Are You Ready for a Dark and Sophisticated Kitchen?

Black cabinets exude incontrovertible dynamism into a kitchen. Whether they are part of a larger remodel, then a temporary fix for a rental or an interim alternative to a costly renovation, black cabinets not don’t provide high-impact results.

While the color could be intimidating at first, black is classic. When done well it’ll always appear current or appropriate in a kitchen, whether it’s used all over or as an accent.

Black cabinets might require an excess measure of care and attention: Dust stands out on dark surfaces, as do soap and water stains, therefore frequent wiping is essential — although frequent wiping in a kitchen is usually very good practice, anyhow.

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CliqStudios Cabinets

These sophisticated lower cupboards look good topped with a gray counter. Pops of yellowish brighten the look.

Chang + Sylligardos Architects

Play with contrasts of black cabinets against white walls and countertops. Getting rid of upper cupboards entirely will surely assist with brightness, both in terms of natural lighting and visual distance.

elegueller arquitetos

Background in the kitchen will always make a splash, but paired with black cupboards, the dose of drama is exponentially higher. Black cabinets also produce a fantastic backdrop for exceptional hardware, as this stunning jewel box of a kitchen shows.

Rick Hoge

These pastoral lower cabinets were treated with the expression of a hand-rubbed furniture finish. The bronze beams dress it up, giving the room an Old-World aesthetic.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

A contrasting island will always make an impression. A traditional kitchen with white cabinets suddenly becomes edgy and high-style with a black-based island. Black paint will conceal scuffs in areas where feet come into contact with the wall — a fantastic alternative for places with counter or bar stools!

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

Naturally, the reverse treatment will create an impact too: Even a lighter, brighter island will provide a dramatic contrast against dark cabinets. Make this the heart of the kitchen, where guests gather, where meals are taken, craft projects are completed. Top with extraordinary light fixtures, and you have just carved out a real gem for yourself!

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

1 concern with black cabinets is that they might absorb too much strain. This kitchen is proof that they don’t have to. The semi-gloss provides only enough sheen to reflect light around the room, while the mild countertops and light wood floors keep the overall atmosphere glowing.

Urrutia Design

If your kitchen isn’t doused in natural lighting, but you would still like to learn more about the notion of black cupboards, bring in additional light-reflecting materials. The white upper cabinets, stainless steel appliances and hardware and also the feel created by the white black and grout backsplash tiles work superbly with the black cupboards.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

An open kitchen is a good place to try black cabinets, as they may seem more like furniture and blend with the nearby living spaces.

CliqStudios Cabinets

The way to decorate your kitchen cabinets
If you intend to take on a boring-to-black cabinet painting project, you are searching for a high-impact, affordable boost. Here’s how to take action
Wipe down cabinets, drawers and face frames with warm water and cleaner to remove any surface stains and dirt. Eliminate all hardware (handles, hinges and knobs ). If you intend to reuse them, keep them together in a safe location. Fill any gouges or holes, especially if you’re replacing the old hardware. Place doors on fall cloth as you work . Sand. In case your cabinetry isn’t particularly glossy, you won’t have to do much, but it is always good to rough it a little, so the primer and paint will stick to the surface. It will also help produce a smooth foundation, which is critical if you intend to apply a glossy paint. Prime. Oil-based primers, although messier and stinkier, will provide the ideal durability and protection for self explanatory, high-use elements like kitchen cabinets. Let the primer dry immediately. Paint! Two coats of latex should do the trick. Semi-gloss will be a lot easier to clean, high gloss will give you more drama. Satin is the lowest sheen you ought to go with in terms of durability and wipe-ability. Paint with short strokes, all in the exact same direction. Let dry completely between coats. The wait: Experts recommend waiting three days prior to re-hanging doors to ensure that you won’t muck up your paint job with fingerprints, or risk with the doors adhere into the frames. Rehang/reinstall, and allow the compliments roll in.
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Houzz Tour: Light and Lovely Home with a Distinctive History

It may be hard for some people to imagine living in the house they grew up in. When it’s working with an older house, or trying to overcome your parent’s design, the idea can be somewhat overwhelming. However, for Trina McNeilly, who authors the blog la la Lovely, it’s been a welcome challenge to create her childhood home outside of Chicago her own. “It may be quite wonderful, and fairly strange all at the exact same time,” she states.

With four kids in the house, McNeilly’s learned to create smart, easy, and creative adjustments which are cheap and kid-friendly. Above all else, she wants this house to reflect her own personal style, without losing all the excellent features that she grew up adoring. “I understand that if, or if, I ever move, I’ll dream of this house constantly,” she states.

“I’ve important decorating ADD,” McNeilly states. “Once I say I’m going to focus on a specific space, I inevitably find a million items for every other room in the house and become distracted.” A number of the goods in McNeilly’s house are hand-me-downs out of her parents who she is repurposed for an entirely new appearance.

All of these pieces help keep the decoration in a similar fashion that she grew up with, but with her own special touch. The rest of the pieces in her house came from internet shopping deals and occasional excursions to local shops and stores in Chicago. The end result is an eclectic and unique house that has been the perfect house for this family of 6.

