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What Can I Do About Grubs from the Springtime?

As you work in your garden, then you might come across C-shaped, whitish grubs in soil. They have brown to tan heads and six stubby, brown legs. The grubs are the larvae of various sorts of scarab beetles. Most of the grubs feed on plant roots, but some feed on decaying organic matter. Although white grubs may appear formidable, an occasional grub usually doesn’t cause substantial damage to plants. Spring is a fantastic time to gauge white grubs’ presence and their population level.

Keep Lawns Healthy

The lawn area most likely to include grubs is the yard. Numerous scarab beetles lay their eggs in turfgrass; those beetles include the masked chafer, May and June beetles as well as also the black turfgrass ataenius. A wholesome lawn can withstand some damage from grubs without showing symptoms. So in spring, follow good mowing, mowing and fertilizing practices to keep your lawn just as healthy as possible. Aerate and dethatch the lawn since aeration destroys a range of grubs.

Monitor for Lawn Grubs

In spring, lawn grubs are large and easily seen. They soon become pupae to your resting phase and after that hatch as adults in early summer. Although usually the best time for grub control steps would be in mid to late summer, spring monitoring will provide you an notion of the grub population’s amount. With a sharp spade or shovel, cut through the grass so it is possible to roll back a flap of the turf and appear at the main area. Count the grubs present in 1 square foot of lawn grass roots, using a few 1-square-foot samples. In case the trials average six or fewer grubs, then the grub population level is reduced enough for yard damage from grubs to be unlikely. Home lawns infrequently have severe enough grub infestations to warrant treatment with pesticides. If the amount of infestation is near the threshold of six grubs per 1 square foot, then track the grub population in late summer or fall as well.

Manage Lawn Grubs

If therapy is necessary, consider using beneficial nematodes, which are parasites of white grubs and destroy them. The microscopic wormlike creatures can kill 50 percent or more of white grubs without undermining naturally occurring parasites and predators that also reduce grub levels. Buy nematodes from a reputable provider, and keep them alive until you use them. Apply nematodes once the grubs are active and present, which is usually late spring, summer or early fall. Determining which kinds of nematodes are successful against the sorts of grubs in your yard is essential. Don’t use the nematodes unless temperatures are above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. During hot weather, wait until cooler evening temperatures prior to their program. Mix the live nematodes with water, and apply them with a hose-on sprayer, after the label directions for the specific kind of nematode you use. Then irrigate the yard with about 1/4 inch of water. Additional irrigation sessions might be asked to keep the soil moist but not soggy so the nematodes can move through it freely. Yet another nematode program two weeks following the initial one may be needed.

Monitor Non-Lawn Areas

White grubs you find in compost heaps or piles of plant debris are probably larvae of green June beetles, large, metallic-green and brownish insects. The adults fly in summertime, eating ripe and overripe fruits. The grubs consume decomposing plant material as opposed to live origins. In spring, remove piles of old plant substance, and turn compost piles, removing and destroying the grubs as you find them, to lessen the amount of grubs that can eventually become green June beetle adults.

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How to Decorate a Cornice Board With Rosette Trim

Fabric rosette trim adds a decorative touch highlighting that the edges or developing a pattern on upholstery. For the best results, choose trim that coordinates using the cornice’s upholstery. To pick the correct size rosette gather samples, hang on the cornice board over the window and cut. Hold them contrary to the board and enlist the view of a family member or friend standing on the ground. A hot glue gun using a fine-tip nozzle ensures that the best results.

Creating an Overview

Lay the board. With a straightedge and cloth chalk, outline your design, starting with the face and then moving on to the left and right sides, then connecting the lines as important.

Design a border. Lines along the top and bottom below and over the board’s edge, maintaining the edge exactly the same diameter and the distance between the line as the rosette trim.

Create elaborate designs, such as checkers, pinstripes or chevron, if desired. When developing elaborate layouts, measure along the side, bottom and top edges, noting the purpose. Join the lines across the board that is cornice.

Connect your design that is preferred rather than outlining a different pattern on every surface. For instance, wrap the border around the ends, or distance chevron patterns precisely the same on front and the sides, connecting the lines of trimming at the corners.

