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What Colour Should I Paint My Bedroom if My Bedspread Is Blue and Brown?

Pull from the blue or the brownish in the bedspread to paint your room a suntan brown, a light, blue-tinted gray or even a pale green with gloss-white baseboards and door trim. Because blue and brown are both colours found in nature, an array of earthy tones anticipates your choice when you are painting the bedroom to coordinate with your bedspread.

Blues and Browns

It all is dependent upon the deepness of those colours in your blue-and-brown bedspread when you select the colours for your own room. If the bedspread leans into the darker end of the scale with bare blues and dark browns, a light smoky grey on the walls, then trimmed with white, supplies soft subtle contrast which makes the bed stand center stage in the room. The neutral gray also attracts calming effects to soothe ruffled nerves after a hard day’s work. However, if the bedspread falls beneath the lighter end of this spectrum, then add an accent wall in colour, and paint the other walls in lighter shades of brown.

Light Blue, Brown Florals

A bedspread with a light blue backdrop covered with lacy brown florals works with most any paint colour scheme on the wall, from muted ochers, muted brown-yellows of summer grasses or even pale beige. Insert paint that’s two shades darker for your baseboards, door and window trim. A warm brown area rug adds a cozy feel to this space, whether on carpet or over a hardwood flooring.

Reversible Bedspread

When you have a reversible brown-and-blue bedspread with leaves or alternative layouts that trail upon the top of the bedspread in the other color, you can paint the space to match both or either side of this spread. When the blue side leans more toward a light blue-green with dark brown layouts, or the deep brown side contains lighting blue-green designs, use either color on the wall for a smooth match. Though it is not a good idea to paint the whole space a dark aubergine — purple-brown — making it the accent wall behind the bed may work. Or paint the walls light blue-green and the baseboards and trim in a dark brownish for comparison and bedspread tie-in.

Hints of White

Whether the spread to your bed includes accents of antique white or eggshell or not, paint the walls in these colours for a room is effective even when you choose a new bedspread. Allow the walls fade into the background to contrast the room’s decor. Or choose a creamy light chocolate for those walls to juxtapose against dark hardwood photo frames and dark walnut dressers, end tables and bed frame.

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What Makes Your House Feel?

As a sequential tenant, I am always struggling with how to customize each cookie cutter apartment I land in. They all come with the exact same bland palette — white (or beige) walls, white (or beige) cabinets, white (or beige) carpeting — so finding a way to snug them up takes an exhausting quantity of creativity.

My current location has a little more pizzazz (plus a great deal less carpeting), but that I still struggle with making it feel like home. The house I grew up in was warm and familiar, full of oversize sofas, family photo collages and primo rest spots. Now that I am out on my own, attempting to replicate that’s been more challenging than I thought. I’ve filled my house with photos, an abundance of blankets and vivid colour schemes, but I just can’t seem to find that one thing which gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Over the years, what is the 1 thing which has made your house feel like home? Is there a piece of artwork, a family heirloom or even a favorite recliner which cheerfully welcomes you daily? Please discuss details and — very important — a photo in the Remarks section at the end.

Urban Rustic Living

Family photos are a great way to create a house feel like home. Have you got a smart way to show your favorite snapshots?

Karen Joy Interiors

This small reading nook is filled with hot, personal touches. Have you got a favorite spot where you feel surrounded by the things you love?

Michelle Fries, BeDe Design, LLC

Is there a piece of furniture that is an important part of your house? Snap a photo and discuss it in the Remarks section.

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Take: Disney-Inspired Details Animate a Pennsylvania Home

These curvy and large columns and whimsical cabinets are not something you see every day, because the homeowners discovered inspiration in an unlikely source: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and other tales. After a visit to the Disney studios in Orlando, Florida, they arrived back to Pennsylvania ready to add offbeat fairy tale details to their house. They enlisted Mullet Cabinet to help design and construct oversize custom cabinets, tables and columns that are far from regular.

in a Glance
Who lives here: A household with 6 children
Location: Hermitage, Pennsylvania

Mullet Cabinet

Oversize weight-bearing columns stand out while delineating a walkway between the dining room room/kitchen and the living room. The foundations are 2 feet long and broad, and the widest aspect of this curved classical balustrade contour is 22 inches in diameter.

Mullet Cabinet

A household of eight demands a big dining room table; this one measures 60 by 126 inches and is 30 inches high. Among the largest challenges of this project was getting the leg designs just right, since they are solid wood and very irregular in shape.