The real showstopper from your family’s living area is an outside swing out of IKEA installed on a single side of the expansive space. “The swing provides hours of enjoyment during our long winters,” states McNeilly. “Now the kids want a slip to the basement!”


McNeilly found the quirky yellow arm chairs on their way to the trash outside of a house in her area. She rescued them and has plans to recover them. For today they include a few interesting colour to the home’s living space.

Couch: Clayton Marcus
Wall map: Plan de Paris Wall Map

The knock-off Ghost Chairs in the dining area is another favorite find. “They were a stealthey seem fantastic, and they work great with all the kids,” McNeilly states. The contemporary plastic chairs comparison a rich wooden table and natural looking rug underneath.

Table: Z Gallerie
Carpet: World Market
Centerpiece: One of a kind pottery piece from Anthropologie
Pendant: Pottery Barn

One of the great components of redecorating this house was that McNeilly was able to completely indulge in her love for chandeliers, even installing one in her master bathroom. The easy crystal adds only a small bit of luxe to this simply made area.

Chandelier: Schonbeck

The empire chandelier in the master bedroom is just one of McNeilly’s beloved bits. “I’ve something for chandeliers, however this one is extra special,” she states. “It’s old and it sparkles, what could be better than that?”

Chandelier: Antique out of Euro Trash
Headboard: Z Gallerie
Quilt: West Elm
Pillows: Anthropologie

The couple chose to keep their bedroom in an easy white palette to help the space feel relaxing and soothing. Instead of carpeting, they laid down pine planks and painted them white. “It’s the biggest risk I’ve taken up to now,” she states.

Bench: Antique from Euro Trash

McNeilly setup a small workspace for herself in 1 corner of the massive master bedroom. The chair and desk were both hand-me-downs from her daddy. She bothered and refinished the desk in a gray colour, and then had the seat recovered in a plush green velvet.

Table lamp: House Goods
Wall color: Moccasin, Benjamin Moore

In another corner of the master bedroom, McNeilly set up a snug little spot for her baby son, Rocco. An IKEA crib is accented with stump side tables along with a lambskin for an earthy, cozy appearance.

Wall artwork: Debbie Carlos
Crib: IKEA

One of the spare rooms has been changed into a playroom for the four McNeilly kids. The armoire about the far wall was McNeilly’s mum’s, and has been distressed and humiliated for a fresh new appearance.

Kids table and chairs: Pottery Barn Kids
Kids play furniturePottery Barn Kids

Instead of using the typical LACK wall shelves from IKEA, McNeilly came up with a creative idea and used the brand’s BEVKAM spice racks for wall mounted shelves with an added railing for security. She just spray painted all of them white, and installed them directly on the wall.

Silver poufs: Target

In her oldest son Luke’s area, McNeilly put in a pair of bunk beds — perfect for those instantly play dates. A chalkboard wall promotes creativity, and eliminates the need for important wall artwork.

Bunkbeds: Pottery Barn Kids
Bedding: Batman and Spiderman sheets out of Pottery Barn Kids, Star Duvet and Shams from IKEA

Ella is the only daughter from the McNeilly home, so she went all-out with her bedroom decoration. Pink and white bedding, vivid pink accents, along with a super shiny flea market disco ball gave her a perfectly girly bedroom.

Bedframe: Macy’s
Bedding: Bed Bath & Beyond. Pink floral duvet and shams, gift
Blue polka dot pillow: Anthropologie
Pink seat: Euro Trash, reupholstered

Even though McNeilly loves her house, 1 room she would love to remodel is your kitchen. It was remodeled by her mum, and is a lovely blend of dark wood and granite, but is not really McNeilly’s style. She dreams of an all-white kitchen with marble countertops, however, the current setup does the trick for the time being. “I think that the white kitchen might need to wait for my one-day-someday-house,” she states.

Barstools: Pier 1 Imports

McNeilly’s design is sophisticated, but since this is a house with four kids, there is also a distinct sense of playfulness throughout. A magnetic chalkboard wall permits the youngsters to (temporarily) decorate their house too!

The covered back porch is where the family loves to spend summer nights. The collage on wall has been made by McNeilly’s husband as a present to her for their 14th wedding anniversary. The frame is filled with photographs from their last 14 years together.

Chairs: Lloyd Flanders Outside Wicker Place

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Creating Nests: Cozy Outdoor Rooms

People crave living spaces in their homes, and individuals desire living spaces in their own gardens and outside spaces. If you walk through a garden, you most likely are unintentionally drawn to spaces you can curl up inspaces in which you are able to look out over a vista from a hideaway or hidden nooks and crannies. There is a reason a treehouse is a kid’s home away from home!


A porch bed is among the greatest simple luxuries in life. Sleeping amidst the breezes of summer with only a thin sheet is a beautiful thing. To make your bed feel cozy, add a lattice display for clippings or photos and provide weight to a own headboard with slice of dark furniture. The enclosure two sides enables the bed to feel enclosed while allowing those summertime breezes in.

Amy Renea

Is not there something grand about turning the corner and finding a traditional wooden treehouse nestled out in a little stand of woods? Perhaps you have seen a treehouse you did not wish to climb into?

