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Discover an Ancient Portal Design Full of Meaning

The moon gate is an ancient Chinese landscape element that functions as a portal between gardens as well as between outside and inside. The shape of those gates, a ring of the land, has many disadvantages.

One interpretation of this moon gate is it’s finished, representing and celebrating the cohesiveness of the family. This comprehensive circle offers a pathway for your family members with entry to return home to celebrate one another.

Another interpretation is that the moon, as it lifts itself out of this landscape, is emblematic of renewal and birth. The arrival of a new moon becomes the manner in which time is marked as well as the brand new comes about.

Still another interpretation is that the moon gate is, such as the moon, a link to other planets and other worlds. The moon gate, traditionally made as an opening in a walland garden, inside to outside, public to private, connect garden together.

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Leonard Design Associates

The moon gate is a round opening in a wall. Even if the wall is transparent, more virtual than actual, the moon gate provides an opening at the barrier and also a link between two worlds. And this traveling between the two worlds becomes much more pronounced as you step up and over the brink.

McHale Landscape Design, Inc..

Made of stone blocks cut and fitted together to form a perfect ring, this moon gate stays even through the wall has vanished. And as the gate rises out of the ground, such as the moon rises in the sky, it observes life’s cycle.

Archaeo Architects

Moon gates may be used indoors. As a portal site between chambers, particularly in a thick wall, a moon gate makes all the more real the transition from 1 spot to another.

Dan Nelson

A quintessentially American version of the moon gate relies on the iconic picket fence and arbor for its layout. With a arch built to a circle by a gate, the American moon gate that is traditionally styled is skinnier dimensional and fresher than its Far Eastern antecedent.

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