Inhabiting the Cornice Board

Quantify each line in the plan. For lines that wrap to the sides, measure the total length of this line and cut on the trim a bit more. So they fit 20, when lines join at an angle, cut the ends of the angles. Cut rosette cut that strikes the edge of the cornice.

Apply a thin bead of glue onto this line’s first inch and press the trim in place. Work an inch at a time, applying the adhesive and pressing at the trimming, until you arrive at the end of the line. Allow the excess to hang within the edges. Repeat with each extra line. When two pieces overlap, begin.

Reduce the rosette cloth to match in between every strip of trimming in place. If desired, cut on the trimming as a piece for every line that is straight. Without applying glue lay it across the board that was cornice, and mark the regions in which it overlaps the existing trimming. Remove the cut, cut on the rosette from the base cloth with little scissors, and glue the top trim in place.

Twist the excess trim above the edges of the board and glue them in position. For instance, when you’re developing a pinstripe design, fold the bottom and top edges of the trim over the bottom and top edges of this cornice board.

Allow the glue dry. Wipe drizzle that is observable off with a damp cloth and rehang the cornice that is decorated.

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Magnolia Magic Breezes Into the Home

Together with the warm winter we’ve had in Alabama, all types of trees and flowers are placing buds out way earlier than normal — and now I am crossing my fingers that my favorite, the legendary Southern magnolia, will probably be one of them. Although the first thing that comes to mind when most men and women think of those towering trees is their heady, identifying scent, they are as pleasing to the eye regarding the nose: saucer-size white blossoms; glossy, evergreen foliage; and branches which spread like a welcoming hug.

Magnolia leaves are a Christmastime timeless, but they are equally as striking in the summertime, with or without their blooms. And if you do not happen to live in a area where magnolia trees grow, take heart: There are all kinds of ways to bring them in to your décor. Have a look.

Atypical Type A

This easy arrangement allows the sculptural quality of glow that is magnolias. Adding a few buds in addition to completely opened blooms is a beautiful touch to around a screen of just about any flower.

Amy Lau Design

It would have been simpler to paint magnolias in the wall and call it a day, but also taking it one step further with a three-dimensional program adds a beautiful layer of whimsy. This would turn a little girl’s bedroom into a fantasyland.

The Sky is the Limit Style

As minimal as it gets, a magnolia-leaf display highlights the sharp form of the tree’s foliage. It reinvents a traditional motif in a modern way.


For me, one of the areas of a magnolia leaf is its soft, velvety bottom. This arrangement shows that aspect off well — and also the colour enhances the tans and beiges in the room.

Michael Knowles, Architect

The color of the wall paint — Magnolia from Dunn Edwards — totally captures the creamy, soft the heart of the petals. Deep green accents would enhance the feeling of being underneath those spreading branches.

Lucy McLintic

Dainty wallpaper feels with this bedroom. Utilizing prints and patterns with a tie into a residence’s place is a fantastic method of producing a feeling of place.

Cabinet Studio, Inc..

Custom magnolia tile beneath the stove hood in this kitchen produces a pretty focal point. It’s easy to have tiles adorned with any motif which is suitable for you, be it floral, floral or something entirely different.

Stonewood, LLC

Ceramic magnolias include a pretty, feminine note to the bathroom. They are just bright enough to give a little flourish without detracting in the clean lines.

Great Layout Tree: Star Magnolia
If This Bloom Were a Room
The Way To Bring Spring Into Your Home With Floral Décor
Sixties Southern Style: Inspiration from ‘The Aid’

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What Insect Pests Attack Dragon Fruit?

Using its long, wavy, ridged stems and fiery red fruit, it is no wonder the pitahaya (Hylocereus undatus) plant is commonly known as dragon fruit. Its powerful and menacing name Reducing the plant’s capability to protect itself from predators. Even though this tropical cactus, which rises in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 through 11, is resilient, it will not have some common pests that threaten plants.

