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When It Still Feels Like Summer, decorating for Fall

If you reside in a place with a hot climate year-round, all this chatter about lively autumn weather, autumn fashion and fall decoration is probably falling on deaf ears. Personally, I am still wearing white rocking and linen flip-flops in Miami. But do not despair — it’s still possible to have a taste of autumn spice in your house this season. The key is to find affordable decorative items which can be changed in and out with ease. It’s astonishing what a difference a small accent wall, rich-colored throw pillows and lots of glowing candles can make.

Seeing family members and friends will appreciate your efforts to embrace the seasonal change also, more than your endless glimpse of how hot and sunny it’s all year long.

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Lots of owners of warm-weather houses stick to light colors so that the spaces feel cool even on the hottest of days. However, a few splashes of autumn-inspired colour with the change of seasons can remind you of fall without making your house feel heavy.

Believe rust tones and olive greens, as exhibited on the walls. Painting is an easy and inexpensive way to heat up a space, especially when paint is used on just one or two feature walls.

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Before my son was born, I changed out my white throw cushions and layers of white accessories at the conclusion of every summer and ushered in autumn using cinnamon-scented candles, pinecones and rich-colored throw pillows. I really like how this homeowner used natural autumn items — such as branches, dried cotton branches and pinecones — to make an easy and inexpensive vignette.

Regrettably, this type of autumn decorating does not happen quite as often in my house today. Let’s just say the bounty of toys which currently adorns my living space is my sole nod nowadays to anything colorful.

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If you do not discuss my toddler-decor fate, then adding fall-inspired accessories is easily one of the most affordable ways to bring the rich textures and colours of fall into your house. Go with a few burnt-orange throws, pillows in a variety of fall colours, burlap-wrapped candles and seasonal leaves and twigs.

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Artwork in warm colors, earth-toned throw pillows and clusters of candles can be budget temporary and friendly ways to spice up an all-white area for your season. Notice how this room’s designer used neutral colours and timeless pieces for the big-ticket items, and seasonal colours for accents which can be changed out effortlessly.

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In cooler regions of the world, homeowners are cleaning out their fireplaces and getting prepared for colder nights. But Baths are exceptions, rather than the norm, in warmer areas, such as my home state of Florida. Many of us replicate the appearance with the glow of flickering candles.

This house has a faux fireplace built into a custom entertainment unit. If you’re budget minded, you can achieve a similar concept on a wall; operate with a professional to cut out, frame and tile a small nook for candles.

Wish to keep things supersimple? Vibrant candles on a coffee table can make the same feel.

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Believe it or not, we receive the occasional cold night in Florida, also. An electric fireplace is a superb way to cozy up in autumn. Adorned with simple branches and pumpkins, this fireplace definitely adds seasonal warmth to this room.

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No conventional fireplace means no mantel for displaying seasonal accessories. But floating shelves onto a focal wall in a living room or living room can do the trick; you can accessorize them with fall-inspired candles and vases.

When you intend to rest thick vases and candleholders on these shelves, make sure the shelves are properly anchored to your wall studs for optimum support.


Fall colors work well in the bedroom as well. Trade in those white duvet covers for wealthy tufted silk or velvet bedding. Splurge on a gentle throw and a few colorful pillows.

Inform us : Which are the secrets for developing a sense of fall in your house, even in the event that you reside in a warm area?

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