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Creating Nests: Cozy Outdoor Rooms

People crave living spaces in their homes, and individuals desire living spaces in their own gardens and outside spaces. If you walk through a garden, you most likely are unintentionally drawn to spaces you can curl up inspaces in which you are able to look out over a vista from a hideaway or hidden nooks and crannies. There is a reason a treehouse is a kid’s home away from home!


A porch bed is among the greatest simple luxuries in life. Sleeping amidst the breezes of summer with only a thin sheet is a beautiful thing. To make your bed feel cozy, add a lattice display for clippings or photos and provide weight to a own headboard with slice of dark furniture. The enclosure two sides enables the bed to feel enclosed while allowing those summertime breezes in.

Amy Renea

Is not there something grand about turning the corner and finding a traditional wooden treehouse nestled out in a little stand of woods? Perhaps you have seen a treehouse you did not wish to climb into?

Most of us have an innate urge to climb up high, securely protected, but able to look out over amazing vistas. The Swiss Family Robinson needed it right!

r.e.a.l. ronald evitts architect llc

A contemporary form of the traditional tree home includes those usual features of a protected space: borders on three sides and an opening into a large, beautiful vista. This distance accomplishes the sense of a nest as a result of the canopy draped over the seating area and also the height of the porch.

Escale design

This contemporary concrete terrace provides many of the same benefits, with three sides decorated by a half wall, a canopy overheadplus a layer of soft furnishings and beautiful horizontal vistas.


A simple cloth canopy works just too in a lengthy, hallway-like space. The near columns on either side of the table along with the covering overhead allow diners to feel protected and cozy while they sip cocktails and also discuss the politics of their day.


A dining nest doesn’t have to be a grand event. A simple table and chairs, a little draping of blue, and partitions on two sides create a quiet, contemplative place for morning coffee and afternoon tea.

Escale design

Screens are ideal enclosures in an exterior space since they’re simple to maneuver and let air flow while closing off space. This display does a great job of creating an exterior room that doesn’t force you to feel boxed in, as a result of its translucent material.

SB Architects

A bathtub on a tree-house-like deck is quite possibly the best place in the world. Protected by columns, but without perspective busting walls, this little nest is calling my name!

Amy Renea

When you’re creating an outdoor nest, then do not neglect plantings and green views. Reduce your trees to create little arching frames over vistas and you also add another layer of protection.

Aitken and Associates

With beautiful purple wisteria blooms dripping down round the construction of this nest built onto an old stump, the views from all sides are framed perfectly. The plantings provide the tree home a veil of security, while the open windows offer vistas.

How are you going to create a nest today? Will you trim a few branches in spring to create a framework? Will you haul a comfortable additional mattress out in your rooftop balcony ? Maybe you’ll be inspired to break out the nails and hammer and build yourself your own tree house full with wisteria vines, a tiny door along with a zip line — or maybe you will just shut your eyes and dream of pirates along with a family named Robinson.

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