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9 Dreamy Bedrooms Total of Softness

First things first: The idea of masculine and feminine in decorating has less to do with sex roles than with form, placement, colour and other pieces of their visual package. Feminine rooms tend to convey a feeling of softness and nuance; they are more mysterious and less direct than manly spaces. They highlight curves over stiff lines, randomness over symmetry, little scale over big and airy hues over rich jewel tones or dark neutrals. And the bedroom, such an intensely personal space to begin with, is an perfect spot for allowing this strategy blossom.

Rinfret, Ltd..

From the whispers of shell pink as well as the flashes of lilac into the layers of sheen and glow (even on the canopy), this bedroom showcases feminine flair in a superbly controlled manner. Everything about it seems subtle and sensual.

Having a neutral palette and rich forests, this room easily might have gone manly. What keeps it at the opposite camp? Detailing such as the billowy draperies and cutout-style bedskirt edging, along with romantic notes such as the cherub art and antiqued mirror.

Elizabeth Brosnan Hourihan Interiors

Again, details make the distinction here. Yellow is one of those unisex colors that can go either masculine or feminine, however scalloped bedding, pinch-pleat drapery tops, tasseled cushions and graceful patterns plant it firmly in the latter camp.

Jane Lockhart Interior Design

Airy but no-nonsense, this boudoir breathes life to the well-worn pairing of pink and gray. The headboard and unfussy accents prevent short of overall sweetness, nevertheless the space gives off an unmistakably feminine vibe.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

This is how you do grace and poise with a side of sass. Stylized florals, conventional shell prints and softly curving furniture profiles get an edge from the vivid turquoise and coral tones, which change the disposition from serene to zingy. Sudden notes such as the light blue seat legs add to the light feel.

The Lettered Cottage

While men can rock a purple shirt or lavender tie, this space is nothing but girly, thanks to small furniture, curvy types, a swooping canopy, a ruffly seat skirt and tiers of toile. Streams of natural light improve the delicate effect.

Clarkson Potter

This is a woman’s bedroom, but an adult will be pleased to maintain it as her haven. The bare canopy bed retains its childhood-fantasy feel but shows off its bones in a sophisticated way, while the watermelon-pink toile wraps the space in delicate layout. Layers of cushions add to the feminine air.

Caitlin Moran Interiors

Nothing says glam like a statement chandelier, and this one tops off the room just like a giant pearl choker. The towering ceiling opens up the room enough to handle a luxuriously overscale bed with a headboard that is sculpted, and an upholstered bench right for strapping on a pair of heels. The light scheme also helps to soften the room’s angles.

Feminine style gets an exotic twist in this comfy bedroom, with a medallion-print fabric that feels both modern and dainty. The asymmetrical chaise at the foot of this bed is simply luxuriant.

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Your property sits on the surface of a bit of property, and the nature of the surface — whether it is flat, hilly, mountainous or some mix — is your property’s topography. The topography of the property affects the way the citizens enter the house and access the outside spaces.

Gelotte Hommas Architecture

A slightly sloping piece of property has a gentle topography. This doesn’t mean that the land is flat. In fact, different heights of the house can get distinct outside spaces if the website is gently sloping and the home’s layout takes advantage of that.

AIA, Bud Dietrich

As a set of steps in a version, topography is expressed in the design phase. Each measure represents a distance, such as a foot or even a of foot that is half. These kinds of models can help you visualize the slope of the property and the way that affects the home’s design.

AIA, Bud Dietrich

The topography of A site can be expressed in a drawing, represented. Where the lines are close together, the website rises or falls sharply. Where the lines are farther apart, the website is flatter. Changes to the topography created from building the house as well as the driveway, walks etc. are exhibited by solid, darker lines connecting the present topographic lines.

Peace Design

A website can seem to be relatively flat or to have a gentle slope when it is surrounded by steeper slopes and mountainous terrain. In a case like this, it is ideal to have a site plan showing the surrounding topography, so the layout could take that into consideration.

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10 Evergreens for Beautiful Foliage All Year

Evergreens will be the structural backbone of this garden in warmer weather, providing a backdrop for showier blossoms and foliage. But in winter evergreens take the spotlight, providing visual interest within an otherwise barren landscape.

