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Clothes to Wear While Mowing

Proper mowing attire is essential to keeping yourself safe when you go outdoors for routine lawn maintenance tasks. Flying debris is the primary danger when mowing. The clothing you wear should defend you from any flying debris without inserting any other dangers, like the clothes getting caught in moving parts.


Your feet are close to the spinning blades and flying debris that the entire time you mow, especially when using a push mower. Never wear flip flops, sandals or open shoes of any kind when mowing. Close-toed shoes are essential to maintaining your feet protected. Choose sturdy shoes made from thick material, like leather work boots or tennis shoes. Check the soles for holes before wearing the shoes for mowing.


The potential for flying debris implies you ought to cover as much of your skin as possible with clothing. Long pants are ideal for your lower half of your body. It is tempting to wear shorts, especially when mowing in hot summer temperatures, but long pants protect your legs. The close proximity to the blades puts your legs in a higher risk for cuts or scratches from mowing debris. Your arms aren’t as likely to be hit by debris, but long sleeves are greatest. The coverage from the clothes also means less exposure to the sunlight so you don’t end up with a lint.

General Clothing Guidelines

Whatever you wear, the clothing should fit snugly. Loose-fitting clothing can get caught while mowing. If the sleeve of your shirt gets caught in a moving part, it can pull your arm and potentially cause significant injury. Jewelry also poses a tangling and injury risk. Pick old clothing, as they tend to get dirty from the debris of mowing. 1 choice is to set aside a mowing outfit that fills all of the guidelines. Wear this outfit every time you mow so you don’t destroy different clothing.

Protective Gear

Wearing protective gear together with suitable clothing increases your safety while mowing the yard. Goggles or sunglasses that wrap around your face shield the eyes if debris flies up from the lawnmower. Ear plugs reduce damage to your own ears from the loud mower motor noise. Protective gloves cover your fingers to reduce blisters or cuts from flying debris. When dust or grass clippings bother you, then a face mask or bandana on your mouth and nose while mowing may help.

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