Mullet Cabinet

“Each part of the project was completely custom, and meetings with our technology department were a must to work out all the details of how to make it work,” says kitchen designer Steve Monroe.

Mullet Cabinet

“There is nothing conventional about this space,” Monroe says. The custom kitchen cabinets have the expression of freestanding furniture, with arched details.

Mullet Cabinet

The island is 42 by 102 inches and contains a microwave, dishwasher and sink. A custom box with a fitting finish disguises the pipes.

The chandelier overhead has the whimsical style of a princess’ crown.

Mullet Cabinet

Beautiful quartzite countertops with swirls of brassy golds select up on the chandelier’s metallic end.

Mullet Cabinet

Mullet Cabinets’ color stylist, Lamar Troyer, mixed the colors in house and heavily distressed each the cabinetry. It takes a lot of effort to make new cabinets look that worn. The procedure involved an 18‐step multilayered end, which shows through to the wood in areas. A last topcoat will protect them for life.

Mullet Cabinet

The cabinets’ feet repeat the exaggerated curved shapes found on the dining table and the columns, highlighting the appearance of freestanding furniture.

Mullet Cabinet

Particular details extend to the custom valances at the peak of the cabinets.

Mullet Cabinet

Inspired by Wardrobe, a character from Beauty and the Beast, these custom armoires alongside an entry have large character.

Mullet Cabinet

Another custom valance at the peak of this armoires adds unique whimsy.

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A Task Light You Will Prize for The Usefulness

You may not understand your beloved fashionable lamp is part of a broad group called pharmacy lamps. The original pharmacy lamp has been given its name based on its widespread usage as task lighting in hospitals hospitals and physicians’ offices, as well as in factories and a vast selection of industrial centers. These lamps generally swivel and are adjustable in height to provide the consumer with light precisely where it is needed. The lamp layouts have details like beam-focusing metallic colors and were initially made out of cast iron or brass bases.

Pharmacy lamps are appreciated today for their mechanical layouts and practicality; they work with a wide array of decorating fashions. They are available in a huge choice of designs and finishes, and for dining table, floor or wall, so there is really something for everyone.

Brian Dittmar Design, Inc..

The first electric pharmacy lights, which were similar to this desk variation, were introduced in the 1890s and were unique in their capacity to present guide downward-pointing light. Their gas-powered predecessors couldn’t do so, since you can’t turn a gas flame upside down.

This new innovation made precision function in factories by draftsmen, jewelers and even welders a lot simpler. From the early 1900s the electrical pharmacy lamp had left the mill and become commonplace at the houses of those who could afford them.

Pharmacy floor lamps are the perfect remedy to small-space lighting requirements. They can be tucked into a corner and are best for reading. Additionally, they are easily wiped down, which makes them great for a large, moist toilet at which you may want a little task lighting. The brass end is modern and at precisely the exact same time has a timeless elegance.

It’s a low-profile lighting solution for a living room filled with worldly treasures. Here it picks up the gold tones from the Indonesian textile and complements the brass Moroccan coffee table.

Vuong Interior Design

A variant with a black dome-shaped color cuts a striking shape in this ultrahip Barcelona rooftop apartment.

Erica George Dines Photography

If I had to select only one pharmacy floor lamp, it’d be this one with a triangular domed hood and retractable arm. Its retro look is stylish, and it feels so very modern and sophisticated, especially combined with white and black decorative accents on white walls, as revealed here.

Gary Hutton Design

At a living room whose glossy style is already defined by bold artwork and facing couches, a pair of pharmacy lamps is the perfect means to provide low task lighting without even raining on the parade. These lamps are almost imperceptible, which is exactly the point.

Ethos Interiors

You can’t beat it as a bedside lamp, due to its capacity to provide adjustable directional light.

Atlantic Archives, Inc..

No room for a table? Wall-mounted pharmacy lamps are trendy and practical, and in such a case a pair of black lamps adds a contemporary touch to a traditional bunk bed nook.

kimberly peck architect

Scissor-arm lamps also fall into the pharmacy lamp camp. Within this room a sleek contemporary shade pairs with a retro mechanism, resulting in a wall-mounted lamp that’s so sculptural, it can take the place of wall art.

Like ’em? Browse pharmacy lamps at the Products section

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How to Add Beads

Transform a normal lighting fixture by adorning it. Creating a one-of-a-kind chandelier, wall or lampshade sconce can provide visual interest, in addition to a conversational focal point in entry, hallway or just about any area. Beads can be found in shapes, sizes, various colors and fabrics, providing various choices to embellish a light fixture. This budget-friendly project just looks as if you spent a fortune in your lighting fixture that is revamped.