The subsequent 10 trees, plants and shrubs will keep your garden looking lively through the coldest of months.

Kim Gamel

Not many evergreens are green. The ‘Fat Albert’ number of Colorado spruce is a gorgeous blue specimen. It’s slow growing, forming an ideal cone with a distinguished silver-blue needle shade.

Colorado Spruce
(Picea pungens ‘Fat Albert’)

USDA zones: 3 to 7 (find your zone)
Mature dimension: 10 to 15 feet tall and 7 to 10 feet wide
Light requirement: Full sun
Water requirement: Moderate

Kim Gamel

A lovely evergreen that looks great alone or in a group is untrue cypress ‘Soft Serve’. This is a compact, cone-shaped evergreen with gentle, lacy branches. Bonus: It’s deer resistant.

False Cypress
(Chamaecyparis pisfera ‘Soft Serve’)

USDA zones: 5 to 7
Mature dimension: 6 to 10 feet tall and 5 to 6 feet wide

Light requirement: Full sun to partial sun
Water necessity: Medium moisture; well-drained soil

Kim Gamel

If you’d prefer a more compact evergreen for container gardens or as a hedge, then boxwood ‘Green Gem’ leaves a good option. It’s a broadleaf evergreen shrub that forms a dense 2-foot sphere at maturity.

(Buxus ‘Green Gem’)

USDA Islands: 4 to 9
Mature dimension: 1 1/2 to two feet tall and wide
Light requirement: Full sun to partial sun
Water necessity: Medium moisture; well-drained soil

Arlington Landscape

If a glowing yellow-green would look better on your landscape, think about false cypress ‘Lemon Thread’. It’s delicate chartreuse thread-like foliage that offers a bright pop of color throughout the often cold winter.

Japanese False Cypress
(Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Lemon Thread’)

USDA zones: 4 to 8
Mature dimension: 3 to 5 feet tall and 2 to 4 feet wide
Light requirement: Full sun to partial shade
Water necessity: Moderate

Another consistently green option for hedging is cherry or English laurel. The one displayed in this photo was pruned judiciously to keep it in a lower height. Otherwise, it can grow to ten feet tall.

The number ‘Otto Luyken’ has shiny green leaves and creamy white fragrant flowers that appear in the spring.

Cherry Laurel
(Prunus laurocerasus ‘Otto Luyken’)

USDA zones: 6 to 8
Mature dimension: 6 to 10 feet tall and 10 to 12 feet wide
Light requirement: Full sun to partial shade
Water necessity: Moderate

Another chartreuse option that would make a wonderful low-growing hedge is Japanese holly. To find the best yellow shade, plant it in sunlight.

Find out where this shrub is invasive.

Japanese Holly
(Ilex crenata ‘Golden Gem’)

USDA zones:5 to 8
Mature dimension: 1 1/2 to two feet tall and wide
Light requirement: Full sun to partial shade
Water necessity: Moderate

Kim Gamel

With its unconventional weeping habit, blue atlas cedar could function nicely as a specimen plant from your backyard. Use the stunning type to draw the eye to a desired spot in the landscape.

Blue Atlas Cedar
(Cedrus atlantica, Glauca Group, ‘Glauca Pendula’)

USDA zones: 6 to 7
Mature dimension: 3 to 12 feet tall and wide
Light requirement: Full sun
Water necessity: Moderate

Kim Gamel

If you’re searching for a ground cover that carries its color through winter, consider creeping juniper. It spreads by long branches to form a thick mat over time. The cultivar ‘Emerald Spreader’ retains its glowing emerald-green color throughout the winter.

Creeping Juniper
(Juniperus horizontalis)

USDA zones: 3 to 9 (find your zone)
Mature dimension:1/2 foot to 1 1/2 feet tall and 5 to 8 feet wide
Light requirement: Full sun

Water necessity: Medium moisture; well-drained soil

Kim Gamel

And if you’d prefer some constant shade in a shady perennial garden, Christmas fern is a good bet. Clumps grow to two feet tall and gradually spread by rhizomes to present excellent evergreen color perfectly suited to some dry shade area.

Christmas Fern
(Polystichum acrostichoides)

USDA zones: 3 to 9
Mature size: 1 to 2 feet tall and wide
Light requirement: Partial shade to full shade
Water necessity: Dry to moderate

Inform us What are some of your favorite evergreens?