Most of us have an innate urge to climb up high, securely protected, but able to look out over amazing vistas. The Swiss Family Robinson needed it right!

r.e.a.l. ronald evitts architect llc

A contemporary form of the traditional tree home includes those usual features of a protected space: borders on three sides and an opening into a large, beautiful vista. This distance accomplishes the sense of a nest as a result of the canopy draped over the seating area and also the height of the porch.

Escale design

This contemporary concrete terrace provides many of the same benefits, with three sides decorated by a half wall, a canopy overheadplus a layer of soft furnishings and beautiful horizontal vistas.


A simple cloth canopy works just too in a lengthy, hallway-like space. The near columns on either side of the table along with the covering overhead allow diners to feel protected and cozy while they sip cocktails and also discuss the politics of their day.


A dining nest doesn’t have to be a grand event. A simple table and chairs, a little draping of blue, and partitions on two sides create a quiet, contemplative place for morning coffee and afternoon tea.

Escale design

Screens are ideal enclosures in an exterior space since they’re simple to maneuver and let air flow while closing off space. This display does a great job of creating an exterior room that doesn’t force you to feel boxed in, as a result of its translucent material.

SB Architects

A bathtub on a tree-house-like deck is quite possibly the best place in the world. Protected by columns, but without perspective busting walls, this little nest is calling my name!

Amy Renea

When you’re creating an outdoor nest, then do not neglect plantings and green views. Reduce your trees to create little arching frames over vistas and you also add another layer of protection.

Aitken and Associates

With beautiful purple wisteria blooms dripping down round the construction of this nest built onto an old stump, the views from all sides are framed perfectly. The plantings provide the tree home a veil of security, while the open windows offer vistas.

How are you going to create a nest today? Will you trim a few branches in spring to create a framework? Will you haul a comfortable additional mattress out in your rooftop balcony ? Maybe you’ll be inspired to break out the nails and hammer and build yourself your own tree house full with wisteria vines, a tiny door along with a zip line — or maybe you will just shut your eyes and dream of pirates along with a family named Robinson.

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Live Boldly the Floor on the Ceiling

Living boldy in your design choices is not always about vibrant colors and crazy artwork. You are able to live boldy by simply using materials in an unexpected way. A tendency of late is to put timber flooring onto the ceiling a throwback to blue Victorian porch roofs. Wood tongue-and-groove or beadboard, however, is not the only type of timber you may put on your ceiling. Have a look at these clever ideas of designers and homeowners living boldly by putting their flooring onto the ceiling!

Christopher A Rose AIA, ASID

This beautifully engineered wood is the perfect complement for this conventional porch. The floor itself is kept silent, neutral and unassuming, as to not compete with the stunning ceiling.

Capoferro Design Build Group

A walnut, also supplied a slick gloss finish, is a perfect addition to this contemporary interior area. Employing exactly the same tones onto the ceiling, fireplace and floor decorating produces a cohesive look.

Philip Clayton-Thompson

This is just another illustration of a wooden ceiling completed right. The matte finish and deep wood tone really are a beautiful complements to the white throughout the remainder of the room. Notice a theme?

Another means to seamlessly incorporate a wood ceiling is to produce a tone-on-tone wooden scheme. The materials are different, but there are only three basic tones of wood (mild, light and dark), so the look is constant.

Richlin Interiors

A long, slight arch may also make a grand announcement. By placing wood flooring on the ceiling with striking curved beams and recessed lighting, the look is anything but subtle!

See more of the Wonderful mid-century recovery in Florida

Echelon Custom Homes

Maintain the look mild by painting your wooden ceilings a crisp white or light blue. The ceiling will probably feel like it is drifting off, mimicking a glowing, summer skies. Inside this area, the beam is left a profound wooden color to attach with the timber flooring and floor the space.

Jagoda Architecture

Even sub-flooring may even be used as a bold design option onto a ceiling! Inside this area, simple plywood is supplied a blonde stain and glistening finish for a bold look. Creating a seamless plane is essential for this style. Truth is key when making cheap materials appear elegant and expensive.

Elad Gonen

If wood is not your thing, possibly tile is more your style! Try wrapping a conventional floor tile throughout the ceiling, down the walls and into every corner of your area. Accent with a gorgeous piece of glass mosaic art, and you can definitively say that you have lived boldy!

If glowing pinks and purples are a little too heavy handed for you, you’re still able to be bold with neutrals. A top arch of marble tiles seems to soar above this tub and imitates the arch of the window under. Notice the size variations of this tile on the ceiling and wall, all of different variations of Bianco Carrara marble.

Echelon Custom Homes

Classic red brick is an another flooring material which may be utilised in contemporary ceilings. The warm tones of this brick complement the timber flooring, cabinetry and beams in this kitchen. A blue-gray island and white walls provide a little bit of lightness to balance the heavy stuff.

Hufft Projects

Can you take the look of a floor to the ceiling? Maybe your bold choice is going to be a gorgeous slick walnut or cherry planking to your family room ceiling. Maybe you will choose to take terracotta tiles in the kitchen floor to the ceiling.

