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Getting Ready for the Hurricane: What’s On Your List?

Consequently, if you’re in the hurricane strike zone, then I am sorry. When Hurricane Irene hit in 2011, we went out and bought a few ridiculous things, and that I wanted to compare notes. What types of things get you through a hurricane? Please discuss with us at the comments section!

We mostly ready to be bored without power. So we’ve got a zillion D batteries (sorry, environment) as well as the flashlights, camping lantern, and better radio they will power.

We have some crazy emergency radio you can crank by hand. We have fresh water, matches, candles and candle holders. We have also got playing cards and The Uncle Wiggly Game. More to the point, we’ve got adult libations and Piroulines. After picking up a few sandwiches in Hoggy’s, I believe we will be good to go.

What is on your emergency kit? Are you getting the home ready? See what people did for Hurricane Irene, then put in your tips to the listing below:

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