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Guest Picks: Doggy Decor

I am a self-described “mad dog lady,” and while I have yet to (completely) fill my house with canine-inspired decoration, I am certainly not opposed to it! Listed below are 20 doggy designs that might just find their way into my house sooner than later. Enjoy, fellow dog lovers! — Capree from My Adventure Is The Advantage


Midcentury Modern Dog Furniture, Moderate by Modernist Cat – $519

Part dog house, a side table, I am head-over-heels with this piece of doggy furniture!


Fire Hydrant Bookends by Knob Creek Metal Arts – $44.99

How I see it, a bit of humor never hurt anyone! Why not have a, um, dog-marking bookend collection?

West Elm

Claudia Pearson Dog Plate, Rectangle – $16

Sun-bathing dachshunds, swimming dachshunds and browsing dachshunds — oh my!

Crypton Home

Doodle Dog Pillow – $40

I am always a fan of switching things up in the decoration department with a fast cushion swap. This doodle dog might be just the thing to bring a few playfulness for your decor!

Gavin Coyle

Companion Rack

Aw, what a good little helper! This magazine/newspaper rack is not only functional, but completely cute.

Binq Design

Bloq White Dog – EUR 299

It’s a negative table/nightstand that doubles as a puppy bed — brilliant.

Naked Decor

Doxie Silhouette Pillow – $45

I’ve never noticed a rainbow-striped dog cushion I did not like! OK, fine, this is the sole rainbow-striped dog pillow I’ve ever observed.


Calvin & Lewis Wallpaper from Peter Fasano

If you are really committed to your love of dogs and aren’t afraid to show it, then this playful puppy background is just for you!


Offi MyPetLamp Dachshund Accent Lamp – $79

Wiener dogs are just funny, aren’t they? In table lamp form, they are even better!

Barneys New York

Spisani Scottish Terrier Bookends – $265

A pair of these acrylic Scotties is sure to class up the place and keep your books aligned.

Kikkerland Design

USB Poodle Hub – $15

It’s a hub in the shape of a poodle! What is not to adore?

The Spoon Sisters

Dog Bone Shaped Paper Clips – $6.95

Distribute some “mad dog person” cheer into your office partners by affixing these milkbone-shaped paper clips into your TPS reports.


Areaware Pug Mini Cushion – $40

You guys. Pugs would be the saddest looking dogs around. Catch a pug cushion and provide a squeeze, will you?


DenHaus BowHaus Modern Dog Crate – $599.99

More side-table-dog-bed-in-one activity! I really like the modern sunburst design on this aluminum number.


Dog Stapler – $5.45

Officially take matters into a completely different degree of “mad” around the office with one of these dog-shaped staplers. Best when paired with bone paperclips.

Walls and Fabrics

Dog Flock Velvet Wallpaper – $259.95

What is black and white and flocked all over? This great dog breed wallpaper, that’s what!


Desktop Dogs – $20

These handy helpers store all of your office supplies in 1 spot. What good dogs!


Dovetail Dog – $19

An interactive puzzle/toy/objet d’art, this wooden puppy would make a fantastic present for that dog-obsessed buddy of yours.


Jonathan Adler Dachshund Bowl – $149.95

It’s not a party until the wiener dip bowl is brought out by you! That is a actuality.


Good Puppy Lamp – GBP 1,000

Yes, this is real. Yes, it’s a desk lamp in the kind of a dog taking a dump. Yes, it’s actually available.

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