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Varieties of Okra

You may not associate okra (Abelmoschus esculentus), the mainstay of gumbo, using the hibiscus family. But this vegetable’s showy burgundyandlemon yellow flowers give a clue to the hibiscus family affiliation. Originally from Ethiopia, the plant becomes very strong in the south-eastern U.S. as the flowers mature into delicious, tender pods. A selection that is dominating does take into account okra seed revenue, but nonetheless, others can be tried by you in the event that there is a high- quick or altitude growing season backyard — or just want to develop different things. Do attempt to get a sunny place with this tender.

Clemson Spineless

A common okra plant at 4-feet or somewhat more in mature peak, Clemson Spineless is the reason the lion’s reveal of business and house planting in California — where it’s grown commercially in Kings and Tulare counties — and else where. Slightly pods that are ridged can be found in in 5-6 times. Seeds are open-pollinated as well as the crops are self-pollinating, meaning that ensuing seeds planted and may be saved, and ought to grow accurate to the parent. “Spineless” refers to the relative absence of spines on the pods and branches. Seed expenses are low given the extensive use of Clemson Spineless in the U.S. and internationally and the simplicity of making non-hybrid seed, notes the reference text “Genetic Resources, Chromosome Engineering, and Crop Improvement.”

Other Heirlooms

Star of David open-pollinated okra grows or more or 7-feet tall, with purplish pods prepared for harvest in 60 to 75 times and leaves. Several spines are noted by the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture on the top or apex end of the pods, particularly on Star of David okra. Other heirlooms contain Emerald, usually rated in-field trials and with spherical easy pods, Stewart’s Zeebest with spherical unribbed pods, Vidrines Midget Cow Horn with 3-foot-tall crops, and Hill Country Heirloom Red, with fat pods.


Hybrids contain Green Greatest, Annie Oakley II, Annie Oakley and 1285. For those who have cool-weather, give Annie Oakley an attempt, as this compact plant is more tolerant of a minor chill, writes Barbara Perry Lawton in “Hibiscus: Hardy and Tropical Plants for the Garden.”

Specialty Okra

Chant pointed pods offers lengthy and matures in 55 times. Red -podded okra varieties contain Red Velvet with rhubarb- little spines in the pod foundation and coloured pods. Open-pollinated Burgundy matures at 49 to 60-days. Red -pod okras include Hill Nation Red Bowling Red and Jing Orange. For okra that is over-size, take to Perkins Mammoth Extended Pod, expanding to a peak of 6 to 10-feet and maturing in 60-days, or Louisiana, with 16-inch-lengthy pods.

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