Scales, Mealybugs and Aphids

Sap-sucking pests can escape control on a dragon fruit. Scale insects and mealybugs are tiny, flat, disk-shaped insects as well as the females have no legs or wings. They hide under a protective waxy coating and feed by piercing plant flesh and sucking the sap out. Aphids are pear-shaped, approximately 1/8-inch-long insects, and they’re often wingless. These insects excrete a sweet fluid, called honeydew, which attracts ants.

Ants and Beetles

If your dragon fruit contains aphids, ants aren’t far behind. The sugary honeydew aphids produce is a favorite ant food. Even though they may not consume your plant directly, the ants protect aphids from predators. Even more aphids survive with the help of the bodyguard ants and also further damage the dragon fruit. Some ants can also be attracted to the sweet fruit and may damage it. Beetle larvae may also feed on the plant or the fruit.


While not insects, spider mites may impact your dragon fruit. These arachnids are tiny relatives of spiders and, unlike their eight-legged cousins, feed plants. You might need a magnifying glass to spot mites on your dragon fruit. Silk webbing on the plant, together with speckled damage to the stems, usually signal a mite issue.


Four fringed wings and short antennae distinguish thrips from other insects but it is difficult to view them on dragon fruit since they are less than 1/20 inch long. Their feeding behaviour leaves a stippled pattern on the plant that is mainly an aesthetic issue. Thrips rarely kill a plant.

Pest Management

Increasing vegetable fruit, which is native to South and Central America, is comparatively new in the U.S. and special pest control strategies aren’t fully developed. Monitor your plant for pests and damage. Eliminate aphids, ants and mites with a forceful spray of water from the garden hose. Pick off beetle grubs if you visit them. Trim off lemon juice stems infested with thrips or scale insects to stop additional spread of the pests. Spray the pruning tool blades with household disinfectant and rinse them to prevent the spread of disease or pests.

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How to Remodel a Mobile Home Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling needs considerations that are unique not common to traditional jobs. When remodeling a room in a mobile home, you will have fewer options concerning fixtures and room layout. Furthermore, mobile-home baths are normally smaller, so you’ll should focus your remodeling efforts on space-saving innovations. With the right know-how, nevertheless, even a novice could perform a magical mobile-home bathroom remodel.

Find studs utilizing an electronic stud finder. Unlike in traditional houses, a mobile home’s claws aren’t always spaced along standardized 16-inch intervals. Mark the rankings that are stud with a pencil, chalk or other easy-to-remove indicating tool.

Install any fixtures that are necessary into the studs. Toilet-paper holders, towel racks and other fixtures must be oriented around studs. Mobile-home walls tend to be thinner than standard drywall walls, and they do not adapt plastic screw anchors. This means you won’t have the ability to screw directly into the wall but will always need to use a stud. When setting fixtures, maintain functionality in your mind, making sure every item is easily accessible. Bob Vila, a home improvement guru and television personality, clarifies that functionality is the main thing to consider during a bathroom remodeling project.

Consider a medicine cabinet. Mobile-home walls aren’t usually thick enough to accommodate standard 4-inch, built-in medicine cabinets, but a shallow 1- or 2-inch-deep medicine cabinet will probably fit nicely into a mobile-home wall cavity. This can allow you to maximize space.

Paint the toilet walls based on your decorating tastes. Make sure you prime first, because most mobile homes comprise paneled walls rather than drywall walls. Paneled walls possess a glossier finish and must be maintained before a fresh coat can be implemented.

Consider a new sink if it is in your budget. A sink with a shallow bowl allows for more storage space underneath the unit, optimizing your general toilet space and eliminating clutter that normally would rest along with the sink rather than underneath it.

Install sconces or alternative lighting. To free up room in the bathroom, you ought to avoid freestanding lights. Most mobile homes do not adapt recessed ceiling lights, but sconces are wall-mounted options that look sleek and help save space.

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Mission Possible: A Designer Decorates a Blank Apartment in 4 Days

When interior designer Dona Rosene picked up a call by a number she didn’t understand at 5 p.m. on a Monday, she didn’t have any clue how busy her week had been about to become. A single guy named Jared Husch out of Miami had found her via . He had been going to Dallas that weekend, and he desired his new apartment completely equipped by the time he came.

