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Raise the Woof: Doghouses Delight at Barkitecture 2012

From Airstream moved to a pontoon boat, the doghouse layouts in this year’s Barkitecture fundraiser in Austin, Texas, combined lovers of architecture and animals for fun and a good cause. Twenty Austin architects, designers and builders showcased their four-legged-scale designs in the downtown 2nd Street District on Nov. 10, 2012.

The annual fundraiser, hosted by Animal Lovers of Austin Inc., benefits local animal rescue groups. Austinites have the chance to bid on the houses, together with the silent auction starting at $250 and increasing at $50 increments. Let’s have a peek at a few of this year’s creativity.

Kara Mosher

The Greenest Design award went into the Rex Box, created using a metal roof, solar panels, recycled materials and sliding doors. Developed by Francois Levy and built by Newcastle Homes, this green residence is comparable to many “individuals” homes made in East Austin. One neat feature is the chimney, which will help to keep the inside cool.

Kara Mosher

Among the most exciting layouts in the event was the Sea Woof — a pet lounge area designed just like a pontoon boat, complete with dog-size life preservers. Created by STG Design, this doghouse won the Most Unusual Design award.

Kara Mosher

The designers in Renewal Design Lab won the award for Greatest Backyard Bungalow. Aptly named Big Dog Little Dog, this house has two entrances to accommodate two puppy dimensions.

Kara Mosher

Like many of the additional doghouses, it was also generated from salvaged materials.

Kara Mosher

Clark/Richardson Architects earned the Greatest Urban Dwelling award using this creative Murphy bed doghouse. Murphy’s Paw folds into the wall, making more free space in the house and helping the bed stay clean. The modern and clean design was motivated by the actual home where it will be set.

Kara Mosher

Kara Mosher

The Barkelow created by EIX & Blackwell offers a whole lot of home for small dogs. As winner of the Largest Fundraiser award, this elegant doghouse isn’t just comfy, but also luxurious with billowy canopy drapes and a very small chandelier to boot. This pomeranian appears to concur.

Kara Mosher

This year’s Best in Show was a combined effort between engineering from Block Research Group and design from Escobedo Construction. Made of a fabricated limestone which is held together by sheer compression, the Doggone Vault‘s design is both secure and watertight.

It also sections the space into a “bedroom” and “dining room” space. The kitchen is positioned in the center, where a little water bowl was created by a dip in the design. The water comes from rain.

Kara Mosher

Created by Austin Community College students of the Architectural and Engineering CAD Department, the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Tailiesin SXSW won Largest Student Fundraiser. All materials for this piece repurposed or were contributed.

Kara Mosher

If I had been a little puppy, my first choice is this traveling puppy’s dream made by AJM Construction. The Woof-Stream is created of local recycled materials such as sheet metal and wood and replicates the design of a traditional Airstream.

Kara Mosher

Gensler made this Dog Cube Condo, a sustainable home created to withstand the Texas heat. This simple design is made of stainless steel, perforated metal mesh and ipe wood.

Kara Mosher

A gorgeous and one of a kind signature to the Cube Condo is a low-water rooftop planting suited to your Texas climate.

Kara Mosher

This quaint puppy farmhouse from Henley Homes is outfitted with a front porch, swing, dormer window and white picket fence.

Kara Mosher

This design attracted the attention of many dogs. Created by RRS Construction, it features one of Austin’s coolest exterior features, the color sail.

Kara Mosher

Exercise Design Group is in charge of this Puppy Playscape, created to be a space for the two dogs and their human counterparts to enjoy. The design offers minimal cleanup, a flexible roof and an enjoyable place for dogs to play.

Kara Mosher

Among my visually favorite layouts and what appeared to be among the most functional houses was this open house house by Hatch+Ulland Owenmade with ipe hardwood floors and polygal ceiling.

Does your pet have a great house, too? Post a photo below!

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Get It Done: Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

This week you don’t need to complete this Get It Done job; you just have to give these thoughts a once-over and keep them in mind as you do your own holiday baking and entertaining. This is because you’ll inadvertently be doing a great deal of recon throughout the coming months — yanking out kitchen items you likely use only once a year, like cookie cutters, platters and dual ovens; scavenging around for items that are hidden too deep; or maybe wondering why you have five spatulas if the most you’ll ever desire at once is only two. You are going to be rejecting table linens, figuring out that some places are missing key bits and finding items you haven’t unearthed in years — paper umbrellas for beverages you never create, anybody? These things need to go.