Maybe you’ll be struck with inspiration in the flooring department of your regional home improvement shop and think of a distinctive, unique idea for your bedroom ceiling. Whatever your choice, feel free to be bold!

Tell us Do you get a unique ceiling? We’d really like to see it. Post a photo below!

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16 Crafty Ways With Spaces

Whether you are starting a handmade cottage business, want a better place for stitching and knitting supplies, or fantasy of a dedicated area to get your holiday wrapping, you might need some inspiration for organizing your space. Following is a group of some favorite inventive workrooms and storage closets filled with ideas to get you started.

Burnham Design

Utilize boxes and trays to keep things neat. Designer Betsy Burnham’s studio remains organized via shelves filled with white boxes and a string of functional trayscapes.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Get the most out of a large laundry room. This distance by Martha O’Hara interiors combines an office, laundry area and craft space. O’Hara custom made the wrapping center rods and stands for this particular distance, which she dubs”Practical Magic.”

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Have a designer create a system to meet your needs. Here is a closer look at just how well organized the ribbons and papers are.

Michelle Hinckley

Have fun with colour. Among my favorite color combinations is yellow, black and white, and designer Michelle Hinckley has shone on that taxicab palette in this room. Her usage of symmetry keeps things balanced and pleasing to the eye.

Lots of us have searched high and low for reasonably-priced organizing boxes and magazine holders and have discovered the best deals are from IKEA. Caution: You are going to push your fingertips on those little metallic label tabs when you are placing them together, but they’re worthwhile.

The Locker

Utilize a combination of storage solutions. Flat files, cabinets and open shelving assistance Etsy artist and blogger Lockette keep her supplies organized.

Take over a large closet. This walk-in closet in an idea home was tricked out with rods for wrapping papers, hanging space for fabrics, and baskets for corralling craft supplies. The adjacent craft room remains neat and organized thanks to the closet.

Shoshana Gosselin

Take over a not-so-large closet. I understand most people do not have the luxury of a walk-in we can dedicate to crafts, not as an entire craft space. If this is true, consider transforming a two door closet to a craft space. This is a good use of a guest room closet. (See how this designer made her circle-inspired wall stencil.)

Watch more closet transformations

Perk up the backdrop. Reinvigorate your supply storage with fun paint or wallpaper like this mild aqua inside Vivian’s craft closet.

Watch more of the home

Make the most of built-ins. A wall of simple built-ins, along with the above IKEA boxes, transparent drawers and a countertop make the most of one little area of the room.

Surge – ATX

Bring in the experts. If you want to take it to the next level, have an architect, interior designer or closet company design an organizational strategy suited to all of your storage needs.

Contemplate a pegboard system. Borrow the pegboard idea from the garage workbench to hang organizational containers and rods. Paint it an inspiring color; this one is painted”Lakeshore” by Sherwin-Williams.

Paul DeGroot

Learn from a kitchen layout. A island in an art studio or craft space can function much as it will in a kitchen. It offers an extra work surface, drawers for tools and even flat files and/or slots for paintings and drawings. Its location in the middle of everything enhances efficiency.

Jeanette Lunde

Use distance all the way to the ground for storage. If an island is a pipe dream, boxes and baskets on the floor near your desk can assist you in keeping rolled-up programs, sketches and papers handy.

Van Wicklen Layout

Require over a guest space. Designer Jeanette Van Wicklen is blessed enough to have a guest home on her house. She turned one large, light and bright room to her style studio.

Watch the rest of the home

Get the most out of natural light. This studio is where artist Tjasa Owen gets the magic happen. Wall space, natural light and easels are important components for a painter’s workspace.

Watch the rest of the home

ZeroEnergy Design

Take over the attic. In case you have extra space in your attic and need a house studio, consider renovating it. Dormer windows and/or skylights can be added to allow in the natural light.

Watch the rest of the home

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13 Dream Dining Room Views

Great views are usually found in living rooms, master bedrooms and even bathrooms. But what about your dining room area? A great way to share an opinion with others and eat while taking a look at the entire world is by putting your dining table facing a panorama.

Believe me, nothing beats a dining area with huge windows and an appealing perspective. Can it be a sea view, a country view or a city view; staring at breathtaking scenery whilst eating is one of life’s pleasures. Such views also serve as great decoration.

Claudia Leccacorvi

Before I saw this picture, I thought a sea view might not be surpassed. Boy, was I wrong. How this dining table is aligned with the rows of the vineyard makes this dining room a dream come true.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

Floor to ceiling windows take advantage of this sublime view of an island, allowing this dining area to be easy — no fittings are wanted. Nothing tops an island view decoration, right?

Laidlaw Schultz architects

The idea of the exterior decorating the interior gives way to beautiful designs like this one. A glass wall allows an uninterrupted view and attracts the colors of the outdoors inside.

Jay Hargrave Architecture

This dining area takes full advantage of what what some may consider an obstructed view, but perspective is everything — I think that a room facing the surface of a tree is magnificent. There’s something about being at precisely the same height as the treetop that makes me feel closer to nature; as if I had been a tree too. This view envelops this space with character — what could be more beautiful?