Bringing just his clothing, his dog and a juicer, the 27-year-old Husch requested Rosene to produce the area clean and manly. While she had a lot of freedom in the plan, everything she chose had to be readily available and delivered by that Friday, four days off. Husch gave a $10,000 budget for furniture and accessories. Here’s how she did it.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Jared Husch and his dog, Dakota
Location: Uptown Dallas
Size: 900 square feet; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

Before Photo

Dona Rosene Interiors

Monday day: The predict. After the initial phone call at 5 p.m., Rosene and Husch emailed back and forth; he sent her pictures of his new empty apartment in addition to the floor plans and styles he liked. The modern apartment had dark hardwood flooring, white walls and exposed concrete.

“I worked on some budget amounts to see if I could do it,” she says. “I was not completely convinced that he was serious” that first night.

The apartment enjoys great views from the 20th floor of a building in Dallas’ Uptown area, an artsy enclave.

Dona Rosene Interiors

Tuesday: Rosene strikes the ground running. She quickly learned she can pick up bits from stores such as Z Gallerie, West Elm and Crate & Barrel when they were in inventory or on clearance. She struck neighborhood Dallas storeWeir’s Furniture and found the couch for $1,299, deciding such an important part was worth the big dent in her budget. She also found the press cabinet, bar stools, nightstands, bed and mattress there.

Table lamp: Target; side table: Crate & Barrel

Dona Rosene Interiors

From that point she struck up West Elm and Pier 1 Imports and shot photographs to get an idea of her choices and how to pull everything together. She snatched up a striped lumbar pillow at Pier 1, deciding it would offer her bedroom color palette, and put the swivel chair and ottoman on hold. The pillow gave her a cool manly mixture of teals, grays and browns to use.

She found the mattress at Weir’s for $300 and spent $1,000 on a good mattress and box spring, consulting Husch by phone about his mattress firmness preference.

A late night visit to Bed, Bath & Beyond scored her bedding. “The rectangular quilting maintained the manly and clean lines,” she says. Bleary-eyed, she left it into the checkout area with seconds to spare before closing time, also picking sheets, bed pillows and other essentials.

(She included a few added pillows for the photo shoot; a lot of men don’t want to fuss with so many cushions)

Sculpture, turquoise shams: Crate & Barrel

Dona Rosene Interiors

Wednesday: Rosene does a few recon and labels home base. “I did a little shopping on the internet before I went to Jared’s apartment to look at the area in individual — to see what else I needed and to confirm I had been headed in the right direction,” Rosene says. She’d scoped out the art that breaks up the long entryway wall Z Gallerie online before buying it, but the large score was the painting over the couch; she found it at discount chain Tuesday Morning for under $200. This provided her with the color palette inspiration to your space.

A trip to Target scored her the occasional seat (on sale for $120), accessories and also among the bedroom lamps. Next she led around to Robert Lawrence for planters and plants which could stand up to the apartment’s high ceilings without blocking the views or passageways.

Last she scooped up towels and accessories at Home Goods and World Market until final time again. “It’s a good thing that these stores are open until 9 or 10 at night, I would not have finished this job,” Rosene says.

Side table (abandoned): Pier 1 imports

Dona Rosene Interiors

Thursday: The final push. Needing some crucial bits for the primary living area, Rosene circled back into West Elm, where she scooped up the coffee table, also to Crate & Barrel, where she found a floor lamp which was in inventory.

Locating a rug which will lighten up the dark hardwood flooring was a large challenge. Over at the clearance — which is, in-stock — section, Rosene found a so-so plaid rug rolled up. Plagued with doubts concerning it, she went to see it hanging on the wall at the showroom area. Luckily for her, she ran into a workers taking down the rug you visit here to schlep into the clearance section at that very moment.

She snatched it up until they can make a step toward the clearance area. “This was one of many miracles that happened in putting this place together,” she says.

Striped pillow cloth: Boulevard, Vervain

Before Photo

Dona Rosene Interiors

Rosene recognized a king-size mattress would overwhelm the bedroom and talked Husch into making use of a queen.