Your mission for now:
Read this, let the ideas marinate and put off major kitchen organizing until after the holidays, if you wish.Take notes because you observe the good and the bad on your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Think about what could create your drawers better and ask questions. What should you proceed to a more suitable place? Do you need any organizers to help keep things neat? Collect never-used items for contribution as you move, and throw or throw the broken stuff.We’ll begin with the planning and find special about the kitchen drawers. Then you’ll be ready for Part 2: Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets.

Divine Design+Build

How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

Period: 2 to 3 hours

Materials needed:
Cleaner, dust rags or paper towels, contact paper, sticky notes (such as Post-its), pen, contribution box. Additional organizers are optional.

Tip: Have a before shot of your messiest drawer so you can feel extra satisfied when this is over.

Pacific Northwest Cabinetry

Take stock. For the time being, begin writing down everything that is in your cabinets and drawers on sticky notes. You don’t need to do so all at once — depart the notes handy and scribble things down through those spare minutes as you’re waiting for the oven to preheat. Stick them on every corresponding drawer and cupboard. It seems absurd, but trust me, only writing down these things will help you see where you’ve stashed things in inconvenient spots and identify the items that are useless to you.


Assess. While taking stock, you’re going to begin to see areas where it is possible to improve organization. Are the baskets that you use most near the stove? Is it easy to discover their corresponding lids? Are your everyday glasses and dishes within reach of the dishwasher? Do you utilize all of that Tupperware or is half of it missing lids? Could you use an extra silverware drawer?

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Plan. While your urge is to undertake this job one drawer at a time, we are thinking bigger. Your kitchen needs to be a well-oiled machine, and placement and business of your cookware, serveware, silverware, small appliances and china is key.

Do some online window shopping. It is wonderful how much more you can squeeze out of the space you have with smart drawer and cabinet organizers.

Check out All of the kitchen business products pros have found

Chic Shelf Paper

Decorative Shelf Liners

Dive in.

• Clear a large space on the counter or kitchen island.
• Empty all the drawers.
• Group like things together.
• Throw whatever appears sketchily filthy in the dishwasher.
• throw away whatever’s broken; put anything you don’t use that is in good shape at a donation box.
• Give all the empty drawers a comprehensive wipe-down.

Chic Shelf Paper

Chic Shelf Paper Bamboo Shelf Paper & Drawer Liner – $32.50

Freshen drawers up with fresh liners. There are scads of adorable options on the market, and a fresh surface will cheer you up whenever you open a drawer. It will also motivate you to keep things neat and organized.

Chic Shelf Paper

Chic Shelf Paper I’m Riveted Shelf Paper and Drawer Liner – $32.50

Here’s a shelf paper for industrial types.

The Container Store

Wrap ‘n Bag Organizer – $9.99

Reclaim some valuable drawer space. Check out what that came out of your drawers and establish the space hogs. Organizers like these for plastic and aluminum wrap will save you an whole drawer.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Over-the-Cabinet-Door Coupon Candles – $7.99

Likewise, get rid of the cluttered menu. Recycle those you don’t utilize and hang the remainder onto a bulletin board or set them in an over-the-door organizer like this one. Better yet, there’s likely a program for that; I understand I always wind up looking up menus online anyway.


Stainless Steel Grocery Bag Dispenser and Holder – $11.99

Corral the loose bags. Dispensers will help you gather plastic bags for recycling or dog walks. (If you don’t need this since you are vigilant about bringing your own reusable bags every time you shop, give yourself a large green pat on the back.)

Group like items together as you reload. Think about what you’ll have to grab the maximum when you’re at the stove, and what you’ll be transferring in the dishwasher to dividers every day, and put them accordingly.

All Matters Home Organizing™ by Gayle Grace

Divide and conquer. You may realize you need some fantastic drawer organizers as you cooperate. Place everything where you want it to be, snap a few pictures of those open drawers with your phone, take a quick measurement of your drawers’ measurements and visit The Container Store or Ikea.