BraytonHughes Design Studios

Open your doors to the exterior world and float with character. This elegant dining area changes completely after the doors have been opened, allowing the sun, the breeze and outdoor sounds come indoors.

Philpotts Interiors

This is a window to heaven. Can you envision enjoying a delicious meal while staring out at this view? What I love the most is the open space and the freedom of moving in and from the dining room.

Glenn Gissler Design

Surround your dining rooms with natural perspectives and replicate character’s beauty indoors. Here, a wooden dining table and flooring echo the elements of the gorgeous outdoors. An beige or orange hue will work wonders, allowing colours from the exterior to carry through your house’s interior.

ACANTHUS Architecture & Design, San Francisco, CA

Alcatraz and Angel Island include their island appeal, while beautiful San Francisco adds a city vibe to this excellent dining area view.

Yellow and white enfold outdoor colours and bring them indoors. This is a bright setting with a strong sense of peace and harmony. Breakfast with this viewpoint could be heavenly.

Carl Vernlund

The gorgeous view of the lake through the woods is dreamy. This delightful cabin embraces the opinion with its rustic accessories and palette.

Elad Gonen

Adding curtains a fantastic way to present the outdoors while maintaining your dining room feeling comfy. If privacy is an issue, use curtains to cover exposed areas and leave the rest of them open to fairly perspectives.

Maraya Interior Design

This vibrant dining room celebrates the ocean view and also makes it part of this joyful composition.

Elad Gonen

Watch the sun glint on skyscrapers throughout breakfast and gaze at the cityscape’s glitter whilst dining at night. A city view is exciting, and the designer of the dining room made sure to expose every piece of city view available into this area.

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24 Great White Kitchens

While trends in kitchen materials, finishes and details might change, a white kitchen is always in fashion. It’s clean, bright, can seem bigger than it is, provides a wonderful view from different rooms, and functions with every layout style. Have a look:

Cary Bernstein Architect

Contemporary: This kitchen is streamlined and modern without being cold. The natural fiber carpet adds warmth, and also the simple horizontal drawer pulls tie the cabinets to the appliances and backsplash. In addition …

Cary Bernstein Architect

… it is not distracting when seen from another room. In fact, it’s a pleasing view.

Suggestion: Desire your kitchen to appear bigger? Try out an open kitchen island.

Andre laurent

Minimal: So when deciding what makes a kitchen a “white kitchen,” we are a bit on the fence. Must it be all white, with only a contrasting flooring and one pop of color? Must the countertops and appliances also be whitened? Please tell us what you think in the Remarks section below.

Andre laurent

This kitchen receives a significant burst of color from built-in seating and one piece of art, but we would still call it a white kitchen.

Likewise, the timber stools and matching tone of this waterfall counter around the island stick out against this sea of white.

Aviad Bar-Ness

Mid-century modern: A blank slate provides special furniture a chance to stand out. Here we’ve got vintage Eames shell chairs, an oval Saarinen tulip dining table and Caravaggio P4 pendants grabbing each of the attention.

Ed Ritger Photography

Scandinavian modern: This European style emphasizes materials through simplicity. This white kitchen/dining area is infused with warmth from the wood flooring, table and walls. Interesting shapes come from the Panton S seats and the floor lamp.

Elad Gonen

Blonde flooring and a mixture of new and old give this kitchen Scandinavian flair.

Laux Interiors Berlin

This open kitchen provides a wonderful white background for your dining room, giving the amazing Finnish Secto Lamps the backdrop they deserve.

PC, Chelsea Atelier Architect

Mod-ish: Between the white marble waterfall counter tops, white Cherner stools, white cabinets and white walls, this kitchen is about as white as it gets. The dark wood flooring create continuity between the kitchen and the other regions in the area.

Sleek galley: One might hardly notice that this kitchen is narrow due to the glistening white cabinets and white walls.

In Detail Interiors

Transitional: Upholstered counter stools are an impermanent element that may bring in a touch of color. In addition, this can be accomplished with fabric cushions for counter stools or chairs.

Dijeau Poage Construction

All this white gives this kitchen a modern feel, while the furniture, architecture and accessories are all rooted in custom, giving this space a transitional style.

Melissa Miranda Interior Design

Romantic: A white kitchen may go very romantic and glamorous. The clean backdrop lets the beautiful veining of the marble capture the attention it deserves.

Complex country: Vintage touches add character to this clean canvas, whether molding, hardware, lighting fixtures or accessories.


Elegant: Here the base is white, however also the upholstered counter stools, valence, harlequin flooring and drum shade pendants up the style ante.

Eclectic: Just because your kitchen is white does not mean everything has to be vacant.

Brian Watford Interiors

French-inspired: Here, the Madeline seats, big glass bottles and other accessories sign at a trip to a French flea market.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Vintage modern: This kitchen is crisp yet detailed. The schoolhouse light fixtures, French cafe seat and stools, bin pull hardware and timber details about the cabinets contribute to the style.

MusaDesign Interior Design

Industrial: Touches such as the metal vent hood, pendant lighting and counter stools give industrial style to this big open loft’s kitchen.

Farmhouse: A farmhouse table, paned glass-front cabinets, and bin pull hardware give this kitchen just the ideal dash of rural charm.