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Readers' Choice: The 10 Most Popular Kids' Rooms of 2012

ers’ treasured children’s spaces in 2012 leaned toward classic rooms that offered a little something special: a dab of fun color on the ceiling, a comfy lofted playspace or a brightly coloured rug. From a superorganized Texas crafts area to a dream Tennessee tree home, each of these terrific kids’ spaces has something amazing to offer.

Here are the most popular kids’ room photographs added to in 2012, based on how many times they were added to users’ ideabooks:

Resort Custom Homes

1. Basic built-in bunk bed. readers loved the custom, grown-up color of the built-in bunk bed. Several even wanted this space-saving alternative for their guest rooms.

LLC & Sons, Ellen Grasso

2. Texas tweens’ crafts space and crafts. An upgrade from the typical play place, this room works as a combined homework and crafts area for tweens and teenagers. Lots of custom storage — observable and hidden — keeps things clean and neat.

Driggs Designs

3. Cozy kids’ window seat in North Carolina. In lieu of a playroom, a comfy corner with area for games and books like this one may be the ideal place for the little one.

Bjon Pankratz

4. Dream Nashville tree home. Nearly every child wants a tree home, and it is difficult to dream up one better than that. The mix of contemporary design and pristine playfulness (such as the bucket for raising and lowering temples) makes for a dream two-story getaway.

Rinfret, Ltd..

5. Pink and purple completed right in Connecticut. Purple and pink do not need to follow an outrageous layout. ers saved this photo for its timeless spin on two female colors.

McCroskey Interiors

6. Easy, elegant Kansas nursery. Though this beautiful nursery was intended for a boy, readers enjoyed its unisex side. Soothing colors and simple routines unite in a traditional space that could quickly transform into a toddler’s room later on.

CHIC Redesign

7. Lofted playspace in Massachusetts. Children love secret hideaways, like this loft built for a girl. A homework channel below and also a playspace above help split work time and playtime.

Highline Partners, Ltd

8. Colorado cabin kids’ room. This dim sleepover area has just enough of a dungeon vibe to feel enjoyable but not spooky. Stone walls, weathered wood and iron railings stream with the rest of the cabin’s style.


9. Sophisticated San Francisco nursery. ers could not get enough of these graphic patterns and vibrant colours in this nursery for a baby girl. While the majority of the furnishings can function in a master bedroom, both the pom-poms along with other interesting touches keep the space youthful.

Benedict August

10. Modern and colorful California nursery. A few clever swipes of paint may be all you need to update your kid’s room. A striped ceiling bright yellowish bookshelves and bold fabrics unite beautifully in this contemporary nursery.

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All Is Not Lost: New Gadgets Help You Discover Your Stuff

We all lose stuff around the home. Keys. Wallet. And the TV remote. It’s frustrating, time consuming and always seems to occur when we’re running late.

Luckily, low-cost gadgets may eliminate the panicky ransacking procedure and simply show the place of whatever it is that you’re looking for. They utilize wireless technology and in some cases even smart phones. Here are 3 available today or in the not too distant future.


Cobra Tag Universal – $69.99

The Cobra Tag Universal is a Bluetooth device it’s possible to use as a keychain, and it is accompanied by an program for your iPhone or Android phone. It is also possible to attach it to a remote controller or another household thing.

After you press a digital button in the program, the keychain device beeps loudly. And the reverse also works: If you press an actual button on the keychain, your telephone makes a loud beep.

Firstly, you can tell the program to sound an alarm on both objects should they get separated. It can also send you a map link into the location of both the telephone and the keychain.

The apparatus would not be possible without the brand new version of Bluetooth technology that came out lately. The new technology enables devices to use very little power while staying on all of the time — for in this case up to a year.


StickNFind – $30

StickNFind includes “stickers,” each the size of a pile of 3 quarters. They are made to link to household items using a sticky surface; they then link to a iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth. A distinctive app enables you to use the telephone to monitor the decal. StickNFind has been audience and should send in the first half of 2013.

