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Making Swag Kind Window Drapes

Swag design drapes paired with attractive curtain rods add beauty to windows. A drape therapy assists and is effective along with blinds or shades body a stylish see. Although time will be saved by utilizing a sewing-machine, you may make the swag — a amount of fabric with finished edges. A light-weight material, including rayon or silk, will produce a drape that is efficient .

Calculate the width of the window using a tape calculate. Measure the amount of the window and double it. Use these figures to decide the amount of the drape along with the material yardage you will require for lining and the swag.

Cut lining and the cloth to the established size plus 1-inch. Use the width of the material bolt.

With proper sides of the materials facing each other place the the liner material along with the swag material. Pin the edges every 2″, with the pins. Sew the two materials together 1/4 inch in the edge having a straight-stitch, using a needle and thread or a sewing-machine; abandon a 6 inch size unsewn.

Turn the swag to the side that is correct through the 6 inch opening. Hand-sew the opening closed using thread and a needle. Press the edges that are swag flat with the iron on an ironing board. Turn the iron to an appropriate environment for the two materials utilized.

Attach the rod that is ornamental over the window using a screwdriver. Pull the swag up through the rear of the fringe of of the rod. Drape the swag on the very front of the rod and through the proper edge of the rod. Carefully adjust the result you wish to be achieved by the swag.

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