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Magnolia Magic Breezes Into the Home

Together with the warm winter we’ve had in Alabama, all types of trees and flowers are placing buds out way earlier than normal — and now I am crossing my fingers that my favorite, the legendary Southern magnolia, will probably be one of them. Although the first thing that comes to mind when most men and women think of those towering trees is their heady, identifying scent, they are as pleasing to the eye regarding the nose: saucer-size white blossoms; glossy, evergreen foliage; and branches which spread like a welcoming hug.

Magnolia leaves are a Christmastime timeless, but they are equally as striking in the summertime, with or without their blooms. And if you do not happen to live in a area where magnolia trees grow, take heart: There are all kinds of ways to bring them in to your décor. Have a look.

Atypical Type A

This easy arrangement allows the sculptural quality of glow that is magnolias. Adding a few buds in addition to completely opened blooms is a beautiful touch to around a screen of just about any flower.

Amy Lau Design

It would have been simpler to paint magnolias in the wall and call it a day, but also taking it one step further with a three-dimensional program adds a beautiful layer of whimsy. This would turn a little girl’s bedroom into a fantasyland.

The Sky is the Limit Style

As minimal as it gets, a magnolia-leaf display highlights the sharp form of the tree’s foliage. It reinvents a traditional motif in a modern way.


For me, one of the areas of a magnolia leaf is its soft, velvety bottom. This arrangement shows that aspect off well — and also the colour enhances the tans and beiges in the room.

Michael Knowles, Architect

The color of the wall paint — Magnolia from Dunn Edwards — totally captures the creamy, soft the heart of the petals. Deep green accents would enhance the feeling of being underneath those spreading branches.

Lucy McLintic

Dainty wallpaper feels with this bedroom. Utilizing prints and patterns with a tie into a residence’s place is a fantastic method of producing a feeling of place.

Cabinet Studio, Inc..

Custom magnolia tile beneath the stove hood in this kitchen produces a pretty focal point. It’s easy to have tiles adorned with any motif which is suitable for you, be it floral, floral or something entirely different.

Stonewood, LLC

Ceramic magnolias include a pretty, feminine note to the bathroom. They are just bright enough to give a little flourish without detracting in the clean lines.

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