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Crucial Elements of an Ideal Winter Cabin

As the days have grown shorter and also a blanket of snow has draped itself across the ground in several areas, thoughts have become skiing, sledding and ice skating for many.

Whether along the edge of a ski slope or nestled in a forest clearing, a small cottage is the perfect place for enjoying the time of season and winter sport. Nothing cavernous, but something easy, small and cozy, with bunks for kids, a sleeping loft for parents and a large, open area for gathering — a place where you can sit by the fire and have some hot cocoa and rest your muscles out of all the day’s actions.

Let us take a closer look at some perfect winter escape cabins.

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It should be somewhere where big timbers and stones convey solidity and permanence. Where the arrangement can stand against the forces of nature by itself.

Plus it ought to have a warm glow emanating from the interior. Front door should function as a glowing lantern.

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Big logs and a simple gable roof are also ideally suited to your cottage in the woods. This archetypical cabin seems like it might easily have been constructed from the Lincoln Logs set I played with several ages ago.

Just make certain that the roof may handle the burden of all the snow, and the main floor is elevated up enough to stay above the snow line.

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An 800-square-foot cabin using a simple shed roof provides a modern update. While the roof stipulates the right structure to withstand and discard the snow, the incline creates a room which can be windows.

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A winter cottage may go unused for a moment, so keeping the fauna from the cottage can be challenging. With sliding barn doors securing doors and windows is smart.

Do not forget to get a good-size front porch. No sense in letting all of the snow get tracked indoors.

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The cottage interior may run the gamut from a dark and north-woods aesthetic to something modern and bright. A sleeping loft or 2 flanking a larger communal space is generally all that’s necessary. And maintain the lasting and very low maintenance. Materials like wood planks on ceilings and the walls will allow you to enjoy the place with a minimum of fuss.

And attempt an attractive, clean-burning woodstove in case you don’t want a fireplace. A stove put in the middle of the room will be about all that’s required to warm the cabin.

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A winter cottage should certainly have a good-size entrance room — a place for taking off the ski boots, storing the skis, hanging the coats and dealing with the stuff for winter sports. The entrance should have a seat or two and finishes designed to last, such as porcelain in lieu of ceramic tile.

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While a sleeping loft is a great place for the parents, you can’t beat a bunk room for the kids. Certainly they’ll be too tired to stay up late and chat after a day of skiing, sledding and snowball fights.

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Since odds are that there’ll be only one toilet, make it large enough for multiple kids to use it in once. Just make certain that you set the bathroom in a separate water closet in order that some may be cleaning their teeth while others are taking a shower or using the bathroom.

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Do not forget to get a spot outside with a fire pit and cozy chairs — a place for having a cup of warm cocoa and roasting marshmallows. A place which, even on the coldest of days, makes you enjoy the great outdoors and the crisp, clear and star-filled winter nights.

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