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Sensible Design for Your Holiday Foyer

Your entrance foyer is the home hug to guests. These sensible design suggestions are intended to help you make this important space warm, friendly, low-maintenance and available during this hectic enjoyable season.

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Doorknobs are such a common element in our lives that we rarely think much about them. Yet, they produce one of your home’s first impressions — and can be a barrier to entry to a few. A traditional round doorknob is difficult for someone with arthritis or Parkinson’s to operate. It is also harder for someone with an armful of holiday presents to operate. A lever-style door manage — both at your entrance and from a powder room off that entrance — will treat your holiday guests much more kindly.


Coat hooks are always helpful, but they eventually become foyer MVPs when you lack a coat cupboard or need overflow space for a large audience.

CIH Design

If your foyer doesn’t possess a mirror, vacation time is an ideal time to add one. It will reflect your holiday d├ęcor and add light to the area. It is going to also give your guests a discreet chance to touch their hair or makeup as you’re hanging up their coats.

Pottery Barn

Armonk 3-Arm Chandelier – $99

One of the essential elements of any successful distance is its lighting. The foyer is no exception. I suggest a style-coordinated fixture on a dimmer switch. Recessed cans can work, but don’t have the exact same visual impact. Bear in mind, this is the first-impression space.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

A bench for removing and storing shoes during the soggy, active holiday season will make your entrance foyer better organized and protect your flooring against the elements.


Even a foyer table is obviously helpful, but it’s especially welcoming to vacation guests juggling presents, food carriers, wine bottles and flowers. Your well-coordinated table adds style to your entrance and advantage to your business.

Crisp Architects

Art function sets the tone for your foyer. While it may only be seen in passing the majority of the year as you hurry through your home, it’s likelier to be lingered more as hellos and goodbyes are exchanged. You might consider rotating pieces in and out of your foyer — even amassing holiday-themed art work — for a cheerful gallery experience at home.

InterDesign Studio

Let your foyer reflect the holiday season, also. Fragrant decorations in keeping with your home’s design will warmly welcome your guests. Make sure, though, that there’s still space on the dining table to allow them to set down bags while eliminating their coats or putting them back on.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Cast Iron Umbrella Stand – Bed Bath & Beyond – $69.99

Let’s face it: The chances of your holiday celebration guests coming with dripping umbrellas is pretty good this year. No problem. A decorative umbrella rack will keep their weather gear arranged and your floors dry!

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