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Design Developments in 2010 2010: "Odyssey"

Here is the third in a string of ideabooks that get into in to greater detail depth about tendencies I emphasized in an ideabook called 10 large design trends in 2010 2010. All the developments dedicated to creating with relationships at heart, integrating narrative-load things into house design, and quite human-oriented tendencies.

One tendency, nevertheless, was entirely not the same as the remainder, so clearly I used to be drawn towards this one. That tendency is “Odyssey.”

UK style specialist Danielle James is the one that coined the phrase, and that is how she describes the tendency:

“Futuristic. Natural. Believe Star Wars – particularly the lately made sequels, where the girls’s costumes organized were sculptured and female. This results in insides are going to be via the development of places and fascinating futuristic curves where there’s much focus to elaborate detail. Nevertheless, there is a spaceage border to any or all of this. The portion of the will be that metallics and/or will probably be textured joined with natural fibres. I’m speaking here of a tendency which is a party of the great thing about the natural world in a ultra modern circumstance.”

I am attracted to utilizing new and uncommon stuff as an integral part of house layout – that is my huge takeway here – and together with the blend of “normal” and “futuristic.”

These areas typify this:

This can be the picture I initially used to depict this tendency. I must say I enjoy how the plastic that is current combinations using the rococo aspects of chandelier and the mirror. It undoubtedly has a contemporary/trad vibe, although it is maybe not just Star Wars.

I really like the way this deck features see-through stuff – literally joining nature

The mid century appearance – which this has in spades, thanks to the mod contours of the seat and mild – will usually have that “potential” sense. They are the “curves” to which Danielle James attributes.

Mostert Architecture

Yes, we’ve had the discourse about preceding-the-counter sinks. However, these apparent, square bowls truly work together with the counter, do not they? They are a fresh twist on that pattern.

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

A vaguely midcentury do or in wood + great frosted panels=an entry way total of “Odyssey.”

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

More of the panels that are frosted – this time employed indoors. I love how the space unobtrusively break up. Plus, the stuff itself is so futuristic also itis an excellent match for “character” right outside these awesome windows.

Audrey Matlock Architects

Slick modern minimalism, windows with sweeping views, a small amount of “character” with that wild chandelier – this chamber has all the components.

Dufner Heighes Inc

This space is is kind of of cheeky (the carpet), a lot contemporary (the contours), and a small normal (the wood behind the mattress).

To me, glass or obvious plastic is the most futuristic of all stuff. I really like the way these legs that are obvious perform using the Pucciesque seats.