Chandeliers and Wall Sconces

Select bead colors that complement your room’s colour scheme and sizes that are in proportion to the lighting fixture you wish to adorn. Mix and match glass, prism and crystal beads in assorted shapes to create a customized look .

Clean the fixture using a clean damp cloth to remove dirt and dust particles. Lower suspended from a large ceiling to make it much easier to attach the beads, using a sturdy ladder to reach the chandelier if at all possible.

Cut a 1-yard length of 22-gauge silver cord to add a string of diamonds to wall sconce or a chandelier. Wrap one end of the wire round a bottom arm of the chandelier or protruding extension of your wall sconce and string the beads leaving about 3 inches of wire at the finish.

Swag the string of beads throughout the lighting fixture and twist the bare ends securely around sconce construction or a chandelier arm. Cut additional wires as necessary and repeat the bead swagging and stringing process.

Thread ornament hooks through holes in pendant beads and hang them in the arms of a wall or chandelier sconce. These jewels can add sizzle.


Measure the perimeter of your lampshade using a tape measure that is flexible and jot the measurement back .

Select a beaded fringe that matches your lamp’s colour and style. Measure a length of beaded fringe equal to the size of your lamp shade and include an additional inch. Cut the fringe using scissors.

Apply a thin strip of cloth adhesive to the back of the fringe ribbon. Press the fringe on the outer perimeter of your lampshade. Trim off any excess fringe.

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Decorating Home Hallways

Homebuyers inspect kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and baths, but you seldom hear anybody gush over a hallway. Hallways are often left before last, when the rest of the decoration is complete. Do not leave yours as an afterthought. You pass through the hallway several times daily, and it deserves the exact same careful attention to detail which you give to the rest of your home.


Small-space decorating is always a challenge, but home hallways sometimes seem hopeless. They’re too prominent a room to ignore, but also tight for conventional decorating options. Because hallways are generally long and narrow, the proportions feel off–especially when the ceiling is high. Hallways seldom get much all-natural light, so they’re often dark and seem cold.


Foreshorten a long hallway with a contrasting paint colour on the dead-end wall. Pick a bold color that stops the eye. Add art and an image light to boost the effect even further. If the ceiling appears disproportionately high, lower it visually by painting it a few shades darker than the hallway walls. Produce a narrow, dark hallway feel larger and lighter by hanging cushions. Hang them on the end wall or across from the doors which open from the hall.


Decorate the hallway like any other room in your home by paying attention to the ground, walls, furnishings and lighting. Lay a runner on the ground. Hang a selection of arteither in clusters or in a gallery-style row with graphic lights. Replace the builder’s fundamental light fixture with a sparkly chandelier, modern pendant, wall sconces or a track with adjustable spotlights. Add architectural interest with cornice molding, wainscoting or raised wall panels. If you’ve got a vast hallway, then add a console table, bench or a torso flanked by a pair of seats.


Even if you want light walls in the rest of your home, the hallway is an ideal place to add colour. It’s possible to use dramatic colors which may feel too extreme everywhere. Pick a color that matches the rest of your house –especially any rooms where the hallway is visible–but feel free to go bright and bold or rich and deep. For example, if you can see the hall from the living room, paint the hall several shades darker than the living room walls, or utilize one of the livelier colors from your sofa cloth or throw pillows.


If you opt to add furniture into your hallway, then pick the appropriate scale. Make sure that you’ll have at least 36 inches of unimpeded diameter into the opposite wall or it will feel too crowded, and you are going to be bumping into the furniture. If you have problems finding furniture that’s shallow enough to the space, consider a wall shelf mounted at table height or a lender of short bookcases. Crescent-shaped demilune consoles work well also; there are no sharp corners to bump and they seem visually younger than rectangular pieces with the identical depth.

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Flea Market Decor Done Right in Finland

Classic shopping is an art — usually you either have a gift for it or you do not. I fall into the latter category. Ordinarily, I feel lucky if I end up with a funky postcard once I depart a flea market. However, when Jutta Rikola goes vintage shopping, she discovers old army trunks, gold midcentury pendants and immaculate kitchen cabinetry. Almost all of the furniture in her Oulu, Finland, home was salvaged, found at a flea market or given down.