Gast Architects

Traditional: Carefully chosen vintage touches give this kitchen an updated New-England feel. The Windsor-inspired counter stools are the ideal selection for this look.

Amoroso Design

Collected: Hicks pendants, a blue desk, and fun floral patterns on the banquette stick out from the white backdrop.

Luck Stone Center

You can layer your own private style on top of this white backdrop effortlessly. Switch out stools, rugs, seats, pillows, glassware, small appliances (i.e. swapping a Mary Englebright teapot to a Michael Graves one), tableclothes, place settings, or hardware for completely different look.

Tell us : Which is the white-kitchen style?

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Writer: Heather Knight of Element Clay Studio

A couple of years ago I was at a casual dinner at a friend’s house, and she explained that”a trendy pottery chick out of Asheville” was coming to join us. When Heather Knight came, I liked her instantly. I asked her when she’s had an Etsy shop, and she showed me her job in an iPhone. Blown from the tiniest of thumbnails, I made a beeline for her studio the following day, along with my addiction for her beautiful work has continued ever since. It’s been a joy to see her career take off, including media from attributes on Etsy to an appearance on The Nate Berkus Show.

Here is a glance at what motivates her, her work, and the special way she’s set her up and new showroom, Element Clay Studio.

Heather Knight

Knight at a sea of her ceramic anemone bowls.

Heather Knight

Textured Wall Tiles, Set of 9 – $3,390

Knight’s passion for pottery started at age 14. The first piece she fired up at a kiln was coil pot. “It was love at first bud!” she exclaims. She’s come a long way since then, working as an artist full time. (Let’s be fair: It takes many more hours than a typical full-time week to run your own creative enterprise.)

That is a pair of Element Clay Studio’s miniature tiles, a number of her most well-known pieces. Hung on a wall, put on a table or put up in a grid, these textured pieces pack a exceptional design punch.

Heather Knight

Knight’s inspiration planks are a few of the best I have ever seen. “My inspiration comes from a mix interior design, fashion, nature, architecture, art history and my creativity,” she states.

Heather Knight

“When I get stuck I do many things — go looking for inspiration at antique stores, at the nursery, at the hardware store,” she states. “I go on a hike or pick during my inspiration bowls. I have bowls all over the studio full of objects I pick up: shells, pods, leaves.

This is just one of Knight’s inspiration dishes. She made the true bowl, naturally!

Heather Knight

Other objects that inspire her, like milkweed, are tucked around her studio also.

Heather Knight

Barnacle Wall Tile – $395

“My building procedure is pretty low tech and labor intensive,” Knight explains. “I make everything by hand, possibly using a slab, pinch pot or thrown form, then apply textures while the job is moist, forming every individual slice with my fingers and the inclusion of small tools. There is no other way to make the more intricate items, which to me makes every one precious.”

Heather Knight

Micro Wall Tiles, Set of 3 – $355

Knight’s tiles are unique and intricate. “I was looking for a way to experiment with feel in a simple manner, and tiles matched this idea absolutely,” she states. “I wished to create as many different textures as possible, and I am still working on that job 4 1/2 decades later!”

Heather Knight

Urchin Bowl – $58

Knight glazes only the inside of her bowls. “The ceramic is so beautiful on its own; the whole premise of this entire body of work for me personally was to call attention to the surface with feel and little else. I think less is more,” she states.

Heather Knight

Scallop Bowls – Nesting Set of 3 – $172

These scallop bowls can hide their interior colour when placed upside down, or show off it when they’re put right-side up. The glaze will pool at the very base of the bowl, improving thickness.

Heather Knight

Chestnut Bowl – $65

This one can stand up on its own, displaying its interior glaze. It can also be placed flat with its spiny rear in the air, or face up, with its glazed interior on display from above.

Heather Knight

Now, to where the magic happens. A tidy, modern and efficient workspace is important to Knight’s work. “My work space is light, airy and very organized. I have moved my workspace a lot and am a big fan of efficiency, so I pretty much have my job flow down to a science,” she states.

“There is nothing unnecessary in my workout room. I have my desk area with a significant inspiration board and office materials, a photography area, and the remainder is for creating clay work. The’blank’ room is where my assistant works; we have a packaging and shipping area and also her desk space, as well as space for inventory and my showroom.”

Heather Knight

Knight’s studio is located in Asheville, North Carolina. It is”a small town that’s full of creative people,” she states. “It is sort of utopian, indeed. We live in a bubble . The surroundings are beautiful — in 10 minutes you can be out in the mountains hiking to a waterfall. The Caribbean region is Art Deco and amazing, the people are friendly and tolerant, the weather is perfect, and there are very strong community values. We support local here; there is even a campaign,’Local is the new black,’ encouraging independent small company in our city.”

Heather Knight

“I love using a showroom,” she states. “My soon-to-be husband and I are both really into design and have started a small vintage accessories and furniture company. I can combine my passions and reveal my retail clients what my work looks like in a home setting. It is also a lot of pleasure to rearrange and get motivated!”

This region of the showroom shows her off tiles against the bright yellow wall, and more of her pieces in the cocktail table.

