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How to Decorate a Cornice Board With Rosette Trim

Fabric rosette trim adds a decorative touch highlighting that the edges or developing a pattern on upholstery. For the best results, choose trim that coordinates using the cornice’s upholstery. To pick the correct size rosette gather samples, hang on the cornice board over the window and cut. Hold them contrary to the board and enlist the view of a family member or friend standing on the ground. A hot glue gun using a fine-tip nozzle ensures that the best results.

Creating an Overview

Lay the board. With a straightedge and cloth chalk, outline your design, starting with the face and then moving on to the left and right sides, then connecting the lines as important.

Design a border. Lines along the top and bottom below and over the board’s edge, maintaining the edge exactly the same diameter and the distance between the line as the rosette trim.

Create elaborate designs, such as checkers, pinstripes or chevron, if desired. When developing elaborate layouts, measure along the side, bottom and top edges, noting the purpose. Join the lines across the board that is cornice.

Connect your design that is preferred rather than outlining a different pattern on every surface. For instance, wrap the border around the ends, or distance chevron patterns precisely the same on front and the sides, connecting the lines of trimming at the corners.

Inhabiting the Cornice Board

Quantify each line in the plan. For lines that wrap to the sides, measure the total length of this line and cut on the trim a bit more. So they fit 20, when lines join at an angle, cut the ends of the angles. Cut rosette cut that strikes the edge of the cornice.

Apply a thin bead of glue onto this line’s first inch and press the trim in place. Work an inch at a time, applying the adhesive and pressing at the trimming, until you arrive at the end of the line. Allow the excess to hang within the edges. Repeat with each extra line. When two pieces overlap, begin.

Reduce the rosette cloth to match in between every strip of trimming in place. If desired, cut on the trimming as a piece for every line that is straight. Without applying glue lay it across the board that was cornice, and mark the regions in which it overlaps the existing trimming. Remove the cut, cut on the rosette from the base cloth with little scissors, and glue the top trim in place.

Twist the excess trim above the edges of the board and glue them in position. For instance, when you’re developing a pinstripe design, fold the bottom and top edges of the trim over the bottom and top edges of this cornice board.

Allow the glue dry. Wipe drizzle that is observable off with a damp cloth and rehang the cornice that is decorated.

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