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Do Carry On: 4 Actually New Ways With Vintage Suitcases

Trends are put; they burst on blogs; costs on Etsy and eBay soar; big retailers such as Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn start selling them; everybody’s got one; folks start to get tired of these; and snarkiness ensues. Writer Malcolm Gladwell explains it much more eloquently in The Tipping Point, but that is the gist of decor trends. However, designers and smart homeowners are always tweaking tendencies and giving them fresh appearances. Just one example suitcases and trunks.

The tendency: Using vintage suitcases as storage, decorative props and side tables. Here’s a look at the tendency since it soared toward the point. Don’t get me wrong; I like them, however, they hit the tipping point when stores started carrying fresh suitcases designed to look vintage.

The difficulty: Often these vintage cases were a little overly scuffed and dirty and paired with too much other crusty old stuff, sending us into vintage overload (in other words, an excessive amount of shabbiness and not enough chicness).

The alternative: It’s time for a reset. Below are some examples of vintage suitcases used in new ways. The tendency all is dusted off and looking shiny and new .

Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

What’s new here: This very tailored, monochromatic modern room needed something with wear and age to add interest. These suitcases are roughly the same size and have a color-blocked impact, for a exceptional nightstand.

Tips for your search: Figure out the measurements and colours you want to use before you begin looking. Maintain a doodle mat outside so you can add up the measurements of every case to your nightstand’s total elevation.

Montana Reclaimed Lumber Co..

What’s new here: This vintage case is mounted beneath a metal stand, which turns into a one-of-a-kind nightstand. Its deep crimson colour picks upon the bedding, and specifics such as the chain manage and lock components include personality.

Tips for your search: If you currently have a stand, you have the measurements you want. Maintain the colours you are thinking about for the room or that exist in the room while searching. A suitcase that is colored will help inspire the color scheme of the whole room.

Allure Interiors Inc…..Crystal Ann Norris

What’s new here: These truncated and mounted instances function as identifying picture rails. They complement the wood accent wall without competing with it.

“We cut the suitcases using a saw and created L-shaped shelves — imagine a step,” says Crystal Ann Norris of Allure Interiors. “We utilized a 2-by-4 for the rise and also a 2-by-6 for the step. Then we screwed them into the wall and set the suitcases them over.” She hot-glued ribbon round the edges.

Tips for your search: Do a rough sketch of what you would like your wall to look like to get an idea for measurements. This idea would also work well for a wall-mounted nightstand.

Jordan Cappella

What’s new here: The designer encased a sizable classic instance in an acrylic box, mixing new and old in one coffee table. The clear box coats over the crustier particulars of this suitcase, elevating it into an artful object.

Tips for your search: Determine how big this table you would like. Then have a look at boxes in locations such as Acrylic Screen Store for size choices to organize your suitcase dimensions accordingly. You can also have a box custom made from a firm like Screen Case Art, and include details like castors and hinges.

Where to find the very best vintage suitcases: I like the selection in Etsy the finest; revealed here is a smattering of what has been available from vintage sellers on the site. I just did a search for “vintage suitcase.” You will find pages and pages of listings to choose from. If something high end such as Goyard or Louis Vuitton is more your thing, I urge 1stdibs and eBay.

Maintaining going: More new and old ways with vintage suitcases

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