Inside that tiny package is a watch battery, and a Bluetooth electronic device that connects to a phone whenever it is within about 100 ft or so, as stated by the manufacturer. When you select the thing you would like to locate (say, the cat, using a StickNFind decal on the collar) and press any of 3 buttons in the program, the decal beeps, buzzes or flashes a light.

The program will not have the ability to tell you the exact location of some of the stickers, but it will have the ability to tell you how close one is. It is possible to walk around the house, becoming warmer or colder until you discover it, similar to finding your telephone by simply dialing your number and tracking it down by its own ring tone.

It also includes a “virtual leash” attribute, which sounds an alert if the stickered thing is farther away from your telephone from the space you place. This prevents you from, say, leaving the house without your wallet or alerts you if your child leaves the front yard.

The program is thought to track around 20 stickers concurrently, and you may view them all displayed on the program screen at the same time.


Find One, Find All Of (FOFA) – $24

The majority of things finders have one type of apparatus that attaches to anything you wish to have the ability to discover, and yet another gadget that turns on the alarm system.

A product called FOFA takes a exceptional approach: Every connected device can also activate the alert on other devices. FOFA stands for “Find One, Find All.” It’s a 30-foot range.

The devices come in a number of sizes and shapes. For example, one fits in a pocket. Another size works nicely as a keychain or on a dog collar. Though there are different sizes, each has a keypad with numbers ranging from one to six. After you press the number that corresponds to, for instance, your missing TV remote, the FOFA device attached to it beeps.

FOFA, that utilizes radio frequency identification (RFID) technology rather than Bluetooth, has an XD Proximity Detect feature, which tells you once you’re very close to an item that might be buried in such a way as to muffle the alarm sound.

More: The Way Bluetooth is changing remote controller

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8 Keys to Exude True Warmth at Home

In Denmark they’ve hygge, in Germany it is gemütlichkeit and in Sweden you might get mysig. Loosely interpreted, all these words imply “cozy,” but it is really much greater than that. Hygge is all about relaxing, slowing down and enjoying time together with friends and nearest and dearest. It is all about bringing warmth and light to a dark night, sipping hot drinks around the fire and making a cheerful, peaceful, welcoming mood in the home. And the gorgeous thing about a hygge house is the fact that it depends much more about the care you require than the cash you put in to it.

Here are eight strategies to take coziness to the next level.

Holly Marder

1. Welcome visitors. The instant you step to a hygge house, you are aware of it. Imagine walking through the door and being greeted by a warm hug, the odor of something yummy baking in the kitchen and a comfortable location where you could sit and take your boots off.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

2. Make places to collect. It may be nice to have a place for sitting and having tea and a conversation beyond the usual living room sofa or dining table. A low dining table with chairs feels more intimate — perfect for catching up with a close friend or flipping through decorating photos.

Praktyczne i Piękne

3. Boost. Just because you’ve got the day to yourself does not mean you can’t also enjoy getting mysig. Put on music you love, drape your favourite seat with a fluffy sheepskin or extra cushion, and be sure you like a cup of something hot to drink as you go about your day.

Alex Amend Photography

4. Give a welcoming touch to each room. So often it is the tiny things which make the biggest difference. Don’t you agree? More than having the “right” sofa or a perfectly coordinated rug and toss pillows, coziness comes in the sense that someone is caring for you. Think a little vase of fresh flowers, a well-cared-for green plant from the window, candles lit and coffee brewing.

Jeanette Lunde

5. Minimize media on your living area. One thing that does not mesh nicely with gemütlichkeit, hygge or even mysig is a blaring cell phone or TV. Preserve a little time and area in your house for unplugged pursuits — if a friend drops, choose not to answer texts until he or she’s gone, giving the visitor the luxury of your undivided attention.

Julie Smith

6. Bring light to midwinter days. A strand of white twinkle lights, extra candles and soft lamplight have a massive impact in winter. So if it is a gray day, why don’t you light a couple candles and plug from the twinkle lights as you relax in your home? It is so much lovelier that way.

Julie Smith

7. Create hideaways. Retreating to bed whenever you’ve got a cold or are simply tired is a superb way to recharge. Make your favorite resting place even more attractive by making sure that it has a good lamp, soft palate plus a little, special touch. Drape a piece of fabric overhead for a canopy or craft a mobile from home made decorations and pretty decoration.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

8. Always be prepared for fika with friends. The Swedish tradition of fika involves taking a little break with friends for coffee and cake or cinnamon rolls; it appears to be a superb custom to adopt at this time of year. With packed schedules, it may not be possible to see everyone we want to view, but that does not have time to get a tiny fika?

