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The best way to Replace Stair-Carpet With Paint

Old carpeting on stairways isn’t just unsightly, it is harmful. The rug changing out of place fixed by powerful staples or adhesive or could be frayed. A fresh coat of paint on the stairways will promptly spruce up the stairwell and include worth and joy. The measures that are main are correctly preparing the stair surfaces and implementing high quality paint and sealer. Done right, your stairway will give you years of elegance.

Pull on the rug off the stairways, beginning on top of the stairwell. You will need to cut on parts of the rug away using a utility knife to loosen the initial couple of strips. Use pliers to yank off the rug. Tack strips or the nails, staples underneath the the rug could be exceedingly sharp, therefore use work gloves that are thick.

Pull tack strips off or pull nails and staples out using pliers and the pry bar. Resist the desire to hammer staples and nails to the wood. As possible make an effort to remove as numerous fasteners. Beat them in somewhat below the top of the stairways using a hammer and nail punch, when they’re going to not emerge. You’ll later fill out the scores with the epoxy filler.

Scrape on gobs or any tough places of paste that is dry using a putty knife. Prevent carving to the ground as you scrape or denting.

Sand the stairways using a belt sander and 80-grit sandpaper. Vacuum the particles.

Combine the ground-leveling epoxy compound in line with the directions of the manufacturer’s. Fill in cracks, holes or almost any scores in the wood. Permit to dry.

Sand the filler easy with 100-grit sandpaper. Vacuum the rubble completely, making grit or no dirt behind. The stairway have to be entirely free of dust paint to stick correctly and allowing the primer.

Apply a layer of an oil-based primer to the actions using a natural-bristle paint brush. For drying time follow producer ‘s directions after which put in an additional layer if needed.

Apply a a skinny layer of oil-centered ground paint to the stairways, enabling it to dry in line with the directions of the manufacturer’s. Two or apply another layer, letting each layer to completely dry before starting the following layer. Some oil-centered paints need sometime to completely heal, usually 24 to 72 hrs. Prevent significant foot visitors on the stairway until recommended from the paint producer.

Apply a-T least three slender layers of water-centered polyurethane sealer, letting each layer to dry before incorporating still another.

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