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The best way to Repot African Mask Plants

Alocasia amazonica is a plant generally called jewel Alocasia mask, Alocasia alligator and Alocasia poly. Many people also call it an elephant’s ear plant, which is correct. Its dark-green leaves are arrow shaped with pronounced pale green to silvery-white veining. The crops grow to between 2 and 4-feet tall with leaves that are 2-feet long by 1 foot wide. Repot these crops when the container is filled by the roots or when the mix reduces, becomes soggy and drains rapidly.

Look for a fresh container with drain holes in the bottom that’s no over 1 one to two inches bigger in diameter than the one the plant is developing in presently. Use a container of the same dimension or the container if you’re only changing the mix. Fill a gallon jug or two times before re-potting the mask plant to enable the chlorine to dissipate. Keep the water.

Use a mix developed for ferns or bromeliads. It will contain sand or soil, peat, bark and perlite. Purchase the components individually in the local nursery if preferred, and blend them yourself. Use 40% bark/ charcoal blend, 20-percent peat, 10% perlite and 30% packaged soil.

Set the plant on at the the top of newspapers spread on the ground or a flat work surface area. Tip container and the plant on its side. Grasp the plant in the bottom of the stems and pull it from the container. Work the potting mix or rhizome yourself. When it is being reused clean all the potting mix from the container.

Pour clean potting mix to the base of the container into a depth of approximately 2″. Place the mask plant to the container. Make sure that the very top of the potting combine that is new is going to be a T the sam-e le Vel on the plant stems as it once was. Allow 1/2 to 1 inch of area between the top of the container. the best of the potting combine and Remove the plant if essential, and alter the depth of the s Oil in the bottom.

Hold the plant in the container in the bottom of the stems to keep it le Vel and straight while filling the container. Pour the remaining potting blend into the container throughout roots and the corm. Set the recently re-potted plant in the tub or exterior in a shady place. Pour the RoomTemperature water over the combine until it runs from the bottom of the container. After the extra water finishes draining move the plant again back to its room in-doors.

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