Heather Knight

“When I moved my studio to the Asheville’s River Arts District I became a part of something bigger than myself. I was constantly in a stand alone studio earlier and I was lonely; today I see countless people every day who are doing precisely the identical thing, and we are all working toward growing our audience. If I need assistance with some thing, to collaborate or maybe just need to complain over a beer after a really long day, then I only need to walk several feet before all that can be cared for! There are artists in this neighborhood that are specialists in every medium.”

Heather Knight

“Neighbors pop up to get a beer, men plop down on the sofa while their wives shop. . .it’s so comfortable men and women ask me when I live here all the time,” she states.

Her advice for others contemplating creating a showroom:”I think that it is very important to present yourself well in the professional world. You won’t ever find my studio and showroom cluttered. I can’t tell you just how many members of people have commented that I have the cleanest studio at the district. I enjoy that, I need people to take me seriously, and the polish is part of the. 1 thing I heard from The Nate Berkus Show was that you’re selling a lifestyle, and mine is represented in the showroom.”

Heather Knight

Element Clay Studio Photos

Knight is a superb example of the way the environment can inspire imagination, from her studio to the greater arts district to the gorgeous area around Asheville.

“I need to be moving ahead, and for me personally, that means doing a few different things — classic furniture, interiors and setups are on my radar. My career so far has just evolved and grown naturally, therefore I plan on just letting things go in that way. My main collaborator at this time is my husband, but I am hoping to combine talents with a few regional artists in the upcoming year to accomplish some bigger jobs.”

It is going to be interesting to find out where her career takes her second.

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Mountain Homes: Big Design for Majestic Places

I have just begun the design of a new residence in the Blue Ridge mountains of western Virginia. The property, more than 5 acres, is spectacular — heavily wooded, with a change in elevation of nearly 100 ft from front to rear. As the property slopes away, the treetops fall down showing mountain and forest vistas and a stream in the valley below.

As a portion of the design procedure, we looked in classic American mountain houses built in the 19th century ahead. In the Adirondacks to the Blue Ridge Mountains and beyond, there’s a specific aesthetic for a home in a wooded and mountainous site. Large and simple gable roofs represent the shape of the hills while readily shedding snow and rain. Big, tree-like timbers, frequently used as discovered on the website, support these roofs. All of this rests on neighborhood stone shaped into foundations, plinths and chimneys. The metal plates and anchors linking these elements have a heft and scale to match the surroundings.

These homes located in the wild have given up the refined elegance, gentility and limitations of the city. They are raw, natural and massive. And it’s this massiveness, this scale, that is quite fascinating about these homes. Built at the land of giants where mountaintops touch the skies trees reach for the skies and lakes seem bottomless, these homes can hold their own.

Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

Like big tents, the big and simple gable roofs on these homes define a place of refuge and reflect the landscape of trees and mountains.

Gelotte Hommas Architecture

Stone chimney, stone plinths and stone base anchor this home to its website while the roofing, like a fantastic tent arrangement, is supported on tree-like poles.

Gelotte Hommas Architecture

These metal roofs are unquestionably tent-like, stretched tight like fabric on a simple pole-like structure, appearing to float over the land.

Gelotte Hommas Architecture

Large expanses of glass maintain the interiors light and bright while capturing the house’s greatest views.

Highland Group

With numerous outdoor spaces and perched at the edge of the water, this needs to be a fisherman’s dream house.

Ward-Young Architecture & Planning – Truckee, CA

In the realm of giants, this house appears like a fairy-tale cabin in the woods.

Ward-Young Architecture & Planning – Truckee, CA

Beautifully crafted of large and small timbers — with a porch to sit on while listening to owls hooting at night — this house could have been built from what was discovered on-site.

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Houzz Tour: Coastal Chic Family Getaway

Amy and Elizabeth Munger, the brains behind Houston-based Munger Interiors, are sisters with an eye for warm, family-friendly insides. When they were approached to design a beach house for a client with four small children, they knew exactly what to do. “Our client wanted to move in as quickly as you can, so we moved fairly fast with this,” says Amy. With the help of Potter Construction, the pair changed the waterfront house in Galveston, Texas into a posh, contemporary home (with lots of space for guests) in record time.

Because this was a house with children, and intended to sponsor guests, Amy and Elizabeth needed to incorporate materials which were easy to clean. Sunbrella fabric was used both inside and out, cotton duvets helped simplify maintenance, and sisal and seagrass rugs intended less vacuuming.

Apart from making this a guest- and – kid-friendly house, pair had no actual limitations on style. “We knew we wanted to do something a bit different for these, since their primary house is very traditional. So we opted for something a little more contemporary they wouldn’t normally have,” says Amy.

20 Spectacular Beach Houses | Browse beach-house photos

Munger Interiors

The living area Amy and Elizabeth first struck in the home is a far cry from this beautiful end result. “It was so dark when we saw it,” says Amy. “Lots of ceramic tiles, black granite, and terra cotta walls. It underwent this type of transformation — particularly for just cosmetic changes — and we could not be happier with it.” A simple white couch and armchair are accented by bright pink ikat fabric from Lee Jofa. This pop of colour remains grownup since the remainder of the decor remains quite neutral.

