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Propagation of Purple Leaf Wintercreeper

Purple leaf winter creeper (Euonymus fortunei) is a flexible groundcover that thrives in full sunlight or large shade. The plant works well for hard places like . Purple leaf wintercreeper is right for for U. S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 5 to 9. It’s easily propagated by using stem cuttings throughout the summer.

Stem Cuttings

Cuttings are obtained from from the new development, which is pliable but maybe not too green or too woody of winter creeper. As not all will effectively root it is best to consider cuttings. To consider the cuttings, snip off 4- to 6 inch lengths of stem with at least four pairs with each cut created just just just beneath the bottom set of leaves, of leaves. Remove the set of leaves, as roots sprout from your spots that are wounded.


Wintercreeper roots easily in a light-weight business potting mixture and perlite. As the cuttings might rot the mixture is moistened, but should never be soggy. The procedure is sped by use of a hormone but is not absolutely needed. Seed trays from a nursery are hassle-free and affordable, but any container with drainage is right for for rooting cuttings.


Plant the cuttings in the soil using the stems buried 2 to 3″. Cuttings gain from a humid atmosphere by since the the containers produced. The container needs to be examined at least once-weekly, although the plastic retains the planting medium moist for many weeks. Mist in the plastic in the event the soil feels dry.


Winter creeper roots in bright sunlight. The light is also extreme and could scorch the cuttings even though it might be tempting to place the containers on a window sill. When the cuttings take root the plastic is eliminated. The the easiest method to to established rooting is to eliminate a cutting in the soil. The cutting is instantly replanted by check for roots.


The cuttings are prepared to go to TO AT LEAST ONE when the roots are a T least 1 inch-long -quart containers stuffed with planting medium that is industrial. Keep the cuttings in in-direct mild and always keep keep the planting medium moist. Winter creeper advantages of a feeding every month, utilizing a general-purpose liquid fertilizer. The crops are ready for the out doors the spring after all threat of of frost passes.

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