Inform us What is your preferred way to find cozy in winter?

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7 Salem Homes Say 'Happy Holidays' With Floral Splendor

Homes in the Willows Area of Salem, Massachusetts, are decked out with Christmas cheer for the 2012 Christmas in Salem Historic House Tours, organized by Neighborhood florists, the Salem Garden Club and the Neighborhood preservation Collection Historic Salem. This place, which overlooks Salem Harbor, is also a popular Halloween destination, but visitors have another reason to visit it at Christmastime.

Mary Prince Photography

Winter White
Style: Dave Engs Flowers; Paula Gaull, New Leaf Redesign

This dining room table overlooks Salem Harbor and contains structures of pale pink roses and white amaryllis.

Mary Prince Photography

The designers stuck with a muted colour palette, using elegant white flowers and ribbons to dress up classic screen spaces, such as this mantel.

Mary Prince Photography

The family’s Christmas tree is put on the outdoor porch, to be appreciated from the foyer and the living area.

Mary Prince Photography

A Nautically Inspired Christmas
Style: Dave Engs Flowers

Sailing fans, these homeowners adorned using ship propellers and their nautical blue and white china. A simple arrangement of carnations, peonies and pinecones constitutes the centerpiece.

Mary Prince Photography

Sparkling, Sophisticated Elegance
Floral layout: Salem Garden Club

This home features subtle tropical accents of fruit and vibrant blossoms.

Mary Prince Photography

A petite arrangement of greens, yellow tomatoes along with a pinecone decorates an antique silver tea set.

Mary Prince Photography

Welcoming Conventional Warmth and Charm
Style: Flowers by Darlene

White roses and hydrangeas, plus a wreath on the mirror, bring the holiday season for this dining area.

Mary Prince Photography

A fruit-inspired mantel garland and wreath take the motif to a fireplace in a small sitting room between the kitchen and living area.

Mary Prince Photography

Mixing Decades: The 1800s Meets the 1950s
Style: Four Seasons Designs

Vintage toys and decorations create a whimsical mood. Under the Christmas tree are games in the 1950s.

Mary Prince Photography

The designer made a wreath from plants located in the homeowners’ seaside yard.

Mary Prince Photography

A trio of windows, each decorated with a candle, illuminates the stairs.

Mary Prince Photography

A Seaside North Pole
Style: Beautiful Things; Kathie Ballou of Ballou Design

A set of decorated vintage skis greets visitors to the home.

Mary Prince Photography

Evergreen arrangements liven up an outdoor work area.

Mary Prince Photography

The porch is adorned with alpine ambiance in your mind.

Mary Prince Photography

Two firewood holders have been packed with wood and adorned with greens and birch.

Mary Prince Photography

Victorian Christmas Style
Flowers by Darlene

A simple vase of red roses and greens leaves a tasteful dining table centerpiece.

See more pictures from Christmas in Salem

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A Quiz for Architects in Question

Instructions for taking this quiz: Read the questions and reply. Do your best not to think about your answers; just go with the first one that comes to mind for each. Then consult the answers at the bottom of the page to find out if you are or aren’t an architect. Great luck!

Pllc, Jody Brown Architecture

Pllc, Jody Brown Architecture

Pllc, Jody Brown Architecture

Pllc, Jody Brown Architecture

Pllc, Jody Brown Architecture

Pllc, Jody Brown Architecture

Pllc, Jody Brown Architecture

Pllc, Jody Brown Architecture

Pllc, Jody Brown Architecture

Don’t hesitate to make changes in your life.

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Raise the Woof: Doghouses Delight at Barkitecture 2012

From Airstream moved to a pontoon boat, the doghouse layouts in this year’s Barkitecture fundraiser in Austin, Texas, combined lovers of architecture and animals for fun and a good cause. Twenty Austin architects, designers and builders showcased their four-legged-scale designs in the downtown 2nd Street District on Nov. 10, 2012.

