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Get It Done: Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

This week you don’t need to complete this Get It Done job; you just have to give these thoughts a once-over and keep them in mind as you do your own holiday baking and entertaining. This is because you’ll inadvertently be doing a great deal of recon throughout the coming months — yanking out kitchen items you likely use only once a year, like cookie cutters, platters and dual ovens; scavenging around for items that are hidden too deep; or maybe wondering why you have five spatulas if the most you’ll ever desire at once is only two. You are going to be rejecting table linens, figuring out that some places are missing key bits and finding items you haven’t unearthed in years — paper umbrellas for beverages you never create, anybody? These things need to go.

Your mission for now:
Read this, let the ideas marinate and put off major kitchen organizing until after the holidays, if you wish.Take notes because you observe the good and the bad on your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Think about what could create your drawers better and ask questions. What should you proceed to a more suitable place? Do you need any organizers to help keep things neat? Collect never-used items for contribution as you move, and throw or throw the broken stuff.We’ll begin with the planning and find special about the kitchen drawers. Then you’ll be ready for Part 2: Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets.

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How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

Period: 2 to 3 hours

Materials needed:
Cleaner, dust rags or paper towels, contact paper, sticky notes (such as Post-its), pen, contribution box. Additional organizers are optional.

Tip: Have a before shot of your messiest drawer so you can feel extra satisfied when this is over.

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Take stock. For the time being, begin writing down everything that is in your cabinets and drawers on sticky notes. You don’t need to do so all at once — depart the notes handy and scribble things down through those spare minutes as you’re waiting for the oven to preheat. Stick them on every corresponding drawer and cupboard. It seems absurd, but trust me, only writing down these things will help you see where you’ve stashed things in inconvenient spots and identify the items that are useless to you.


Assess. While taking stock, you’re going to begin to see areas where it is possible to improve organization. Are the baskets that you use most near the stove? Is it easy to discover their corresponding lids? Are your everyday glasses and dishes within reach of the dishwasher? Do you utilize all of that Tupperware or is half of it missing lids? Could you use an extra silverware drawer?

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Plan. While your urge is to undertake this job one drawer at a time, we are thinking bigger. Your kitchen needs to be a well-oiled machine, and placement and business of your cookware, serveware, silverware, small appliances and china is key.

Do some online window shopping. It is wonderful how much more you can squeeze out of the space you have with smart drawer and cabinet organizers.

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Chic Shelf Paper

Decorative Shelf Liners

Dive in.

• Clear a large space on the counter or kitchen island.
• Empty all the drawers.
• Group like things together.
• Throw whatever appears sketchily filthy in the dishwasher.
• throw away whatever’s broken; put anything you don’t use that is in good shape at a donation box.
• Give all the empty drawers a comprehensive wipe-down.

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Chic Shelf Paper Bamboo Shelf Paper & Drawer Liner – $32.50

Freshen drawers up with fresh liners. There are scads of adorable options on the market, and a fresh surface will cheer you up whenever you open a drawer. It will also motivate you to keep things neat and organized.

Chic Shelf Paper

Chic Shelf Paper I’m Riveted Shelf Paper and Drawer Liner – $32.50

Here’s a shelf paper for industrial types.

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Wrap ‘n Bag Organizer – $9.99

Reclaim some valuable drawer space. Check out what that came out of your drawers and establish the space hogs. Organizers like these for plastic and aluminum wrap will save you an whole drawer.

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Over-the-Cabinet-Door Coupon Candles – $7.99

Likewise, get rid of the cluttered menu. Recycle those you don’t utilize and hang the remainder onto a bulletin board or set them in an over-the-door organizer like this one. Better yet, there’s likely a program for that; I understand I always wind up looking up menus online anyway.


Stainless Steel Grocery Bag Dispenser and Holder – $11.99

Corral the loose bags. Dispensers will help you gather plastic bags for recycling or dog walks. (If you don’t need this since you are vigilant about bringing your own reusable bags every time you shop, give yourself a large green pat on the back.)

Group like items together as you reload. Think about what you’ll have to grab the maximum when you’re at the stove, and what you’ll be transferring in the dishwasher to dividers every day, and put them accordingly.

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Divide and conquer. You may realize you need some fantastic drawer organizers as you cooperate. Place everything where you want it to be, snap a few pictures of those open drawers with your phone, take a quick measurement of your drawers’ measurements and visit The Container Store or Ikea.

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So, the next time you open a drawer or cupboard, take a few extra moments to check out what is going on in there and scribble it on a Post-it note. Whether you’re aiming for some fresh contact paper or you’re all set to call the cabinetmaker, the checking and planning that will be simmering on the back burner now will help you attack the kitchen after the holidays.

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