The 1956 house’s design imitates the furniture’s cheerful tribute to the past. Over the previous five decades, Rikola and her husband have discovered the first floors and preserved the walls and floor plan whilst slowly remodeling. “Respecting the history of the home is one of the most important items to keep in mind for us when renovating,” she says.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Jutta Rikola, husband Panu, 1-year-old son and two dogs
Location: Oulu, Finland
Size: 1,100 square feet; two bedrooms, 1 complete bath, 2 half baths, home office

Kootut murut

The couple did most of the job on the kitchen, with the help of a carpenter and close buddy. Rikola chose her favorite color, blue, to contrast with bright whites for a fresh feel.

“Eat” hint: Oh Dier, Etsy; counter: beech, Bauhaus; cabinetry paint: Tikkurila M350

Before Photo

Kootut murut

BEFORE: Small of this preceding kitchen stays. Rikola retained the overall layout but tore out all the outdated cabinetry, countertops and flooring.

Kootut murut

AFTER: Salvaged kitchen chimney saved money — these cabinets price about $200. A little plywood and several coats of paint were all that was required to correct them up.

Tile: Emery et Cie; faucet: Domsjö, Ikea; array hood: Savo

Before Photo

Kootut murut

BEFORE: Although Rikola wanted to brighten up the house, she preserved as many of the previous layers of background as possible under the new remedies.

Kootut murut

AFTER: A vintage pendant, table and seats feel like a natural tribute to the house’s 1950s roots.

Refrigerator: Gorenje

Kootut murut

This kitchen china cupboard was made by Panu’s great-granduncle.

Before Photo

Kootut murut

BEFORE: Structurally the home was in great condition. Despite the 1980s remodel, first details — doors, cut and wood-paneled walls — shone through.

Kootut murut

AFTER: The family’s German shepherd, Muru, sits in the new entryway.

Rikola utilized a traditional pasting way of wheat flour and water to put in the new background. She made the origami-style pendant herself, using cardboard and instructions from Finnish blog Kolmas Kerros.

Background: Grove Garden, Osborne & Little; floor paint: Tikkurila 0405

Before Photo

Kootut murut

BEFORE: The couple lucked out once they found original wood flooring under linoleum and vinyl. The wood just had a little painting and sanding.

Kootut murut

AFTER: Peppy lime-green walls serving the living room with a jolt of modern color. A coordinating room screen made from from cloth and pipes pipes sits on casters, prepared to separate the distance as needed.

Yellow chair: Hee seat, Hay; cloth for partition: Ananas, Marimekko; wall paint: Tikkurila H388

Kootut murut

Initial lighting hangs in several parts of the living space. The daybed is an old hospital mattress in the 1950s, outfitted with a new mattress and a vintage-inspired bedspread.

Bedspread: Ebba, Ellos

Kootut murut

The red hue of a vintage armoire-turned-TV-console stands out from the green walls.

Kootut murut

Mansikki, the family’s other dog, is determined by comfy woven rugs from the living area. The coffee table is a vintage army trunk on casters.

Red facet table: Stone, Kartell; couch-armchair: vintage

Before Photo

Kootut murut

BEFORE: This little butler’s pantry turned into a changing room for the couple’s son.

Kootut murut

AFTER: A colorful wallpaper backsplash has completely altered the space. Beech countertops and a tiny ceramic sink create infant bath time easier.

Background: Paradiset, Josef Frank

Kootut murut

The cabinetry in the changing room was recycled from the kitchen. The framed pants hanging on the wall belonged to Panu when he was little.

Kootut murut

Contrary to the remainder of the house’s bold colors, the master bedroom’s pastel color palette creates a calming feel.

Pendant: vintage; drapes: Eurokangas

Kootut murut

Rikola, a graphic designer, does the majority of her work in the house office. Her favorite turquoise hue covers the walls.

Wall paint: Tikkurila V370

Kootut murut

“I’m by no way a form-follows-function or less-is-more sort of gal,” says Rikola. “I put beauty over practicality. You need practicality also, but not at the expense of beauty”

Green Paint: Loft Zig-Zag Floor Lamp, Jielde

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9 Dreamy Bedrooms Total of Softness

First things first: The idea of masculine and feminine in decorating has less to do with sex roles than with form, placement, colour and other pieces of their visual package. Feminine rooms tend to convey a feeling of softness and nuance; they are more mysterious and less direct than manly spaces. They highlight curves over stiff lines, randomness over symmetry, little scale over big and airy hues over rich jewel tones or dark neutrals. And the bedroom, such an intensely personal space to begin with, is an perfect spot for allowing this strategy blossom.

Rinfret, Ltd..

