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Little Sleep Nook

Twins came as a surprise for this California mother — a pleasant one, but she wasn’t prepared to fit two newborn infants into a two-bedroom home with her 4-year-old son. This 12-by-4 nook was the only available bedroom area left for her earliest, and it was hardly large enough to squeeze a twin bed into.

Designer Jessica McClendon worked with the household to turn the nook into a exceptional new area that would make it easy for this toddler to leave his previous nursery behind. Classic and comfy furniture in boyish colors makes the space feel like a key fort that this toddler now loves to spend time in.

Bedroom in a Glance
Location: Los Angeles
Size: 48 square feet
Budget: $2,800, including design fees, furniture and materials

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The space is 48 square feet, but a walk-in closet and the entrance door meant that McClendon could use only 32 square feet. “But for kids, little is not necessarily a terrible thing,” she says.

The bed becomes the immediate celebrity of the narrow area, so they wanted it to be “fine and striking,” says McClendon. “It was crucial that you have a gentle, comfortable bed and linens, because that’s all he’d actually have in the area” Bedding, custom made linen headboards and the brand new bed cost about $1,500.

Gingham comforter: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child; red checked blanket: classic, proprietor

Before Photo

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BEFORE: A whole blank slate, the area held nothing but a daybed that the household used on event.

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Some problems were presented by the bed’s shape. McClendon and her client worried about the kid’s possibly slipping into the gap between the bed and the window. In addition they wished to get storage underneath the bed easily.

The custom L-shaped headboard solved the two problems. The brief headboard against the window attaches to the bed but the longer headboard attaches to the bed with Velcro straps and to the wall with bolts. Mom can unhook the Velcro and pull out the bed on its wheels to get the storage underneath.

Sheepskin: Ikea; wall paint: Paradise View, Benjamin Moore; wall decal: Etsy

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The mother plans to move to a larger space therefore she splurged on a quality campaign-style nightstand that will fit into another home.

Campaign dresser: Serena & Lily

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The son has a downstairs playroom, therefore they didn’t need much storage for his toys in the bedroom. McClendon put his favorite things in a cabinet next to the walk-in clothes closet.

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A sketch of mother and son that was once in the older nursery today hangs over the nightstand. A few other things from his space and this bit give his new space a comfortable feel.

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Little touches make the space feel like a secret fort. The switch to the lamp was closely measured and placed right over the headboard for access when it’s time to sleep or read.

Union Jack pillow: Cody and Foster; black Lab pillow: Restoration Gear Baby & Child; deug pillow: Areaware

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