Dona Rosene Interiors

Rosene returned into Pier 1 for this swivel chair and ottoman as well as the entrance table and an end table at the primary living area. She completed the afternoon before the show with a two-cart visit to a different Target store, finding a lamp to match the other bedroom lamp, more accessories and requirements like kitchen gear and toilet paper. “The guy helping me get both carts to my car didn’t believe I would fit all of it in my SUV, but that I did, without an inch to spare,” says Rosene. She got home with midnight quickly approaching, ready to grab a couple of hours of sleep before the big moment.

Before Photo

Dona Rosene Interiors

Friday: Installation and the big show. Two advocates with big vehicles and Rosene stuffed up the items out of her garage, then unloaded everything at the apartment. Then one went to Pier 1 for the larger items and you went on to Target to get things such as extension cords, lightbulbs, a kitchen trash can and a silverware caddy as well as a few lunch. A third moving guy brought each of the things from Weir’s.

Dona Rosene Interiors

Rosene completely outfitted the toilet, right down to the toilet paper. A dotted towel from Home Goods proceeds the bedroom’s teal and gray color scheme. She picked up the shower curtain at West Elm and the cart at Cost Plus World Market.

Bath mat: Home Goods

Friday day: All done. When Husch and Dakota came around 5 p.m., everything was in place except for a couple pieces of art. She showed him around, ended hanging a few last things and was out the door by 7. “This created for four very long days, but it all worked out,” Rosene says.

“When you ask somebody to do something most men and women think is hopeless, you do not have very high hopes,” Husch says. “I walked in after my long driveway with my dog and opened the door into my apartment with my jaw on the floor. I wouldn’t have changed one thing about my new apartment in Dallas.”

Rosene had such a great time on the job which when we chatted, she had been toying with advertising similar services to the remaining residents from the construction. Then she reconsidered. “It had been enjoyable, but I really don’t know if I could work like this all the time,” she says. “It was exhausting!”

Inform us : Do you have a speed-decorating story?

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The 15 Most Popular Kitchen Storage Suggestions on

As the home of appliances, cookware and each specialty gadget under the sun, the kitchen is and always will be a perplexing place to organize. The endless accessories and endless food cans, bags and boxes easily fill up every nook and cranny, notably in a not-so-big kitchen.

users have been finding and creating advanced business techniques to help resolve their own kitchen dilemmas, from keeping pots and pans to organizing a messy walk-in pantry. The favorite alternatives below, pulled from our list of most popular pictures on , have already been added to tens of thousands (and sometimes hundreds) of thousands of users’ ideabooks. See if one of these will inspire an idea on your own kitchen.

Closets Redefined, Marie Newton

1. Custom pantry. More than any other storage solution, ers fantasy of a perfectly organized walk-in pantry. Over 410,000 users have saved this photo to their ideabooks, as a result of its pullout baskets, pocket doors and ample shelf space.

“Folks love pantries because they house everything in one area,” says storage designer Marie Newton, who designed this pantry. “You can see all of it, so you don’t end up buying something you already have.”

Read thousands of pantry photographs

Glenvale Kitchens

2. Corner drawer. Ingenious corner drawers are a creative solution for awkward corners, which is why 250,000 ers spared this photo. The drawers run diagonally into the corner, which makes them deeper than many and thus allows them pack a bigger storage punch.

Watch more thoughts for corner drawers

JORY Workshop

3. Utensil drawer. This smart utensil built-in keeps serveware and silverware handily in check. Additional to over 230,000 ideabooks, this image is just one of the most popular on . If you’d like the look but can not manage custom, consider the DIY path by placing stainless steel baskets at a deep, empty jar.

Watch more utensil drawers

Design Place Match

4. Undersink drawer. The deep cupboard below the sink can seem like a bottomless pit, so it isn’t surprising that 187,000 readers love this simple solution. The drawer keeps cleaning supplies visible. DIY by purchasing and installing your own chrome sliding organizer.

See more photographs of undersink drawers

Mullet Cabinet

5. Garbage can. Over 180,000 ers love the simplicity of the pullout garbage can. It hides unsightly bins and frees up floor space, while the side nook can house garbage bags and ties (or a air freshener).