From the whispers of shell pink as well as the flashes of lilac into the layers of sheen and glow (even on the canopy), this bedroom showcases feminine flair in a superbly controlled manner. Everything about it seems subtle and sensual.

Having a neutral palette and rich forests, this room easily might have gone manly. What keeps it at the opposite camp? Detailing such as the billowy draperies and cutout-style bedskirt edging, along with romantic notes such as the cherub art and antiqued mirror.

Elizabeth Brosnan Hourihan Interiors

Again, details make the distinction here. Yellow is one of those unisex colors that can go either masculine or feminine, however scalloped bedding, pinch-pleat drapery tops, tasseled cushions and graceful patterns plant it firmly in the latter camp.

Jane Lockhart Interior Design

Airy but no-nonsense, this boudoir breathes life to the well-worn pairing of pink and gray. The headboard and unfussy accents prevent short of overall sweetness, nevertheless the space gives off an unmistakably feminine vibe.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

This is how you do grace and poise with a side of sass. Stylized florals, conventional shell prints and softly curving furniture profiles get an edge from the vivid turquoise and coral tones, which change the disposition from serene to zingy. Sudden notes such as the light blue seat legs add to the light feel.

The Lettered Cottage

While men can rock a purple shirt or lavender tie, this space is nothing but girly, thanks to small furniture, curvy types, a swooping canopy, a ruffly seat skirt and tiers of toile. Streams of natural light improve the delicate effect.

Clarkson Potter

This is a woman’s bedroom, but an adult will be pleased to maintain it as her haven. The bare canopy bed retains its childhood-fantasy feel but shows off its bones in a sophisticated way, while the watermelon-pink toile wraps the space in delicate layout. Layers of cushions add to the feminine air.

Caitlin Moran Interiors

Nothing says glam like a statement chandelier, and this one tops off the room just like a giant pearl choker. The towering ceiling opens up the room enough to handle a luxuriously overscale bed with a headboard that is sculpted, and an upholstered bench right for strapping on a pair of heels. The light scheme also helps to soften the room’s angles.

Feminine style gets an exotic twist in this comfy bedroom, with a medallion-print fabric that feels both modern and dainty. The asymmetrical chaise at the foot of this bed is simply luxuriant.

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8 Keys to Exude True Warmth at Home

In Denmark they’ve hygge, in Germany it is gemütlichkeit and in Sweden you might get mysig. Loosely interpreted, all these words imply “cozy,” but it is really much greater than that. Hygge is all about relaxing, slowing down and enjoying time together with friends and nearest and dearest. It is all about bringing warmth and light to a dark night, sipping hot drinks around the fire and making a cheerful, peaceful, welcoming mood in the home. And the gorgeous thing about a hygge house is the fact that it depends much more about the care you require than the cash you put in to it.

Here are eight strategies to take coziness to the next level.

Holly Marder

1. Welcome visitors. The instant you step to a hygge house, you are aware of it. Imagine walking through the door and being greeted by a warm hug, the odor of something yummy baking in the kitchen and a comfortable location where you could sit and take your boots off.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

2. Make places to collect. It may be nice to have a place for sitting and having tea and a conversation beyond the usual living room sofa or dining table. A low dining table with chairs feels more intimate — perfect for catching up with a close friend or flipping through decorating photos.

Praktyczne i Piękne

3. Boost. Just because you’ve got the day to yourself does not mean you can’t also enjoy getting mysig. Put on music you love, drape your favourite seat with a fluffy sheepskin or extra cushion, and be sure you like a cup of something hot to drink as you go about your day.

Alex Amend Photography

4. Give a welcoming touch to each room. So often it is the tiny things which make the biggest difference. Don’t you agree? More than having the “right” sofa or a perfectly coordinated rug and toss pillows, coziness comes in the sense that someone is caring for you. Think a little vase of fresh flowers, a well-cared-for green plant from the window, candles lit and coffee brewing.

Jeanette Lunde

5. Minimize media on your living area. One thing that does not mesh nicely with gemütlichkeit, hygge or even mysig is a blaring cell phone or TV. Preserve a little time and area in your house for unplugged pursuits — if a friend drops, choose not to answer texts until he or she’s gone, giving the visitor the luxury of your undivided attention.

Julie Smith

6. Bring light to midwinter days. A strand of white twinkle lights, extra candles and soft lamplight have a massive impact in winter. So if it is a gray day, why don’t you light a couple candles and plug from the twinkle lights as you relax in your home? It is so much lovelier that way.

