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The Amagansett Bungalow

Coburn Architecture and Interiors so takes with this 520 square foot bungalow redo me. It’s this type of room that is similar on Cape Cod, however this kind of distinct aesthetic to my parents’ small cottage. This room is contemporary and spare inside, but nevertheless exudes relaxation and warmth. The outside keeps a a vintage East Hampton bungalow feel, and shows that not the comfortable Hamptons lifestyle will not necessitate a wannabe Gatsby estate.

The lawn here is tidy and neat, and its Hamptons appeal is kept by the straightforward shingled bungalow.

Here the warm wood of the ceiling (pine shiplap) as well as the beams, along with the neutral palette highlight feel. The slider doors are space savers that are large.

The portrait looks like a wink toward conventional East Coast historic decor.

Again, a palette that is mild, the elimination of the the lower ceilings levels of feel and straightforward two -over-one windows keep everything bright, ethereal, and fascinating.

Using white makes everything seem bigger in these spaces that are little.

A backyard shower in a beachhouse is essential, and holds guests that are additional.

Area and uniform retains order and peace in the kitchen. Notice the fridge on the proper, which blends right in with all the cupboards. The primary living room was opened therefore in to one big space, joining the livingroom, eating kitchen and area.

In a space that is miniature, benefit from outside places. Here an outside dining area is created by a pergola.