The pair of armchairs to the left are coated in a custom slipcover in Sunbrella fabric and trimming. A wooden coffee table from Custom Furniture LA keeps the tone of this space warm.

Munger Interiors

Because this was going to be a vacation house, and the clients were a societal bunch with children, they knew this was going to be a home that would have to host various quantities of individuals at different times. Setting up several little nooks in the living room means more people can sit comfortably in the area with the option of having multiple conversations at once. Except for the couch, the furniture isn’t hard to maneuver, which is excellent if an extra-large game of charades starts up.

The seats in this sitting room are from Restoration Hardware, and the floor lamp is from Arteriors. The table is from Restoration Hardware as well, but was fitted with a personalized zinc shirt.

Munger Interiors

A new beach house requires a new kitchen! Amy and Elizabeth chose an all-white farmhouse sink, and classic sink fittings from Rohl to your kitchen sink region.

Munger Interiors

All-white cabinetry and light countertops help maintain the fresh and airy feel in this spacious kitchen. Lucite barstools from Knoll add a bit of cool to the classic kitchen decor, and Restoration Hardware light fixtures over the bar provide a splash of industrial bling.

Munger Interiors

The turquoise chandelier from Arteriors is among Amy and Elizabeth’s beloved items in the house. “The client was a little afraid of it at first, since she thought it’d turn out too elaborate,” says Amy. “We needed to sort of convince her with this one, but once we put it in, it was fantastic.”

The cloths across the house have been considered carefully. Everything needed to be durable, and easily cleaned. The cushions on the dining room seats were coated with a end to create for easy cleanup. Amy and Elizabeth chose a matte finish to make the cushions less shiny and the end not as obvious. “That is something we wind up doing a lot for clients with families,” Amy says.

Munger Interiors

Color accents the wicker and teak outdoor furniture atmosphere. The impartial chaises came from Restoration Hardware, along with the sisters wanted to decorate it up with a couple of fun accessories. “Elizabeth is amazing with colour, so she chose our colour palette,” says Amy. “It was actually based on white — we knew we wanted it to be new — and organic tones, with splashes of colour throughout.”

Munger Interiors

Custom turquoise and white pillows were mixed with monogrammed accent pillows to add colour and personality to the home’s stunning waterfront deck.

Munger Interiors

An outdoor dining table and wicker chairs from Restoration Hardware sit under a pergola, with Sunbrella cushions and pillows for added comfort.

Munger Interiors

Even though the project had a rigorous deadline, the only other restriction in terms of decor was making sure there were enough beds to the large family and their guests. As it came to the design, Amy and Elizabeth were able to take the lead and work out the details of the home’s design. “This was a very wonderful working relationship,” says Amy. “We have a very similar sense of style as the client, and she had been so trusting. She was prepared to let us take some risks and use our best judgement.”

From the master bedroom, Amy and Elizabeth had a headboard made with a natural-colored sheet to cancel the all-white bedding. The white and navy table lamps from Arteriors sit along with side tables made with custom Pindler & Pindler fabric skirts and Lone Star Glass mirrored tops.

Munger Interiors

Before revealing the last result to the client, Amy and Elizabeth set up a special treat near the entryway. Four colorful towels with matching monogrammed buckets were awaiting the children on their first visit to the completed home. “We are very detail oriented, so we really try and take care of everything,” says Amy. “It was great. She was actually touched.”

Munger Interiors

From the hallway, Amy and Elizabeth made a beach-inspired vignette with an eclectic blue lamp from Arteriors plus a rattan tray atop a gray-washed sideboard from a store in Houston. “Our style actually runs the gamut,” Amy says. “I would say that our designs are almost always on the warm side, and we do a lot of family homes. I really don’t think we do very well with cold and minimalist designs, but we have done a little bit of everything style-wise.”

Munger Interiors

Three mini beds with custom headboards and plush Pine Cone Hill bedding create a perfect little bedroom for last-minute guests. The woven trunk baskets from IKEA at the foot of the beds are fantastic for storing sandy shoes. The teeny side tables between each bed are from Worlds Away.

Munger Interiors

After rushing around to get everything done on time, the install afternoon was an amazing moment for Amy and Elizabeth. “It was so fast and angry to that point, it was amazing to finally have a step back and put it all together,” says Amy. “We’re so thrilled with the results.”

In this bedroom, Amy and Elizabeth installed a sisal carpet for a durable and classic beach house feel. Custom linen headboards completed the look, and were dressed up with a white Arteriors table lamp along with a re-lacquered and nickel-plated chest of drawers which was already in the home. The mirror was in the customer’s Houston house, and only fit perfectly within this area.

Munger Interiors

A pair of bunk beds in the same room adds an extra pair of beds in a compact area. A wise pair of drawers beneath provides a tiny storage for guests, and sconces set to the wall create ideal reading lights.

Munger Interiors

A natural and white colour palette continues on in the baths, with a rough wooden mirror from Restoration Hardware along with an unpolished wood dressing table. The white spout was bought through Kiva Kitchen & Bath, and Amy and Elizabeth used metal as an accent on the fittings, glass cannisters, and the overhead light fixture from Circa Lighting.

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