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The best way to Clean Your Air Conditioner Water Pipe

Airconditioning include coils that great the atmosphere in a house. The refrigerant coils have great surfaces that bring condensation or water. The condensation flows throughout the drain, which has a conduit attached to it and drops into a drain pan. Over time, a build-up of algae and soil accumulates in the condensation drainpipe and can form a clog. Indications of a air-conditioner condensation conduit are water pools forming beneath the air conditioning or an over-flowing drain pan.

Switch the air conditioning off and reduce on the electricity to the the system in the breaker box. Take away to get drain line and the evaporator coil. The drain pan is at the end of the housing.

Clean the air-conditioner drain pan. Make use of a wet vacuum to get rid of any particles that might take the drain pan and the water when it is filled with water. Add a clean rag to the drainpipe opening in the pan to avoid back splash.

Find copper pipes that lead to the outside of the AC unit. Next to the copper conduits will probably be a 1-inch diameter PVC conduit which may be black, white or grey in color. This can be the condensation drainpipe. Lightly take away the dirt close to the copper pipes using a little trowel spade, as it could happen to be embedded in the floor in the event that you are unable to get the conduit.

Remove -degree cap fitting on a T-shaped connector on the PVC condensation drainpipe to open the entry hole of the conduit. Put the damp/dry vacuum hose within the opening on the PVC conduit. Turn on the wet/dry vacuum and eliminate any debris or algae that might be clogging the drain.

Make use of a garden hose to eliminate any detritus that’s firmly caught in the conduit. Turn on the hose kink it near the conclusion to develop water pressure. Fit the hose end to the end-of the condensation conduit and release the kinked end-of the hose to allow the water that is pressurized increase in to the conduit and knock on the rubble that is unfastened. When water enters the pipe, take away to avoid inadvertently flooding the drain pan.

Take away from your drain pan. Utilize a pitcher to pour water-down the drain pan. Water will flow through the drain of the pan, in the event the clog is eliminated. Replace the 90-degree cover fitting on the AC casing panel as well as the conduit.

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