6. Cookie sheet jar. More than179,000 users agree that this split drawer is your solution for a assortment of muffin tins, broiler pans, cooling racks and cookie sheets. If you don’t have a drawer to spare, then try a narrow pullout close to the cooker or add wood or metal dividers to the cupboard over your refrigerator.

More thoughts for cookie sheet drawers

Sawhill Kitchens

7. Appliance garage. Just about all of us can use a clutter-free countertop, and that explains the reason why appliance garages are very popular. Over 135,000 users like this design, which retains a blender, mixer and toaster near but out of sight.

More ways to keep Modest appliances handy but from the way

Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co..

8. Deep cupboard organizer. This pullout pantry organizer, paired with cupboard racks, is a favorite for 127,000 ers. “Many of our customers don’t have space for a walk-in pantry,” says Rhoda Fry, CFO in Bill Fry Construction. “Having storage to the doors and inside keeps everything organized and within easy reach.”

Browse cabinet organizers

Mascheroni Construction

9. Rolling cart or cabinet. Functions as both counter and storage, this accessible rolling cart is worth adding. It may operate as a kitchen island, especially in a small space, or a bar cart when wrapped into any area. Almost 100,000 people have this in their photo collections on .

Watch rolling kitchen carts in the Shop section

NWC Construction

10. Spice storage. This handy spice pullout and cupboard rack design has been saved to over 90,000 ideabooks so far, mostly because it is so practical.

Nathan Cross, president of NWC Construction and builder of the kitchen, believes that contractors must adapt to each individual homeowner rather than creating a one-size-fits-all space. In this case the client loves to cook, so he ensured that an expansive spice set was available in any respect times.

The best way to add a pull-out spice rack

Hamilton-Gray Design, Inc..

11. Kitchen mailbox channel. Around 74,000 community members for this particular kitchen control station, complete with bookshelves, mail slots and a desk. It’s a great way to avoid that midweek paper pileup, and it handily allows someone oversee homework period whilst cooking dinner.

Pacific Northwest Cabinetry

12. Dish drawer. Some 59,000 users love this hardy, deep drawer, which retains plates within reach for even the shortest members of the household. This one may hold 75 to 100 pounds, and flexible pegs let you fit in all your breakables.

More ways to make a Customized dish drawer with pegs

Intimate Living Interiors

13. Pet bowls. Pets are such an significant part many people’s lives, and over 53,000 ers believe these built-in dog bowls are a great kitchen feature. To prevent your pet out of tripping you up as you cook, then you may also add a cat or dog bed to your kitchen.

Taste Design Inc

14. Open shelves. This look is among the most popular trends on , and 57,000 love this kitchen particularly. These stainless steel shelves may display decorative accessories or store daily meals.

ShelfGenie National

15. Pullout shelves. Saved to over 52,000 ideabooks, this pullout shelf provides easy access to pots and pans. This program works great for reaching people back corners in heavy closets: front tray pulls out vertically and enables the back tray to slide to the right.

We’d love to know: What storage thought has been a lifesaver on your kitchen?

More: 8 Kitchen Amenities You Will Really Wish You Had

Read kitchen storage products and more in the Shop section

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Watch a Hollywood Actor's Ship-Inspired Storage That's Boatloads of Cool

Billy Campbell has acted in a great deal of things. He was a jet-pack-wearing superhero at The Rocketeer, Abraham Lincoln at the TV film Killing Lincoln, an architect at the show Once &, Jennifer Lopez’s punching bag in the film Enough plus a mayoral candidate in the hit TV series The Killing. However he just appears to be a pretty darn great designer, also.

He worked together with architect Rick Wilson of Radius Architectural Millwork to build a massive 25-foot by 25-foot storage unit in his Vancouver attic, with Murphy beds plus a cool steel catwalk inspired by the tall sailing boats he works in his spare time. “It is more than sufficient to store everything I have, except my motor vehicles,” Campbell says.

Radius Architectural Millwork Ltd..

Though Campbell grew up in Virginia and resides largely in Los Angeles, he fell in love with Vancouver while filming different TV series, including The Killing and The 4400.

