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How to Add Beads

Transform a normal lighting fixture by adorning it. Creating a one-of-a-kind chandelier, wall or lampshade sconce can provide visual interest, in addition to a conversational focal point in entry, hallway or just about any area. Beads can be found in shapes, sizes, various colors and fabrics, providing various choices to embellish a light fixture. This budget-friendly project just looks as if you spent a fortune in your lighting fixture that is revamped.

Chandeliers and Wall Sconces

Select bead colors that complement your room’s colour scheme and sizes that are in proportion to the lighting fixture you wish to adorn. Mix and match glass, prism and crystal beads in assorted shapes to create a customized look .

Clean the fixture using a clean damp cloth to remove dirt and dust particles. Lower suspended from a large ceiling to make it much easier to attach the beads, using a sturdy ladder to reach the chandelier if at all possible.

Cut a 1-yard length of 22-gauge silver cord to add a string of diamonds to wall sconce or a chandelier. Wrap one end of the wire round a bottom arm of the chandelier or protruding extension of your wall sconce and string the beads leaving about 3 inches of wire at the finish.

Swag the string of beads throughout the lighting fixture and twist the bare ends securely around sconce construction or a chandelier arm. Cut additional wires as necessary and repeat the bead swagging and stringing process.

Thread ornament hooks through holes in pendant beads and hang them in the arms of a wall or chandelier sconce. These jewels can add sizzle.


Measure the perimeter of your lampshade using a tape measure that is flexible and jot the measurement back .

Select a beaded fringe that matches your lamp’s colour and style. Measure a length of beaded fringe equal to the size of your lamp shade and include an additional inch. Cut the fringe using scissors.

Apply a thin strip of cloth adhesive to the back of the fringe ribbon. Press the fringe on the outer perimeter of your lampshade. Trim off any excess fringe.

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