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New Classics: Glo-Ball Lights

I have been fooled by a bunch of lights that I see around all the time. I assumed they were created sometime in the 1950s, but it ends up their designer was not even born until 1959. These ceiling, wall, pendant, table and floor lamps fit into midcentury modern, modern and collected rooms with aplomb, and are favored by architects and interior designers across the world. They include the Glo-Ball show by Jasper Morrison for Flos, designed from the late 1990s and still going strong. If a Glo-Ball is the right lighting for some of your own rooms, see.

Wally Sears

This tabletop globe is known as the Glo-Ball Basic Table Lamp. I really like the way it sits right on the table, making one wonder if it’s going to just roll right off (do not worry, it won’t). For this really can be the next best thing.

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

The Suspended Glo-Ball is. Maybe because it first caught my eye in this New York City apartment that is filled with midcentury icons from MoMA’s archives.

Creative Space Architectural Design

Despite the fact that I am throwing the term “globe” around a little haphazardly, you are able to realize a Glo-Ball because it is not an actual sphere. The width of the shade is a couple of inches bigger than the height.

Jensen Architects

The S-1 version of the suspended Glo-Ball is roughly 10.6 inches high and contains a 12.9-inch diameter; the S-2 variant is 14.2 inches high and contains a 17.7-inch diameter.

Ilija Mirceski

All of these lights have a white opal glass shade and an acid-etched blown-glass diffuser.

Wow, all of the opal and acid-etching talk sounds fancy, but what exactly does this mean? It means that the fixtures give off a soft, diffused light that is very easy on the eyes. This is where you receive the bang for the bucks you spend in one of those babies. Also, they are made in Italy, which adds to the elaborate factor.

Gary Hutton Design

The Glo-Ball Table Lamp sits atop an elegant, slender steel pedestal. It fits right into the clean-lined modern bedroom, adding curves and style without distracting from the view.

Searl Lamaster Howe Architects

The pendant was created with high ceilings in mind, as the cable can stretch to 9.5 ft. The designer of this modern cabin suspended the lights over the kitchen island in order not to block the woodsy views of Lake Michigan from the front of the house to the rear.

Studio Durham Architects

The Glo-Ball F Floor Lamps come in three different sizes, so there’s one that’s acceptable for a favorite reading chair and one that can stand up to the scale of a large room with a tall ceiling. Oh, and there’s another one between the two for those in-between needs.

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