Cameo Kitchens, Inc..

So, the next time you open a drawer or cupboard, take a few extra moments to check out what is going on in there and scribble it on a Post-it note. Whether you’re aiming for some fresh contact paper or you’re all set to call the cabinetmaker, the checking and planning that will be simmering on the back burner now will help you attack the kitchen after the holidays.

Next: Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Get It Done: Whip That Junk Drawer Into Shape
Browse Kitchen Drawer Organizers

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Beautiful Lightness to Get a Brooklyn Apartment

From the unit only upstairs from her primary apartment in Brooklyn, New York, Aya Yamanouchi Lloyd has produced an additional lovely, airy living space. Lloyd awakened with Nadia Yaron and Ry Scruggs of Nightwood to style the space with a female vibe that honors her Japanese origins. Together they reimagined flea market finds, setting them from whitewashed walls to create an idyllic escape.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Aya Yamanouchi Lloyd
Location: Boerum Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York
Size: Around 1,100 square feet; 1 bedroom, 1 bath

Chris A Dorsey Photography

“We went a little backwards when we began this project,” Lloyd says. “It all began with the carpets” Lloyd discovered these light pink, lavender and light blue rugs before the restoration, and Yaron and Scruggs utilized them as a starting point.

Cabinets: Kea Carpets and Kilims

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Most of the furnishings in Lloyd’s flat are one-of-a-kind pieces from Nightwood. Yaron and Scruggs re-covered this classic chaise in textured linens. “When we locate things that have potential, it’s second nature for us to cope with what we’ve or redo items that we know aren’t right,” Yaron says. A mirror at a flea market framework leans against the wall.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

A secondhand coffee table feels new with a custom marble top. Kimono-covered stools pay tribute to Lloyd’s Japanese tradition, while framed classic Asian art prints hang inside original wall molding pieces.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

The subtle pinks, lavenders and light blues mesh perfectly with all the bright whitewashed walls and the warm raw-wood details.

Ladder, artifacts: neighborhood classic market

Chris A Dorsey Photography

The downstairs apartment has a clearly darker texture, which encouraged Lloyd to create this distance lighter.

“I knew when it came time to overhaul this distance, I truly wanted to bring in a light airiness that would benefit from their high ceilings and abundance of natural light,” she says.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Initially a classic piece in orange tweed, this daybed got an update in a new fabric. Its extra length makes it a perfect place for relaxing or using as a guest sleeping space.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

A repurposed vanity table from a neighborhood market today functions as Lloyd’s dining table.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Made with a stencil directly on the wall, the shadow painting in this corner is one of Lloyd’s beloved features. “it’s so simple but really produces a wonderful effect that looks subtle and lovely,” Lloyd says.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

More classic finds from a local flea market accessorize the office.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

The threesome was always on the lookout for pieces to add character to the space. Pillows, art, flowers and vignettes add character to every room.

Painting: Tonie Yaron; Cloud cellular, nightstand: Nightwood

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Group searches for the perfect piece occasionally led to accidental finds, such as this decorative column at the entryway.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Hand-woven bath mats made from fabric scraps warm up the toilet. A hemp linen shower curtain from Gaiam completes the look.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Sanded, repainted and reimagined, this grim classic cabinet adds color to the simple kitchen. Reupholstered cushions grace the dining table set.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Light from a window matches the galley-style kitchen. Glass cabinetry makes it feel much more open.

See more photos of this home

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What if James Bond's Q Accessorized Your Own Home?

Let us face it: The strangest thing about James Bond was always those gadgets made under the direction of Q — that the British spy agency’s research and development leader.

It is a great fact that a lot of the exotic spy gadgets which Bond used in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s are now available as mass-produced consumer products, and a number of them are sold as toys for children.

Spy gadgets are usually regarded as a disreputable and unethical category of consumer electronics, sold largely though gruesome and unfashionable sites. Their customers appear to be a random collection of military people, detectives, police officers and safety professionals, as well as criminals, perverts, stalkers and the paranoid.

Despite all this, spy gadgets for your home can enhance your home’s safety, safety and fun factor.