He bought a one-bedroom downtown attic there on the floor using a newish high-rise construction, together with plans to make it his permanent home once his immigrant status is approved. One day he was trying to figure out what to do with the unit’s massive 25-foot by 25-foot concrete alcove. “I was thinking I could shove a sofa in there, but the big space was still likely to swallow it up,” Campbell says. “Standing there, I suddenly had an image of sailing on a ship. And that is where I got the thought of creating two tales of storage with a very nautical catwalk.”

Campbell surveys the construction of his 48-foot schooner, called Martha Seabury, at The Dory Shop boatyard at Nova Scotia. An avid sailer, he got the idea for his storage device from components of sailboat design.

Radius Architectural Millwork Ltd..

“When he started talking about building a 25-foot-tall piece of millwork, I thought that he was mad,” says architect Rick Wilson.

But he worked with Campbell to design the simple and clean painted maple unit, using a steel gangplank and sufficient room to save Campbell’s garments, along with an abysmal console, bookshelves, hanging cabinets plus 2 Murphy beds. “The place, together with the addition of Wilson’s work, really looks larger than it did before, which is an interesting thing,” Campbell says.

The gangplank was precut and then scraped onsite, because it could not fit through the doors. None of the millworkers had experience installing cabinets this high, much less using a steel bridge in the middle, so it took some careful maneuvering. Using scaffolding, they first built the bottom half of their cabinets, then put in a temporary gangplank, constructed the upper cabinets and set up the permanent gangplank.

Steel: Epic Metal Works

Radius Architectural Millwork Ltd..

Campbell custom designed the davit, a hand-pulley system on a swivel shared on sailboats for unloading cargo. A steel arm swings out of the wall so that he can transport items up and down the device (Wilson and his wife demo here). There hangs A nautical rope nearby to finish the aesthetic.

Radius Architectural Millwork Ltd..

A hook grabs a panel whenever the Murphy beds have been pulled to bring a built in headboard. The hardware is exactly the same that is used on the U.S. president’s private airplane, Air Force One.

Radius Architectural Millwork Ltd..

The steel ladder is painted a primer red, although the catwalk steel has been left raw. “We wanted to find the variation in colour and have it look somewhat industrial,” Wilson says. “We wanted it to ding and change over time.”

Campbell may lock the upper half of the storage device by pulling a hinged door, ideal for when he’s filming location. “I can lock it shut and rent out the place without a second thought,” he says. “I could not have been more pleased. Yet to fill it up, it’ll take a while.”

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7 Salem Homes Say 'Happy Holidays' With Floral Splendor

Homes in the Willows Area of Salem, Massachusetts, are decked out with Christmas cheer for the 2012 Christmas in Salem Historic House Tours, organized by Neighborhood florists, the Salem Garden Club and the Neighborhood preservation Collection Historic Salem. This place, which overlooks Salem Harbor, is also a popular Halloween destination, but visitors have another reason to visit it at Christmastime.

Mary Prince Photography

Winter White
Style: Dave Engs Flowers; Paula Gaull, New Leaf Redesign

This dining room table overlooks Salem Harbor and contains structures of pale pink roses and white amaryllis.

Mary Prince Photography

The designers stuck with a muted colour palette, using elegant white flowers and ribbons to dress up classic screen spaces, such as this mantel.

Mary Prince Photography

The family’s Christmas tree is put on the outdoor porch, to be appreciated from the foyer and the living area.

Mary Prince Photography

A Nautically Inspired Christmas
Style: Dave Engs Flowers

Sailing fans, these homeowners adorned using ship propellers and their nautical blue and white china. A simple arrangement of carnations, peonies and pinecones constitutes the centerpiece.

Mary Prince Photography

Sparkling, Sophisticated Elegance
Floral layout: Salem Garden Club

This home features subtle tropical accents of fruit and vibrant blossoms.

Mary Prince Photography

A petite arrangement of greens, yellow tomatoes along with a pinecone decorates an antique silver tea set.

Mary Prince Photography

Welcoming Conventional Warmth and Charm
Style: Flowers by Darlene

White roses and hydrangeas, plus a wreath on the mirror, bring the holiday season for this dining area.

