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Live Boldly the Floor on the Ceiling

Living boldy in your design choices is not always about vibrant colors and crazy artwork. You are able to live boldy by simply using materials in an unexpected way. A tendency of late is to put timber flooring onto the ceiling a throwback to blue Victorian porch roofs. Wood tongue-and-groove or beadboard, however, is not the only type of timber you may put on your ceiling. Have a look at these clever ideas of designers and homeowners living boldly by putting their flooring onto the ceiling!

Christopher A Rose AIA, ASID

This beautifully engineered wood is the perfect complement for this conventional porch. The floor itself is kept silent, neutral and unassuming, as to not compete with the stunning ceiling.

Capoferro Design Build Group

A walnut, also supplied a slick gloss finish, is a perfect addition to this contemporary interior area. Employing exactly the same tones onto the ceiling, fireplace and floor decorating produces a cohesive look.

Philip Clayton-Thompson

This is just another illustration of a wooden ceiling completed right. The matte finish and deep wood tone really are a beautiful complements to the white throughout the remainder of the room. Notice a theme?

Another means to seamlessly incorporate a wood ceiling is to produce a tone-on-tone wooden scheme. The materials are different, but there are only three basic tones of wood (mild, light and dark), so the look is constant.

Richlin Interiors

A long, slight arch may also make a grand announcement. By placing wood flooring on the ceiling with striking curved beams and recessed lighting, the look is anything but subtle!

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Echelon Custom Homes

Maintain the look mild by painting your wooden ceilings a crisp white or light blue. The ceiling will probably feel like it is drifting off, mimicking a glowing, summer skies. Inside this area, the beam is left a profound wooden color to attach with the timber flooring and floor the space.

Jagoda Architecture

Even sub-flooring may even be used as a bold design option onto a ceiling! Inside this area, simple plywood is supplied a blonde stain and glistening finish for a bold look. Creating a seamless plane is essential for this style. Truth is key when making cheap materials appear elegant and expensive.

Elad Gonen

If wood is not your thing, possibly tile is more your style! Try wrapping a conventional floor tile throughout the ceiling, down the walls and into every corner of your area. Accent with a gorgeous piece of glass mosaic art, and you can definitively say that you have lived boldy!

If glowing pinks and purples are a little too heavy handed for you, you’re still able to be bold with neutrals. A top arch of marble tiles seems to soar above this tub and imitates the arch of the window under. Notice the size variations of this tile on the ceiling and wall, all of different variations of Bianco Carrara marble.

Echelon Custom Homes

Classic red brick is an another flooring material which may be utilised in contemporary ceilings. The warm tones of this brick complement the timber flooring, cabinetry and beams in this kitchen. A blue-gray island and white walls provide a little bit of lightness to balance the heavy stuff.

Hufft Projects

Can you take the look of a floor to the ceiling? Maybe your bold choice is going to be a gorgeous slick walnut or cherry planking to your family room ceiling. Maybe you will choose to take terracotta tiles in the kitchen floor to the ceiling.

Maybe you’ll be struck with inspiration in the flooring department of your regional home improvement shop and think of a distinctive, unique idea for your bedroom ceiling. Whatever your choice, feel free to be bold!

Tell us Do you get a unique ceiling? We’d really like to see it. Post a photo below!

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