Xtreme Life Battery Powered Hidden Camera Wall Clock – $649.95

Among the biggest categories of spy tech is cameras hidden inside ordinary household objects.

There are bad reasons to hide a camera. But there are good reasons, also. Namely, since you want safety, pet-monitoring or baby-monitoring cameras but do not like the ugly and unnerving look of cameras in your home.

Spy shops sell fully functional lamps, electrical socket plates, fans, air filters, thermometers, books, tissue dispensers, planters, smoke sensors, coffee makers, pencil sharpeners, thermostats and coat hooks which have concealed cameras constructed in. And if you’re trying to find a more “timely” merchandise, there are dozens or possibly even hundreds of different kinds of clocks with hidden cameras indoors — cuckoo clocks, alarm clocks, traditional kitchen clocks and more.

One example of a very easy-to-use and functional hidden camera is your Xtreme Life Battery Powered Hidden Camera Wall Clock. The clock includes a high-resolution camera which takes pictures when a person is discovered within 30 feet of the camera — transferring cats and curtains will not trigger it. It is battery operated, and also you should need to change the battery only once a year. The hidden camera retains photos on a standard SD card, the type used by routine digital cameras.

It looks like a standard clock nonetheless has a high-resolution camera, a PIR (passive infrared) movement sensor plus a long-life battery. It is also water resistant.


SecureShot Yard Guard BirdFeeder Hidden Camera – $499.95

You can also find a variety of concealed outdoor cameras. These are especially useful for safety. In case you have a large, clear security camera attached to the roof, then any crook worth his crowbar can only prevent its gaze or disable it.

But concealed cameras can capture trespassers red handed and they’ll never understand it. It’s possible to find outdoor spy cameras built into hose reels, mailboxes, fake electrical boxes, fake rocks and even fake owls.

One nice option for an outdoor concealed camera is your SecureShot Yard Guard BirdFeeder Hidden Camera. It houses a waterproof digital camera which shoots high-resolution video when it detects a moving person (little creatures and other movements will not trigger the detector). It stores video in an SD card. The battery lasts for a year.


TeleSpy Phone – $49.99

Spy stores have all kinds of other interesting spy gadgets. One cool spy telephone, known as the TeleSpy, looks and functions just like a regular landline phone. But when you leave the home, you can set it to spy manner. If it detects motion, it will call your mobile phone and perform any sounds it hears in the room.

Tell us Would you’ve Bond’s decorator accessorize your house?

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11 Ways to Dress Up Your Breakfast Nook

In today’s smaller, more modern homes, we’re often seeing more open designs that don’t incorporate a particular space dedicated to a dining room. This often leaves homes with just one eating place. Since that space ought to be suitable for everything from a casual breakfast to a dinner party for six, you might choose to combine in a few formal accents so you can easily transition from dawn to night.

By no means are we aiming to create a traditional, stuffy look: The concept would be to present a hint of this tasteful whilst keeping an aesthetic suitable for your everyday. Read on for 11 tips for providing your breakfast nook just the right amount of formal glamour.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Hang drapery. Drapery can change the entire feel of a room, particularly if it’s floor to ceiling. Pick a formal fabric such as silk or damask to enhance the glamour. Bonus: During the day, you will appreciate the ability to shield your eyes in sunlight.

Feinmann, Inc..

If space permits, choose a table that seats at least six. Most days, there might be just two people dining at your table. But do not forget about the potential for entertaining. If that is the only eating space, you will want to accommodate your guests suitably. Besides, a larger table instantly projects a more complicated feel than the usual casual two-top.

Ana Williamson Architect

Take note of your table’s material. Materials have a massive impact on a space; a plastic table top is going to feel very different from one finished in marble. Pick something along the lines of the latter for a more elegant approach.

LLC, Tiffany Eastman Interiors

Change your chairs for something more sophisticated. If your eating place is fairly relaxed, you can make a big punch by substituting your casual chairs with more tasteful ones. Chairs which you would put around a normal dining room table will create an intriguing mix with its casual surroundings.

Do not have the budget for a new set of chairs? No worries: Cheap slipcovers can give the ones you have a completely fresh elegant appeal.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Ground the space with a rug. Rugs help tie a room together and ground an arrangement. You do not need any particular rug, however a traditional Oriental or one with a more modern pattern might help formalize your space.

