantastic

Contractor: Jason Williams, Shoal Creek Construction

Photography: Patrick Wong, Atelier Wong

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Steer the Sun and Shade With Louvers

The most effective architectural design — contemporary, conventional, whatever the situation may be — chooses the natural surroundings into consideration. Architectural type, materials and assemblies should react to sunlight, wind and other factors of climate. One means of addressing sunlight is with louvers — closely spaced slats that allow the sun’s rays to pass through specific times of the day, producing shade at other occasions.

The following examples illustrate how louvers can be oriented vertically on a facade or as a trellis. The majority fall into the latter category, as spending some time outdoors while still having some respite from the sun is a popular reason to use louvers. For much more shading ideas, see my posts on timber slats and sunshades.

Wheeler Kearns Architects

The horizontal louvers located on the outside of the house designed by Wheeler Kearns Architects are located on the projecting quantity at left along with a stair which sits between it and the more solid place on the right side.

Wheeler Kearns Architects

It’s simple to see why louvers were used here: All these are the areas with the most transparency. In the instance of the foreground quantity, a screened porch, the louvers wrap the top half (approximately) of three sides.

Wheeler Kearns Architects

By increasing the louvers above door height, views from the seating area inside to the landscape are rather open. The amount, horizontal profile and standing of the louvers means the large, midday sunlight is blocked but the very low sunlight can come through.

Wheeler Kearns Architects

The louvers are articulated in precisely the same fashion from the stair, filtering the light which enters the tall space. The louvers mitigate the impact of the sunlight on the space, keeping it from turning into a greenhouse in warmer months.

Wheeler Kearns Architects

Here is the view from the staircase out to the landscape, together with the screened seats area seen beyond.

Baldridge Architects

Baldridge Architects’ aptly named Courtyard House is highlighted with a large trellis within the decked outdoor space. With the louvers oriented vertically (the opposite of the former example), the sun is allowed to input when it’s directly overhead but is filtered when in an angle.

Baldridge Architects

This daytime photo shows the trellis in action. It’s important to be aware that the louvers work in concert with all the surrounding trees, so more shade is provided together than independently.

Baldridge Architects

When seen from inside, the trellis appears to function as an exterior ceiling, solid at a few angles. This provides a enclosure and privacy to the space adjacent to the glass walls.

Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects

Much like the preceding instance is the home in Sydney, Australia, designed by Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects. The trellis also sits just outside the glass walls, in this instance sliding walls that connect inside and out.

Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects

The placement of the louvers makes it seem they are a continuation of the ceiling, making a stronger tie between inside and out in line with the remainder of the design.

Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects

Nevertheless the timber used for the louvers provides the trellis some warmth which the rest of the layout lacks in its minimalism.

Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects

This detail shows the simplicity of the layout: closely spaced wood slats attached to paired galvanized steel angles.

Studio Saved – ASAP House

Studio ASAP’s ASAP House on New York’s Long Island features a red trellis in the rear which is apparently completely different — visually and physically — from the home, a straightforward one-story box. That they function together is evident from the way the trellis columns sit between each set of double doors.

Studio Saved – ASAP House

The trellis is capped in translucent, corrugated plastic, shielding the occupants from rain as well as sunlight.

Studio Saved – ASAP House

Another Studio Kiss project features a trellis more in tune with its house, but there’s still something to it that makes it feel as the trellis is a great addition. In fact the project is a renovation with a new front porch.

Studio Saved – ASAP House

The trellis sits in the front edge of the new porch, behaving like a screen between the street and the home. It’s an interesting design that provides a little bit of privacy to some side not normally used to it. I really could see a barbecue occurring here, as opposed to out back.

Studio Saved – ASAP House

The stepping from the wall creates places to sit down, aided by the wall’s thickness.

Shade in Summer, Sun at Winter

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Rooms Spring to Life With Unusual Patterns

It is tempting to write something about these daring floral designs “not being your grandmother’s chintz.” But it some cases they are your grandmother’s chintz. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The blossom print has come a long way since Louis XIV, also there are lots of daring, contemporary floral designs on all manner of things, from carpeting to walls. But there’s no reason to take sides. Bold blossom designs are stunning whether traditional or contemporary, all around the place or sprinkled reasonably. They could fit in everywhere. As always, it is dependent on how you utilize them.

Ed Ritger Photography

This glowing yellow flowered wallpaper is cheerfulness on a roster.

Dewson Construction Company

I am a giant fan of mixing up things, and this room certainly does that. It’ll be just a moment before a daffy old Englishwoman brings you some tea.

Only a hint of chintz. The throw pillows on the seat add a feminine, welcoming touch to what looks like quite a comfy room.

Flea Market Sunday

An accent wall done in a superbold poppy wallpaper adds color, texture and also a lot of character to this room. It is nice to see an ocean-view room that is not all blue and beige.

Rachel Reider Interiors

The pattern with this Flower Quince wallpaper from Clarence House is so subjective and daring, it almost looks like splatter artwork.

Period Homes, Inc..

Completely buttoned up and totally wild at the same time. This giant, blown-up chinoiserie pattern is so stunning.


Even with this yummy wildflower paper, this room is contemporary eclectic all of the way. (It likely has something to do with the bombshell within the mattress.)


Now this is devotion. Flowers, flowers everywhere and curtains that fit the walls. It is Grandma’s room on steroids.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Why don’t you add a wall of flowers to your midcentury modern living room? It can help to soften all of the angles.

The Lettered Cottage

There’s no need to go all out. Keep it easy, with just a little splash of flowers (covering the chair has much more effect than a few throw pillows).

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