Mary Prince Photography

A fruit-inspired mantel garland and wreath take the motif to a fireplace in a small sitting room between the kitchen and living area.

Mary Prince Photography

Mixing Decades: The 1800s Meets the 1950s
Style: Four Seasons Designs

Vintage toys and decorations create a whimsical mood. Under the Christmas tree are games in the 1950s.

Mary Prince Photography

The designer made a wreath from plants located in the homeowners’ seaside yard.

Mary Prince Photography

A trio of windows, each decorated with a candle, illuminates the stairs.

Mary Prince Photography

A Seaside North Pole
Style: Beautiful Things; Kathie Ballou of Ballou Design

A set of decorated vintage skis greets visitors to the home.

Mary Prince Photography

Evergreen arrangements liven up an outdoor work area.

Mary Prince Photography

The porch is adorned with alpine ambiance in your mind.

Mary Prince Photography

Two firewood holders have been packed with wood and adorned with greens and birch.

Mary Prince Photography

Victorian Christmas Style
Flowers by Darlene

A simple vase of red roses and greens leaves a tasteful dining table centerpiece.

See more pictures from Christmas in Salem

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Beautiful Lightness to Get a Brooklyn Apartment

From the unit only upstairs from her primary apartment in Brooklyn, New York, Aya Yamanouchi Lloyd has produced an additional lovely, airy living space. Lloyd awakened with Nadia Yaron and Ry Scruggs of Nightwood to style the space with a female vibe that honors her Japanese origins. Together they reimagined flea market finds, setting them from whitewashed walls to create an idyllic escape.

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Who lives here: Aya Yamanouchi Lloyd
Location: Boerum Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York
Size: Around 1,100 square feet; 1 bedroom, 1 bath

Chris A Dorsey Photography

“We went a little backwards when we began this project,” Lloyd says. “It all began with the carpets” Lloyd discovered these light pink, lavender and light blue rugs before the restoration, and Yaron and Scruggs utilized them as a starting point.

Cabinets: Kea Carpets and Kilims

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Most of the furnishings in Lloyd’s flat are one-of-a-kind pieces from Nightwood. Yaron and Scruggs re-covered this classic chaise in textured linens. “When we locate things that have potential, it’s second nature for us to cope with what we’ve or redo items that we know aren’t right,” Yaron says. A mirror at a flea market framework leans against the wall.

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A secondhand coffee table feels new with a custom marble top. Kimono-covered stools pay tribute to Lloyd’s Japanese tradition, while framed classic Asian art prints hang inside original wall molding pieces.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

The subtle pinks, lavenders and light blues mesh perfectly with all the bright whitewashed walls and the warm raw-wood details.

Ladder, artifacts: neighborhood classic market

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The downstairs apartment has a clearly darker texture, which encouraged Lloyd to create this distance lighter.

“I knew when it came time to overhaul this distance, I truly wanted to bring in a light airiness that would benefit from their high ceilings and abundance of natural light,” she says.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Initially a classic piece in orange tweed, this daybed got an update in a new fabric. Its extra length makes it a perfect place for relaxing or using as a guest sleeping space.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

A repurposed vanity table from a neighborhood market today functions as Lloyd’s dining table.

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Made with a stencil directly on the wall, the shadow painting in this corner is one of Lloyd’s beloved features. “it’s so simple but really produces a wonderful effect that looks subtle and lovely,” Lloyd says.

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More classic finds from a local flea market accessorize the office.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

The threesome was always on the lookout for pieces to add character to the space. Pillows, art, flowers and vignettes add character to every room.

Painting: Tonie Yaron; Cloud cellular, nightstand: Nightwood

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Group searches for the perfect piece occasionally led to accidental finds, such as this decorative column at the entryway.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Hand-woven bath mats made from fabric scraps warm up the toilet. A hemp linen shower curtain from Gaiam completes the look.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Sanded, repainted and reimagined, this grim classic cabinet adds color to the simple kitchen. Reupholstered cushions grace the dining table set.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Light from a window matches the galley-style kitchen. Glass cabinetry makes it feel much more open.

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