The annual fundraiser, hosted by Animal Lovers of Austin Inc., benefits local animal rescue groups. Austinites have the chance to bid on the houses, together with the silent auction starting at $250 and increasing at $50 increments. Let’s have a peek at a few of this year’s creativity.

Kara Mosher

The Greenest Design award went into the Rex Box, created using a metal roof, solar panels, recycled materials and sliding doors. Developed by Francois Levy and built by Newcastle Homes, this green residence is comparable to many “individuals” homes made in East Austin. One neat feature is the chimney, which will help to keep the inside cool.

Kara Mosher

Among the most exciting layouts in the event was the Sea Woof — a pet lounge area designed just like a pontoon boat, complete with dog-size life preservers. Created by STG Design, this doghouse won the Most Unusual Design award.

Kara Mosher

The designers in Renewal Design Lab won the award for Greatest Backyard Bungalow. Aptly named Big Dog Little Dog, this house has two entrances to accommodate two puppy dimensions.

Kara Mosher

Like many of the additional doghouses, it was also generated from salvaged materials.

Kara Mosher

Clark/Richardson Architects earned the Greatest Urban Dwelling award using this creative Murphy bed doghouse. Murphy’s Paw folds into the wall, making more free space in the house and helping the bed stay clean. The modern and clean design was motivated by the actual home where it will be set.

Kara Mosher

Kara Mosher

The Barkelow created by EIX & Blackwell offers a whole lot of home for small dogs. As winner of the Largest Fundraiser award, this elegant doghouse isn’t just comfy, but also luxurious with billowy canopy drapes and a very small chandelier to boot. This pomeranian appears to concur.

Kara Mosher

This year’s Best in Show was a combined effort between engineering from Block Research Group and design from Escobedo Construction. Made of a fabricated limestone which is held together by sheer compression, the Doggone Vault‘s design is both secure and watertight.

It also sections the space into a “bedroom” and “dining room” space. The kitchen is positioned in the center, where a little water bowl was created by a dip in the design. The water comes from rain.

Kara Mosher

Created by Austin Community College students of the Architectural and Engineering CAD Department, the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Tailiesin SXSW won Largest Student Fundraiser. All materials for this piece repurposed or were contributed.

Kara Mosher

If I had been a little puppy, my first choice is this traveling puppy’s dream made by AJM Construction. The Woof-Stream is created of local recycled materials such as sheet metal and wood and replicates the design of a traditional Airstream.

Kara Mosher

Gensler made this Dog Cube Condo, a sustainable home created to withstand the Texas heat. This simple design is made of stainless steel, perforated metal mesh and ipe wood.

Kara Mosher

A gorgeous and one of a kind signature to the Cube Condo is a low-water rooftop planting suited to your Texas climate.

Kara Mosher

This quaint puppy farmhouse from Henley Homes is outfitted with a front porch, swing, dormer window and white picket fence.

Kara Mosher

This design attracted the attention of many dogs. Created by RRS Construction, it features one of Austin’s coolest exterior features, the color sail.

Kara Mosher

Exercise Design Group is in charge of this Puppy Playscape, created to be a space for the two dogs and their human counterparts to enjoy. The design offers minimal cleanup, a flexible roof and an enjoyable place for dogs to play.

Kara Mosher

Among my visually favorite layouts and what appeared to be among the most functional houses was this open house house by Hatch+Ulland Owenmade with ipe hardwood floors and polygal ceiling.

Does your pet have a great house, too? Post a photo below!

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Get It Done: Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

This week you don’t need to complete this Get It Done job; you just have to give these thoughts a once-over and keep them in mind as you do your own holiday baking and entertaining. This is because you’ll inadvertently be doing a great deal of recon throughout the coming months — yanking out kitchen items you likely use only once a year, like cookie cutters, platters and dual ovens; scavenging around for items that are hidden too deep; or maybe wondering why you have five spatulas if the most you’ll ever desire at once is only two. You are going to be rejecting table linens, figuring out that some places are missing key bits and finding items you haven’t unearthed in years — paper umbrellas for beverages you never create, anybody? These things need to go.

