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What if James Bond's Q Accessorized Your Own Home?

Let us face it: The strangest thing about James Bond was always those gadgets made under the direction of Q — that the British spy agency’s research and development leader.

It is a great fact that a lot of the exotic spy gadgets which Bond used in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s are now available as mass-produced consumer products, and a number of them are sold as toys for children.

Spy gadgets are usually regarded as a disreputable and unethical category of consumer electronics, sold largely though gruesome and unfashionable sites. Their customers appear to be a random collection of military people, detectives, police officers and safety professionals, as well as criminals, perverts, stalkers and the paranoid.

Despite all this, spy gadgets for your home can enhance your home’s safety, safety and fun factor.


Xtreme Life Battery Powered Hidden Camera Wall Clock – $649.95

Among the biggest categories of spy tech is cameras hidden inside ordinary household objects.

There are bad reasons to hide a camera. But there are good reasons, also. Namely, since you want safety, pet-monitoring or baby-monitoring cameras but do not like the ugly and unnerving look of cameras in your home.

Spy shops sell fully functional lamps, electrical socket plates, fans, air filters, thermometers, books, tissue dispensers, planters, smoke sensors, coffee makers, pencil sharpeners, thermostats and coat hooks which have concealed cameras constructed in. And if you’re trying to find a more “timely” merchandise, there are dozens or possibly even hundreds of different kinds of clocks with hidden cameras indoors — cuckoo clocks, alarm clocks, traditional kitchen clocks and more.

One example of a very easy-to-use and functional hidden camera is your Xtreme Life Battery Powered Hidden Camera Wall Clock. The clock includes a high-resolution camera which takes pictures when a person is discovered within 30 feet of the camera — transferring cats and curtains will not trigger it. It is battery operated, and also you should need to change the battery only once a year. The hidden camera retains photos on a standard SD card, the type used by routine digital cameras.

It looks like a standard clock nonetheless has a high-resolution camera, a PIR (passive infrared) movement sensor plus a long-life battery. It is also water resistant.


SecureShot Yard Guard BirdFeeder Hidden Camera – $499.95

You can also find a variety of concealed outdoor cameras. These are especially useful for safety. In case you have a large, clear security camera attached to the roof, then any crook worth his crowbar can only prevent its gaze or disable it.

But concealed cameras can capture trespassers red handed and they’ll never understand it. It’s possible to find outdoor spy cameras built into hose reels, mailboxes, fake electrical boxes, fake rocks and even fake owls.

One nice option for an outdoor concealed camera is your SecureShot Yard Guard BirdFeeder Hidden Camera. It houses a waterproof digital camera which shoots high-resolution video when it detects a moving person (little creatures and other movements will not trigger the detector). It stores video in an SD card. The battery lasts for a year.


TeleSpy Phone – $49.99

Spy stores have all kinds of other interesting spy gadgets. One cool spy telephone, known as the TeleSpy, looks and functions just like a regular landline phone. But when you leave the home, you can set it to spy manner. If it detects motion, it will call your mobile phone and perform any sounds it hears in the room.

Tell us Would you’ve Bond’s decorator accessorize your house?

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