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How to Patch Cracks and Holes in Drywall

The ceiling or your wall may sometimes get damaged during routine repairs, and you should fix these damages as soon as possible. The good thing is that you can fix them properly without even having a repair kit, or having to spend a lot. All you need is some window screening, a handyman Hialeah scrap, joint compound and some simple tools.

A good method of getting this done is by cutting a hole that will fill the patch. Look for a drywall scrap that is as thick as the part that you need to fix. Cut a section out of it, big enough to cover the hole you need to repair. With the patch covering the hole that you want to fix, draw an outline with a pencil. Indicate with an arrow, where you will place the patch.

Prepare the Hole

With a handyman Hialeah FL saw, cut the corners of the outline. Use a utility knife to score the outline. Pull the pieces from within the outline, and then remove them with a knife.

Cut pieces of wood strapping. Make sure the height of the hole is about 6 inches smaller than the strapping size. Squeeze adhesive along the perimeter of the wood strapping, and then insert it inside the hole, making sure the adhesive side is facing you.

Pull back the strapping against the damaged part and then use two screws to hold it into position. Be very careful when inserting the screws, so that they are inserted just underneath the surface of the wall, but not too far.

Attach the Patch

Following the outline you indicated with an arrow earlier, make sure the patch is aligned to the arrow. Firmly press the adhesive against the patch and drive two screws into the strapping through the patch.

Cover the Seams

Use a taping knife to apply a thin layer of joint compound over the screw heads, the seams, and the patch.

Measure a section of the window screen that is a few inches larger than the patch that you need to cover. Using the taping knife as a trowel, press the window screen on the compound. Why should you use a window screen? It will help you prevent the formation of cracks between the wall and the patch.

Prepare more of the compound and add the muddy mixture, then carefully trowel away from the overflow. In order to prevent wrinkles on the screen, work from the middle of the patch outwards.

Allow the handyman Hialeah FL to stay undisturbed until the following day. After checking if the compound has dried properly, use a taping knife and add a second layer. Work over it until it smoothens out to 6 inches away from the boundary of the coat applied the previous day. Leave it to dry and use sandpaper to smoothen it.

Be careful not to expose the screen while you are sanding it out. Your wall should be ready for painting once the dust has been wiped away.