Your mission for now:
Read this, let the ideas marinate and put off major kitchen organizing until after the holidays, if you wish.Take notes because you observe the good and the bad on your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Think about what could create your drawers better and ask questions. What should you proceed to a more suitable place? Do you need any organizers to help keep things neat? Collect never-used items for contribution as you move, and throw or throw the broken stuff.We’ll begin with the planning and find special about the kitchen drawers. Then you’ll be ready for Part 2: Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets.

Divine Design+Build

How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

Period: 2 to 3 hours

Materials needed:
Cleaner, dust rags or paper towels, contact paper, sticky notes (such as Post-its), pen, contribution box. Additional organizers are optional.

Tip: Have a before shot of your messiest drawer so you can feel extra satisfied when this is over.

Pacific Northwest Cabinetry

Take stock. For the time being, begin writing down everything that is in your cabinets and drawers on sticky notes. You don’t need to do so all at once — depart the notes handy and scribble things down through those spare minutes as you’re waiting for the oven to preheat. Stick them on every corresponding drawer and cupboard. It seems absurd, but trust me, only writing down these things will help you see where you’ve stashed things in inconvenient spots and identify the items that are useless to you.


Assess. While taking stock, you’re going to begin to see areas where it is possible to improve organization. Are the baskets that you use most near the stove? Is it easy to discover their corresponding lids? Are your everyday glasses and dishes within reach of the dishwasher? Do you utilize all of that Tupperware or is half of it missing lids? Could you use an extra silverware drawer?

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Plan. While your urge is to undertake this job one drawer at a time, we are thinking bigger. Your kitchen needs to be a well-oiled machine, and placement and business of your cookware, serveware, silverware, small appliances and china is key.

Do some online window shopping. It is wonderful how much more you can squeeze out of the space you have with smart drawer and cabinet organizers.

Check out All of the kitchen business products pros have found

Chic Shelf Paper

Decorative Shelf Liners

Dive in.

• Clear a large space on the counter or kitchen island.
• Empty all the drawers.
• Group like things together.
• Throw whatever appears sketchily filthy in the dishwasher.
• throw away whatever’s broken; put anything you don’t use that is in good shape at a donation box.
• Give all the empty drawers a comprehensive wipe-down.

Chic Shelf Paper

Chic Shelf Paper Bamboo Shelf Paper & Drawer Liner – $32.50

Freshen drawers up with fresh liners. There are scads of adorable options on the market, and a fresh surface will cheer you up whenever you open a drawer. It will also motivate you to keep things neat and organized.

Chic Shelf Paper

Chic Shelf Paper I’m Riveted Shelf Paper and Drawer Liner – $32.50

Here’s a shelf paper for industrial types.

The Container Store

Wrap ‘n Bag Organizer – $9.99

Reclaim some valuable drawer space. Check out what that came out of your drawers and establish the space hogs. Organizers like these for plastic and aluminum wrap will save you an whole drawer.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Over-the-Cabinet-Door Coupon Candles – $7.99

Likewise, get rid of the cluttered menu. Recycle those you don’t utilize and hang the remainder onto a bulletin board or set them in an over-the-door organizer like this one. Better yet, there’s likely a program for that; I understand I always wind up looking up menus online anyway.


Stainless Steel Grocery Bag Dispenser and Holder – $11.99

Corral the loose bags. Dispensers will help you gather plastic bags for recycling or dog walks. (If you don’t need this since you are vigilant about bringing your own reusable bags every time you shop, give yourself a large green pat on the back.)

Group like items together as you reload. Think about what you’ll have to grab the maximum when you’re at the stove, and what you’ll be transferring in the dishwasher to dividers every day, and put them accordingly.

All Matters Home Organizing™ by Gayle Grace

Divide and conquer. You may realize you need some fantastic drawer organizers as you cooperate. Place everything where you want it to be, snap a few pictures of those open drawers with your phone, take a quick measurement of your drawers’ measurements and visit The Container Store or Ikea.

Cameo Kitchens, Inc..

So, the next time you open a drawer or cupboard, take a few extra moments to check out what is going on in there and scribble it on a Post-it note. Whether you’re aiming for some fresh contact paper or you’re all set to call the cabinetmaker, the checking and planning that will be simmering on the back burner now will help you attack the kitchen after the holidays.

Next: Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Get It Done: Whip That Junk Drawer Into Shape
Browse Kitchen Drawer Organizers

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