John Kraemer & Sons

Create a luxe banquette. It’s a bit tough to see the eating place in this photo, but you can surely see the back of the banquette. Unexpected accents like this will add a dose of glamour to your breakfast nook.

Philpotts Interiors

Or choose for a more modern banquette. It’s easy for banquettes to look casual, but keep your eye out for more contemporary fashions, which will definitely feel more formal. Come nighttime, this space could change radically under the glow of a few lit candles.

Woodmeister Master Builders

Consider the type of your light fixture. As a substitute for a casual pendant light, go for something more glam, like a chandelier or this particular bubble light fixture. Lighting will make all of the difference in the world in making a room feel more tasteful.

Fiorella Design

Paint the space a different color. Whether it’s only on an accent wall or on the entire corner, paint provides a sense of separateness from an adjoining kitchen, helping the dining room space feel more individual.

Ashleigh Weatherill Interior Design

Accessorize. Most formal dining rooms have knickknack-filled credenzas or artwork to the walls. Offer your breakfast nook an elevated aesthetic together with accessories. Do not wish to add books or display objects to shelving? Create a minibar instead.

Presenting Tough Running Kitchen Nooks

Kitchen Chandeliers

Dinner-Party Heaven: Formal Dining Rooms

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12 Tips for Supremely Organized Basement Storage

Sometimes, a basement is just used as a storage spot. Even when you’re planning to remodel your basement in the future, you can still take advantage of this available space today. Follow these expert strategies for how to organize your stuff. You’ll wonder how you ever did without this bonus storage space.

Case Design/Remodeling Indy

Kick off with a clean slate. Go through everything you have. “Starting from scratch will be able to help you find the opportunities offered by your lower-level living space,” says interior designer Jennifer Riley Simone of Case Design/Remodeling Indy. “Purging is the name of this game here. Utilize a discerning eye to assess what you actually have to store and eliminate the rest. Always donate if at all possible.”

Security first.
Sturdy shelving is a must for bin and bin storage. “We suggest building heavy framed shelving with 2-by-4 studs and paintable plywood,” says Simone. “Measure the items that you plan to keep to ensure you have appropriate clearance and thickness. Never put large or heavy storage items above 5 feet high; you risk injury when trying to get down them.”

So Squared Away

Evaluation future layouts. “If you plan to eventually redesign, test the functionality of your future plans by segregating different distances with tape on the ground,” says Simone. “Then put your storage items in your proposed area and stick with the design. Are your items accessible to the stairs? What size doorways will you need to move stored items in and out? Test out various approaches until you find one which works.”

Plan around the mechanicals. To keep costs down, attempt to integrate storage places around the locations of the house mechanicals: electrical, HVAC, plumbing etc.. “This way they are hidden yet easily accessible,” says Simone.


Get coordinated. If you have several storage areas or a massive set of shelving, designate specific areas for various products. “Using clear storage lets you view your valuables,” says Simone. “Large labels can also help you both find items and put them back in precisely the exact same place.”

Evaluate the environment. Basements are generally cold and wet, so be sure that you use appropriate storage options to guard your valuables. Simone suggests plastic bins or specialization plastic bags to help keep out the moisture, or a dehumidifier to ward off moisture damage.

Lazzari USA – a brand of Foppapedretti

Go for cubbies. They’re most likely one of the hottest storage solutions, and they offer excellent flexibility. “Cubbies are easy to build and can be self-standing to rearrange as storage needs change,” says interior designer Jillian Hack of Peregrine Design Build.

Canyon Creek Cabinet Company

Get smart with wall storage. Go beyond shelving units, as other options may prove more practical for your needs. Hack indicates cable racks, magnetic systems for resources and also a pegboard for sewing essentials.

Avenue B Development

Look under the stairs. “The space under the stairs is obviously underutilized,” says Hack. Built-in shelves or cabinetry can make all of the difference.

Utilize the ceiling. Keep stuff protected from groundwater by getting it off the ground. “Create a flange system with easy framing material to make tracks on the ceiling,” says Hack. “Package everything into airtight Tupperware containers and hang it in the flange system to use space that would not otherwise been functional.”

