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All Is Not Lost: New Gadgets Help You Discover Your Stuff

We all lose stuff around the home. Keys. Wallet. And the TV remote. It’s frustrating, time consuming and always seems to occur when we’re running late.

Luckily, low-cost gadgets may eliminate the panicky ransacking procedure and simply show the place of whatever it is that you’re looking for. They utilize wireless technology and in some cases even smart phones. Here are 3 available today or in the not too distant future.


Cobra Tag Universal – $69.99

The Cobra Tag Universal is a Bluetooth device it’s possible to use as a keychain, and it is accompanied by an program for your iPhone or Android phone. It is also possible to attach it to a remote controller or another household thing.

After you press a digital button in the program, the keychain device beeps loudly. And the reverse also works: If you press an actual button on the keychain, your telephone makes a loud beep.

Firstly, you can tell the program to sound an alarm on both objects should they get separated. It can also send you a map link into the location of both the telephone and the keychain.

The apparatus would not be possible without the brand new version of Bluetooth technology that came out lately. The new technology enables devices to use very little power while staying on all of the time — for in this case up to a year.


StickNFind – $30

StickNFind includes “stickers,” each the size of a pile of 3 quarters. They are made to link to household items using a sticky surface; they then link to a iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth. A distinctive app enables you to use the telephone to monitor the decal. StickNFind has been audience and should send in the first half of 2013.

Inside that tiny package is a watch battery, and a Bluetooth electronic device that connects to a phone whenever it is within about 100 ft or so, as stated by the manufacturer. When you select the thing you would like to locate (say, the cat, using a StickNFind decal on the collar) and press any of 3 buttons in the program, the decal beeps, buzzes or flashes a light.

The program will not have the ability to tell you the exact location of some of the stickers, but it will have the ability to tell you how close one is. It is possible to walk around the house, becoming warmer or colder until you discover it, similar to finding your telephone by simply dialing your number and tracking it down by its own ring tone.

It also includes a “virtual leash” attribute, which sounds an alert if the stickered thing is farther away from your telephone from the space you place. This prevents you from, say, leaving the house without your wallet or alerts you if your child leaves the front yard.

The program is thought to track around 20 stickers concurrently, and you may view them all displayed on the program screen at the same time.


Find One, Find All Of (FOFA) – $24

The majority of things finders have one type of apparatus that attaches to anything you wish to have the ability to discover, and yet another gadget that turns on the alarm system.

A product called FOFA takes a exceptional approach: Every connected device can also activate the alert on other devices. FOFA stands for “Find One, Find All.” It’s a 30-foot range.

The devices come in a number of sizes and shapes. For example, one fits in a pocket. Another size works nicely as a keychain or on a dog collar. Though there are different sizes, each has a keypad with numbers ranging from one to six. After you press the number that corresponds to, for instance, your missing TV remote, the FOFA device attached to it beeps.

FOFA, that utilizes radio frequency identification (RFID) technology rather than Bluetooth, has an XD Proximity Detect feature, which tells you once you’re very close to an item that might be buried in such a way as to muffle the alarm sound.

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