Julie Smith

7. Create hideaways. Retreating to bed whenever you’ve got a cold or are simply tired is a superb way to recharge. Make your favorite resting place even more attractive by making sure that it has a good lamp, soft palate plus a little, special touch. Drape a piece of fabric overhead for a canopy or craft a mobile from home made decorations and pretty decoration.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

8. Always be prepared for fika with friends. The Swedish tradition of fika involves taking a little break with friends for coffee and cake or cinnamon rolls; it appears to be a superb custom to adopt at this time of year. With packed schedules, it may not be possible to see everyone we want to view, but that does not have time to get a tiny fika?

Inform us What is your preferred way to find cozy in winter?

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Raise the Woof: Doghouses Delight at Barkitecture 2012

From Airstream moved to a pontoon boat, the doghouse layouts in this year’s Barkitecture fundraiser in Austin, Texas, combined lovers of architecture and animals for fun and a good cause. Twenty Austin architects, designers and builders showcased their four-legged-scale designs in the downtown 2nd Street District on Nov. 10, 2012.

The annual fundraiser, hosted by Animal Lovers of Austin Inc., benefits local animal rescue groups. Austinites have the chance to bid on the houses, together with the silent auction starting at $250 and increasing at $50 increments. Let’s have a peek at a few of this year’s creativity.

Kara Mosher

The Greenest Design award went into the Rex Box, created using a metal roof, solar panels, recycled materials and sliding doors. Developed by Francois Levy and built by Newcastle Homes, this green residence is comparable to many “individuals” homes made in East Austin. One neat feature is the chimney, which will help to keep the inside cool.

Kara Mosher

Among the most exciting layouts in the event was the Sea Woof — a pet lounge area designed just like a pontoon boat, complete with dog-size life preservers. Created by STG Design, this doghouse won the Most Unusual Design award.

Kara Mosher

The designers in Renewal Design Lab won the award for Greatest Backyard Bungalow. Aptly named Big Dog Little Dog, this house has two entrances to accommodate two puppy dimensions.

Kara Mosher

Like many of the additional doghouses, it was also generated from salvaged materials.

Kara Mosher

Clark/Richardson Architects earned the Greatest Urban Dwelling award using this creative Murphy bed doghouse. Murphy’s Paw folds into the wall, making more free space in the house and helping the bed stay clean. The modern and clean design was motivated by the actual home where it will be set.

Kara Mosher

Kara Mosher

The Barkelow created by EIX & Blackwell offers a whole lot of home for small dogs. As winner of the Largest Fundraiser award, this elegant doghouse isn’t just comfy, but also luxurious with billowy canopy drapes and a very small chandelier to boot. This pomeranian appears to concur.

Kara Mosher

This year’s Best in Show was a combined effort between engineering from Block Research Group and design from Escobedo Construction. Made of a fabricated limestone which is held together by sheer compression, the Doggone Vault‘s design is both secure and watertight.

It also sections the space into a “bedroom” and “dining room” space. The kitchen is positioned in the center, where a little water bowl was created by a dip in the design. The water comes from rain.

Kara Mosher

Created by Austin Community College students of the Architectural and Engineering CAD Department, the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Tailiesin SXSW won Largest Student Fundraiser. All materials for this piece repurposed or were contributed.

Kara Mosher

If I had been a little puppy, my first choice is this traveling puppy’s dream made by AJM Construction. The Woof-Stream is created of local recycled materials such as sheet metal and wood and replicates the design of a traditional Airstream.

Kara Mosher

Gensler made this Dog Cube Condo, a sustainable home created to withstand the Texas heat. This simple design is made of stainless steel, perforated metal mesh and ipe wood.

Kara Mosher

A gorgeous and one of a kind signature to the Cube Condo is a low-water rooftop planting suited to your Texas climate.

Kara Mosher

This quaint puppy farmhouse from Henley Homes is outfitted with a front porch, swing, dormer window and white picket fence.

Kara Mosher

This design attracted the attention of many dogs. Created by RRS Construction, it features one of Austin’s coolest exterior features, the color sail.

Kara Mosher

Exercise Design Group is in charge of this Puppy Playscape, created to be a space for the two dogs and their human counterparts to enjoy. The design offers minimal cleanup, a flexible roof and an enjoyable place for dogs to play.

Kara Mosher

Among my visually favorite layouts and what appeared to be among the most functional houses was this open house house by Hatch+Ulland Owenmade with ipe hardwood floors and polygal ceiling.

Does your pet have a great house, too? Post a photo below!

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