Seaside Interiors

Bring in baskets. Helps to hide clutter and smallish items within an organized and readily accessible way. “Mix and match different baskets or make a shelving system which permits numerous baskets of the exact same size,” says Hack.

Haus Interior Design

Believe lockers. “Lockers are a great way to organize personal items such as winter wear, sporting equipment and seasonal storage without even seeing the clutter,” says Hack.

Give kids their own lockers with magnetic tags to store seasonal equipment.

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Playful Luxury Infuses a 1929 Houston House

When inside designers Laura Umansky and Kristina Wilson of Laura U, Inc. came upon this home, it was in great condition. Constructed in 1929 by noted Houston architect John Staub, the home had undergone a rather recent update by a dominant interior designer. But the new owners turned into a young family who desired a much more open plan for your kitchen and the breakfast room, an updated master suite and insides that reflected their very own fashion. The results equilibrium luxury and relaxation, elegance and coziness, muted tones and bold hues, elegance and fun.

in a Glance
Who lives here: A family of 7
Size: 4 bedrooms, 6 full and 2 half bathrooms
Location: Houston
Year built: 1929

Laura U, Inc..

The residence is located in the tony Houston neighborhood of River Oaks. Architect John Staubfamous for his understated elegance, designed there, including this one. This house’s features include first floor-to-ceiling windows, a glass sunporch plus a grand pool pavilion.

Laura U, Inc..

Throughout the insides, the designers in Laura U Interior Design continued the tradition of understated elegance, ramping up the luxury from the mature rooms while focusing on colorful playfulness from the more kidcentric rooms.

This formal living room’s neutral color palette is emphasized by luxe metal finishes and rich textures. “We love to combine our metals” exclaims Umansky. “This room features nickel sconces, gold rope frame chairs from Annie Selke for Vanguard and custom cushions in platinum cloth.”

Settees: Donghia

Laura U, Inc..

The first windows were carefully restored and outfitted in tailored, custom drapery, Umansky says.

Hardware: Bradley

Laura U, Inc..

In the dining room, Umansky enlisted the talents of local artisans in Imago Dei to paint a trompe l’oeil design on the ceiling.

“We love combining patterns and using sudden color,” she says, talking about the purple silk drapes. “The customer owned the zebra-patterned chairs, so we knew this was a match made in design paradise.”

The hair-on-hide rug by Kyle Bunting adds more texture on the ground and plays off the geometry of their ceiling mural.

Laura U, Inc..

This room functions as the family space and viewing space; a recessed, motorized screen is located in the ceiling over the fireplace. “It’s the ideal space for piling onto the couch and watching movies,” says Umansky.

“We lacquered the paneling in this library at a rich brown with fuchsia and gold accents,” she says. “The color palette makes this a snug, comfy room.”

Sofa: B&B Italia; colors: Lutron; custom artwork: McClain Gallery

Laura U, Inc..

Next into the dark and comfy library is this mild and vibrant sunroom. The floor borrows its color palette in the library, making the hues in a bold checkerboard pattern. Because this is a kids’ domain, carpet tiles by Flor were a great option.

“The persimmon color on the ceiling and also at the accent cushions is a fun foil to the otherwise muted colour,” says Umansky.

Sofa: Vanguard; ottoman: Ralph Lauren Home; table, chairs: Michael Aram

Laura U, Inc..

“The muted color palette in this master bedroom set the stage for the play which is the Hudson chandelier,” says Umanksy. The outcome is a comfy yet glamorous space.

Automatic drapery: Lutron; bench: Christopher Guy (via Laura U Collection)

Laura U, Inc..

“We love to use a writing desk in a bedroom, often as an alternative to a night table,” says Umansky. “We locate the lost art of handwriting letters to be intimate and ideal for your boudoir.”

Laura U, Inc..

Calacatta gold marble is mirrored in layers of mirrors at the master en suite. Venetian mirrors were layered over a wall of custom-cut antiqued mirror. Custom vanities bring the mirror out into new dimensions.

Laura U, Inc..

