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10 Snazzy Home Spruce-Ups out of Estee Stanley

For celebrity stylist and interior designer Estee Stanley, fashion and home decor move hand in hand. Known for her chic brushstroke when dressing Hollywood starlets and their cool homes, Stanley has now awakened with her celebrity customer and friend Justin Timberlake at a venture called HomeMint.


“Home decor is similar to fashion — it is the small things that count. Just as we accessorize in vogue, there are things we could do in our house to earn a statement and freshen up a space,” says Stanley. The stylist-designer (here with Timberlake) carved out some time from her hectic schedule to give us a few suggestions on how to create a comfortable, fresh space in the house with a few simple additions.

Update your lifestyle accessories. Journals in your bedside table, a pair of colors on the entryway console and the iPad situation on the kitchen counter tops — all these pieces add visual interest to your insides, even if they are small enough to fit into your handbag.

“Mixing up your accessories is really a discreet and subtle way of upgrading your decor; these are pieces that generally sit around your house anyway. Prove your fashion-forward design with accessories and perform a small color obstructing by mixing up a pink journal cover with sorbet-hued luggage tags and passport cases,” says Stanley.

Embrace the energy of this pillow. Stanley is a self-confessed throw pillow addict. She “loves, loves” cushions and considers that only the tiniest improvement can truly shift the appearance and energy of a room. “muster a throw cushion by getting one that actually pops with a geometric pattern or one that’s two-tone and may be a bit more flexible,” says Stanley.


Bring character in with vibrant blooms. Although displaying blossoms seems like the most instinctive means of bringing the outdoors in, Stanley is astonished at how folks still do not maximize the punch of colour that blossoms can bring into the house. Her favorite flowers are peonies, roses and hydrangeas; the latter since they last for months, are simple to often and grow their best in the colour. “Don’t purchase flowers open. Permit them to come into full blossom in your house — you will love watching them change and blossom on your own space,” she states.

Consume at least one tall vase. Along with constantly having greenery around the home, Stanley highly recommends that apartment dwellers and homeowners with low ceilings invest in tall vases for added elevation in a tight space with low ceilings.

Invest in artwork that’s ideal for you. She is known for being an advocate of homegrown, American gift, therefore Stanley and Timberlake’s HomeMint art collection includes the work of Kelsey Brookes and Sage Vaughn. In regards to artwork, she proposes finding pieces that fit your budget and your lifestyle. “Ask yourself if the artwork piece fits your overall aesthetic and if it is something that you’d want to have with you while you proceed later on,” says Stanley.


Stone Montecito Washed Linen Duvet – $239.99

Prioritize comfort over aesthetics. “It’s very important to always feel comfortable in almost any room of your property. Whether it’s the bathroom, the kitchen or your bedroom, then I believe these rooms deserve equal attention and thought when decorating. I really believe your house is a representation of who you are,” says Stanley.

Incorporate a fresh scent into the mixture. Reflect the current year or the transition from 1 season into the next with candles. Stanley proposes having a select lineup of candles that may bring a “very specific feeling” that’s particular to a time of season: Smell can signify the shifting of the seasons or the joy of a memorable summer with a whiff.


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Live and love with linen. “Linen makes spaces feel lighter and more breathable. The best thing about lace is the fact that it appears just as good unmade for a more casual look and if you do not have enough time to tidy up,” says Stanley. Her favourite linen pieces are fabrics in the weavers at Brahms Mount at Maine; she’s comprised their day blankets, towels and cries inside her HomeMint collection because her customers have not stopped asking about them because she peppered their homes with Brahms Mount pieces.

Anticipate to entertain. The summertime and the holiday season consistently attract guests into the house. Have plenty of folding tables and flexible seating options and structures according to who’s coming over for supper.

Change out blah towels into luxury prints. Stanley loves plush, sumptuous towels — especially for the backyard deck along with the pool area. “There are great alternatives for towel cloths, such as bohemian styles, patriotic stars and stripes, and Union Jacks, all in theme for the upcoming Olympics,” says Stanley.

Go for routine and colour when it comes to your towels; they behave as little, plush tapestries when thrown above a deck chair or left on the floor as you’re taking a dip in the pool.

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