The mother’s dressing area is an enjoyable meeting spot for all of the women in the home. “Her dressing room connects to the master suite and into the space her daughters share, making this a great space for them to hang out together,” explains Umansky. The room is playfully fashionable; you can see that bolder colors and prints reappear within this shared adult and kid room.

Ceiling wallpaper: Maya Romanoff

Laura U, Inc..

Two young brothers share this room. “We floated the bunk beds because of the locations of each the doors and windows,” explains Umansky. Each bed has a recessed reading light in the head.

Mirrored desks: Bungalow 5

Laura U, Inc..

In a teenaged boy’s room, the habit splatter-painted ceiling steals center stage. A deep blue accent wall causes the bed.

Art: Collaboration involving Natalie Davis and Saba Jawda

Laura U, Inc..

A slick homework and notebook channel consists of a shiny black parson’s desk out of West Elm plus a contemporary chair from the Phillips Collection.

Laura U, Inc..

One existing element from the prior homeowners inspired this entire room: the entertaining, colorful, striped Stark carpet. Low Togo Chairs are a comfortable choice for little ones and match the scale of their attic playroom.

Laura U, Inc..

Moving outside, Umansky added an abrupt jolt of electrical orange poolside via ceramic garden stools. The curvacious wicker furniture is by Janus et Cie. A black and white umbrella provides a crisp graphic component.

Laura U, Inc..

More crisp black and white continues on the pool pavilion’s terrace. “The swimming pool pavilion is equally suited for elegant entertaining as it is for children’s birthday parties,” says Umansky. Philippe Starck’s Bubble Club Chairs provide an enjoyable component, while the black and white palette keeps things sophisticated.

Laura U, Inc..

“The pool pavilion was designed for the previous homeowner. We supplied the space for our customer, keeping in mind that the space would be utilized for entertaining adults but would have to resist wet bathing suits,” says Umansky. “All the upholstery materials are either industrial or indoor-outdoor.”

1929 Mansion Revival in Minnesota

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12 Steps to a Happy Teen Bedroom Makeover

With a new school year upon us, now’s the best time to provide that teen lair an overhaul — and eke out a bit of excellent bonding time in the procedure. To make this an effective decorating experience, it helps to maintain an open mind about your teenager’s creative direction. Recognize that he or she has great ideas, and in the exact same time set clear limits that work for you (a project budget, paint but not wallpaper etc.) for results which will make both of you happy in the end.

Ready to get started? Watch how to transform the chaos into an enjoyable and functional teen space in 12 simple steps.

RLH Studio

1. Begin an ideabook and make a floor plan. Gather inspiration images and collect the best in an ideabook on . Looking at all the images together should help explain what your son or daughter desires. Once you’ve the overall style nailed down, then workout ideas for the new floor plan.

Style notes:
A taller-than-average bedside table may do double duty as a desk — a great space saver in a little room. Additionally, consider adding a focal point across the headboard. A unique sculpture, art or a fairly textile are great choices. Just be sure anything which may fall on the mattress is well secured and not overly thick.

Shannon Malone

2. Think about colour and lighting. Once you know the look you’re after, it’s time to consider paint. Use extra-large paint swatches or get sample-size amounts to test out colours directly on the wall prior to buying enough for the entire room to avoid a misstep.

Lighting can instantly make the biggest change in a room, so now is also the time to make a lighting plan. Add ambience with café lights strung across the ceiling, install a dimmer switch to get an overhead fixture and don’t forget appropriate task lighting to the prep area.

3. Decide which furniture to maintain. Since you’re going through the room, note which pieces you wish to maintain and that will be offered or given away. But before buying anything new, think about updating existing furniture with fresh paint knobs, and look round the rest of the home (such as in the attic and the cellar) for abandoned treasures.

Jennifer Young

4. Shop for products that are brand new. Search for pieces which could also be utilised in a first flat (or dinning area) to get the maximum bang for your dollar. Small side tables, cushions, throw blankets, lamps, and small-scale armchairs will be welcome in those very first digs away from home.

Annie McElwain Photography

5. Go on a “cool crap” search together. Create a date to hit a flea market or antiques and collectibles fair to find out what you may find. Bring cash (just as far as you want to spend), measurements of key areas and a dolly or cart to carry home your own finds.

Style note: Cable storage lockers such as those displayed here are superversatile — use them for everything from scarves and shoes to craft supplies and books.

Jennifer Young

6. Incorporate photographs of friends. Among the downsides to taking largely digital photographs is that we have a tendency to publish photographs less often. As part of this undertaking, make sure to give your teen the chance to get some recent pictures printed — some to framework and others to tape in a rotating screen.

Style note: Japanese masking tape (also called washi tape) comes in a mind-boggling collection of colours and patterns, is readily removable from most surfaces and may be utilised in tons of ways (such as in the photograph screen seen here). A set would make a lovely gift for your teen if this project is complete.

Lauren Donaldson

7. Try out a DIY project. Air plants and succulents are with a true moment in layout, and they have the benefit of being easy to care for. If you and your teen are in the mood to tackle a catchy job, I really like that this DIY air plant terrarium tutorial on . It’s posh and easy, the best mix!

8. Update the homework zone. Ground the job area with a creative and helpful chalkboard wall, or include a huge bulletin board for pinning up lists, inspiration and photos. Focus on the ergonomics of this room also, ensuring the chair and desk are at the ideal height. Good task lighting is essential, and any additional storage you are able to squeeze in the space will help preserve order. At least contemplate a little filing crate and a basket for recycling.

9. Insert an entryway. In my experience, most messes come from the crap we put down when we enter into a space. Help prevent the big chaotic pileup before it begins with a few preventative steps: A coat tree or wall hooks will retain those coats and bags off the ground, and a dresser or table placed close to the door can be a fall zone for mail, keys and other odds and ends.

Alex Amend Photography

9. Provide hangout space. If you’ve got the room, bring in a retired couch from the cellar or attic. If space is tight, try a fluffy area rug with a few huge floor cushions instead.

Shannon Malone

11. Insert an unexpected signature. Every area should have some thing which immediately catches your eye or makes you grin, and your teenager’s room is no exception. Make the room shine with a cluster of cheap and chic paper lanterns, scoop up a lovely neon sign or a classic marquee letter in the flea market, or frame a portrait of a favourite pet.

Annie McElwain Photography

12. Give hobbies and interests pride of place. Skater? Guitar player? Surfer? Chess champion? Whatever makes your child’s heart sing should get top billing in the room.

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Shadow Boxes Get a Sophisticated Spin

I fondly recall my youth shadow box. It had been stuffed with small trinkets and tchotchkes I had collected from family beach trips or received as presents, and I valued every one. However, while I still adore the shadow box thought, I am searching for a more tasteful, cohesive approach nowadays. Here are 12 fresh shadow box remedies perfect for an adult area.

sarah & bendrix

A simple heart cut from the pages of this book produces a striking display that is even more poignant because of its simplicity.

Even something as modest as bottle caps can look artful and chic when massed together in a shadow box.

What a terrific way to preserve ticket stubs and other paper postcards — much better than my current method of pushing them into a box and hoping I’ll get around to organizing them one day.

Allen Patterson Residential

Exotic shadow boxes, each painted a bright color, give children a lot of room to display their favourite items and help to preserve floor space.

Mustard Seed Interiors

Here, an shadow box approach produces a beautiful screen for a garment. The lack of glass produces a rustic feel.

Maria Barros Design de Interiores

Framing a set of bracelets in twin-frame shadow boxes elevates them to art standing.

Robin Muto

Tiny cubes in an orderly grid give this shadow box graphic appeal. It is a new take on stacking them into a glass lamp base or tumbling them into a bowl.

Pour Toujours

Frame champagne and wine corks from special occasions in their own shadow boxes instead of piling them into a bowl.

It’s The Small Things…

Limiting a set could keep it from looking kitschy. This old crate–turnedshadow box stipulates a series of freshwater cubes.

My Sweet Savannah

Transcribing a classic recipe on the rear wall and organizing a couple of artful groupings of dishware and cosmetic finds have changed this shelf into an oversized shadow box.

Lola Nova

How smart is this? A bag lid makes for a display.

Liz Williams Interiors

Chunky box-style frames, minus their glass, become adorable, cottage-style screen spaces.


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